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1-800-685-0123Press 0# repeatedly


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9/4/2015 Baltimore Gas and Electric - During the summer, a storm fried computer
During the summer, a storm fried computer and phone. So I hadn't any form of communication temporarily. So I did what anyone would do, gov'tI called from payphone Safelink wireless and BG&E and reached messages for both saying" we do not accept calls from payphones." FOR REAL????? I am a displaced housewife just beat homelessness, single mom full-time college student temp. on welfareGov't phone, I FINALLY got us out of the city into the home in co. trying to get electric on.ITS STILL NOT ON!!!!!! we moved here in June. sent them all they requested and nothing.emailed tons of times.The minutes on the phone are precious and every time I call, they run me out of mine, even if I tell them what's up. IS THIS BS OR WHAT?!?!

maryRead More
8/14/2014 Baltimore Gas and Electric - True or not, it is unseemly to ridicule someone as
True or not, it is unseemly to ridicule someone as William did. In William's note he assumes he knows what happened based on Bill's note, but he's got to be guessing. tch tch


BarbaraRead More
11/12/2012 Baltimore Gas and Electric - Funny comment about BG&E
I read a comment wherein the writer was all upset about the response time to talk to a representative. The message was sent back in February 2012. The humorous part of the message is when the writer, "Bill",said that he received a check from B.G.& E. for
$135.21 and it BALANCED at his bank. He goes on to say that he received a $15.00 bill
for a "balance check" Ha!---He obviously meant "BOUNCED" and "bounced check" in the two instances. He should go back to 3rd grade spelling class.---Hee,hee!

WilliamRead More
2/28/2012 Baltimore Gas and Electric - I waited 20 min. to speak to a rep. and give up.I
I waited 20 min. to speak to a rep. and give up.

I received a checked from BG&E for $135.21 and when I deposited it it BALANCED at my bank I have been charged in addition to withdrawing the check also recived a $15.00 fee for a balance check!!!

BillRead More
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