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0870 1540154Keep pressing 0 when asked for your 16 digit number. After two failures, press 2 for an account manager.


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2/23/2012 Barclaycard (UK) - Im having the same problems regarding
Im having the same problems regarding CreditScorMatters taking 130 GBP out of my account without permission. I have spoken Five times on the telephone to different employees and although they are trying their best their understanding of English is very limited and they cannot seem to grasp what I am actually getting at. This goes the same for email responses too as all I get from the telephone and email is a great deal of waffle that evades my actual inquiry.

DarrowRead More
2/16/2012 Barclaycard (UK) - Just had a frustrating 15 minute call to a
Just had a frustrating 15 minute call to a Barclaycard call centre (presumably in the Phillipines). The operative couldn't understand me, and I couldn't understand her! I informed her it was about a £1000 payment being returned from Barclaycard to my bank and she kept referring to £1500! I asked to speak to a superviser and was put on hold forever, until I had to hang up. Abysmal service, I only use my Barclaycard Visa if I absolutely have to....

PatriciaRead More
12/4/2011 Barclaycard (UK) - hi all, i work for barclaycard india... lemme tell
hi all,
i work for barclaycard india... lemme tell u something indian people are far better than the uk counterparts in terms of understanding ur concern, sympaethizing with u and even refunding u the charges. try asking a uk call centre rep to remove the late fee, he will take u thru policies.. ask the same to an indian and within 30 secs ur refund is done... if we put u on hold, it is only to help u with ur problem.. coz sometimes even we need to talk to somebody to help u and we have to put u on hold.. sometimes the other person who will help us is helping someone else... so hold increases... so please think beofre u pass racisit comments abt indians... we r jus doing r job and we have so many policies, acts, data prevention laws, rules, to abide by wen a call comes. keeping all those things in mind with every call and attending 100 calls a day... it sometimes get on our nerves as well.. even we r humans... and trust me, the call before ur call was not a good one... my mum was abused in that call,,, do think i will be in a friendly mood.. still i will put up a smile to answer ur call... that is without even one second break between thos etwo calls... u guys need to understand that we r humans who slog all nite to answer ur questions....its abt time u started trating us with respect...
proud to work for barclaycard india....

[email protected] indiaRead More
11/14/2011 Barclaycard (UK) - I am in South America.My address is in the UK.I
I am in South America.

My address is in the UK.

I use on-line banking.

I use the PinSentry device and my debit card to gain access to my Barclays current account.

My debit card expired in October.

A new card was sent to my address in England.

I have the details of that card.

I can no longer access my current account.

I called Barclays and was told there is nothing they can do to help me.

Barclays said I need the new debit card and should post it to where I am in South America.

That is a joke because I don't know where I will be and

things like credit cards are stolen in the post in South America.

So I tried to access my current account using the old Basic Access method.

This was not possible because I was not registered for it.

To be registered I need to use my debit card and pinsentry devive,

I am in a catch 22 situation due to Barclays' utter incompetance.

It took me 4 days and 6 calls about 2 hours on international phones to discover that.

I know I could be given Basic Access because I used it before.

If I were a VIP the problem would be sorted in minutes.

I want on-line access to my current account before I return to England next year.

If I don't get it I will find a bank that treats its customers with respect - and who preferably have a customer help centre in Britain.

Ian Francis Hill Barclays Branch 20-78-58

IanRead More
11/6/2011 Barclaycard (UK) - I need to speak to someone in the uk about on
I need to speak to someone in the uk
about on line banking, not someone from india.

andyRead More
11/2/2011 Barclaycard (UK) - My Egg card has been replaced by a Barclaycard
My Egg card has been replaced by a Barclaycard effective mid way through a holiday. Before I knew of this I paid for advance parking at an airport. I can't get anyone to understand my query about using the Egg card for entrance to the car park and then having to use the Barclaycard to get out of the car park. What will work?
I cannot get past anyone with very limited English. I want to speak to someone in England. I didn't want the wretched Barclaycard anyway.

rxRead More
9/22/2011 Barclaycard (UK) - What an absolutely abysmal waste of time
What an absolutely abysmal waste of time Barclaycards help service is.

5 seperate phone calls to India and the Phillipines availed my wife and I of nothing but ill informed poorly speaking operatives who when faced with an issue that is not on their crib sheet just put the phone down.

Its about time Barclaycard woke up to the fact that people want UK call centres where they can speak to someone they understand and who understands them and their needs.

After the frankly horrendous service received we are seriously thinking of changing credit card suppliers and will certainly advise my childdren and all our friends to never open an account with them.

WarrenRead More
6/28/2011 Barclaycard (UK) - After making 4 calls to BC to report a direct
After making 4 calls to BC to report a direct debit that had been falsely set up to pay the BC account that was in my name but using bank account details that weren't mine, was finally advised that the card was locked and I had to call between 9 and 5 in order to reach the correct dept. Did that today using my mobile as I didn't think it fair to use work phone. Mobile call ended up being 40 minutes long (at god knows what cost) was passed to 6 different departments only to be eventually told that my brother and I are to be investigated for fraud! I have had this card for 31 years, with a credit limit of £12,000, which kind of demonstrates that I am a trustworthy customer - but not for much longer. I would rather take out a bank loan and pay off the balance than be treated like dirt by uncaring, unhelpful call centre staff.

FifiRead More
5/12/2011 Barclaycard (UK) - if youhave any more problems wiyh barclaycard get
if youhave any more problems wiyh barclaycard get in touch with barclays main switchboard during office hours this realy doses there head in because they have to put you through to a uk operator if you ask them the number for the switchboard is 02071161000

dazslRead More
5/9/2011 Barclaycard (UK) - i am being asked the wrong security questions,
i am being asked the wrong security questions, cannot pay my bill

BootsRead More
5/9/2011 Barclaycard (UK) - i am being asked the wrong security questions,
i am being asked the wrong security questions, cannot pay my bill

BootsRead More
5/3/2011 Barclaycard (UK) - i need a uk numbers
i need a uk numbers

sitanda rosenburghRead More
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