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1-800-423-2928Press - 0 - as first menu is playing


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6/7/2017 Banner Heatlh - I have a patient at the Children's Clinics with
I have a patient at the Children's Clinics with health insurance Banner UMC and we are trying to find out what Durable Equipment provider this insurance is contracted with. Numotion and Preferred do not take this insurance. We need home assessments for hand and shower bars. Also assessments for front and back entry access ramps.
Please assist us with your contracted providers to assist this family and their needs for their child.

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12/13/2012 Banner Heatlh - Need help contacting Banner Health 12/15/12
I have been attempting to find the site Www.banner That I was told to call (by a recorded message)) on my phone this morning. I get a variety of sites but at am a loss about which one I should call. I have NOT received a bill from you. Thank you. Jana

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