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1/31/2014 Barnes & - Whatever this company might have possessed in
Whatever this company might have possessed in years past ----it seems to offer nothing but a world of punishing stupidity, and obtuse unwillingness to face its problems. You might notice that, on their website, they deliberately make it difficult to call write or complain ---as if the ignorance they have about the trouble they themselves have caused is their god given perogative. If I were to NEVER do business with this would be best. Note: No Tollfree or Any Other phone number on website. If you try to write, then they INSIST that you have an account. If you WERE ONCE ABLE TO CALL -- note they send you to the Philapines.
If you telephone a retail store to get ANY info on how to reach them --- they "don't know" the number and spout "the book" -- however nicely. Is this hubris caused by the successive demise of Crown Books and then Borders?

AmélieRead More
1/6/2014 Barnes & - I want to commend Ms. Rivera at Barnes and Noble
I want to commend Ms.Aurea Rivera for being so understanding,and wish to recommend her for any award,in which she assisted me and my wife ,Sunday January 5th. The next time ,I come to BN., I will personaly ask for her assistance.I wish to thank her,and I wish her the best

AlbertRead More
11/5/2012 Barnes & - Very poorly designed website, very difficult to
Very poorly designed website, very difficult to locate customer service numbers to talk to a live person, and then you will be on hold for extended periods of time. Found out that you have to go to two different places to update credit card information: one for Nook orders, and a completely different one for online orders and membership renewals. Of course when you log in to your account, the option it directs you to isn't the one for membership renewals, but the website doesn't tell you that. Nor does it tell you that you have to update in both places. The customer service agents just act like you are a simpleton for not knowing this. So take your pick: get frustrated with the website because you can't find what you want, or get frustrated with long hold times and agents with attitude if you call in. Bah! Not sure I even want to renew my membership. Amazon has better prices anyway!

HatesPoorServiceRead More
9/24/2012 Barnes & - I will never order from B&N online again. I
I will never order from B&N online again. I ordered CD for an occasion on Sept 5 and received an email that day that it was on its way. It stated 2-6 business days. No one could track or locate the item after repeated calls with customer service. I had them credit my account. I received the item in my mailbox since in a mailing envelope from New Jersey 17 days later and 13 business days after placing the order. Now they sent me a UPS label, more inconvience and had to call again for a USPS letter which will take another 5 days. After my first call to customer service I received and completed a survey regarding customer service and it still did not remedy the situation and calls I had to continue to make.

hmRead More
4/3/2012 Barnes & - I am writing to complain about the apps my
I am writing to complain about the apps my children are playing a game called scramble with friends and all we got is the book i don't want the dang book I want the game before they all get tired of playing it...My other compain is I really don't mind paying a buck or so but all the kids deffices are free I payed alot for my nook color.....I think alot of those apps should be free...

CindyRead More
1/15/2012 Barnes & - To whom it may concernI have called 7 times to
To whom it may concern
I have called 7 times to your company starting on 11/12/11, when I discovered that right after ordering my NOOK and Protection plan the price was dramatically reduced to 99.00 ( paid 139.00) for the Nook and 19.95 ( paid 34.95) for the protection plan. If you look under my account # 27036553 you will see all the times that I have called and all the times that your employees have promised to take care of this matter and issue a refund to my credit card along with an email to verify this. It has never happened. I have spent countless hours, being put on hold , asking to speak with supervisors/managers to NO AVAIL!!!! I am very very disappointed with Barnes and Noble and if I could would return my NOOK and buy else where. This has been one of the worse experiences I have had with any company I have done business with. It is very mismanaged and incompetent. I email hoping that someone who knows something will resolve this issue, why do you have people who answer the phone in customer service that can’t do anything?????
I was told that I would receive a refund for 55.00 which is the difference between what I had paid and what the new prices were within the correct time period. I could have been refunded in full and repurchased, but was promised it would be taken care of and that this had been done before.
Please could someone respond and take care of this matter!!!

SharmaxRead More
12/16/2011 Barnes & - Will Never Use this company again. Ordered 2
Will Never Use this company again. Ordered 2 recordable books for my grandson for Christmas from this company, they took my order, then got an email from them confirming said order, saying one book was out of stock and would ship Dec 28th. I tried to cancel the book because there is no point in just giving my grandson a piece of paper saying he will get the order in the new year. This companys customer service is atrocious I have been lied to and just plain ignored. They tell me that the book is shipped by a third party and cannot be cancelled BULL! They told me to reject the delivery when it arrives and it will be shipped back to them for a refund (Unlikely) USPS will just leave it at my door. I will either have to pay to ship it back or keep the book as a duplicate for the one I have now ordered and Recieved from Amazon. The other book from this order is still to arrive 10 days after shipping. Use this company at your own risk, because if you have a problem there is no way their customer service dept (In India, jusdging by the accents) will be able to help. I will ALWAYS use Amazon from now on there is a company that delivers on its promise.

AllenRead More
9/15/2011 Barnes & - My company had the same problem as lot of other
My company had the same problem as lot of other commenters. I got an email address for the tax-exempt department after 2 different fax #'s didn't work. I'm not sure if it will work, but thought that those of you that need to fax documents to Barnes & Noble should ask if you can email scanned copies of said documents instead.

StormieRead More
7/22/2011 Barnes & - I have tried many times over the last 4 months to
I have tried many times over the last 4 months to locate the refund back to my Pay Pal account, which I used to purchase the Nook Color though EBAY.
I have contacted Paypal on numerous occasions on the status of this refund and none is credited back to the account.
I also have been instructed by Your Customer Support Rep. today to contact EBAY, because Barnes and Noble have refunded back to EBAY. Ebay has confirmed that they never received any payment and Barnes and Noble should refund directly to my Paypal account because it was where the fund came from.
I have been given this fax number 201-935-2374 to fax over all the support Documents, but the number is bogus.
This will be my last try before getting other helps or involvement from my local justice department, better business bureau, or the internet Crime Compliant Center (IC3).

Anton Read More
6/28/2011 Barnes & - I am finding out the hard way that Barnes and
I am finding out the hard way that Barnes and Noble has VERY, VERY poor customer service. Their tracking service through DHL does not work and no one seems to care. Their comment is that they tend to ALWAYS have tracking problems. I am a big Amazon customer and only used B&N because I had a gift card. It was a big mistake It is not so much the delay as he cavaliere attitude of their staff, even management.

Carmen CaltagironeRead More
6/27/2011 Barnes & - Returned a Nook and three months later I am still
Returned a Nook and three months later I am still waiting for the refund.
Email and phone support are useless; they keep asking me for the device serial number (which I do not have since I returned the product). Frustrating! Be aware!
I am a heavy Amazon shopper and it is so much better!

SergioRead More
6/14/2011 Barnes & - I order a fashion book online that i was lead to
I order a fashion book online that i was lead to believe a cd would accompany the book but it didnt. The book was sent with no invoice or anything. I sent the book back for a refund in april it is june and i still have not gotten a refund . I have email and called several times and i still havent gotten a refund they keep telling me the emailed the saler and they are waiting for them, thats some bull. I will never order from them again online or in the store. This company doesnt stand by theirs customers.

pissedRead More
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