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Description leverages the power of the Barnes & Noble brand to offer online customers the Web's premier destination for books, music, DVD, video games, and related products and services.

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1-800-843-2665Review Needed Please Comment


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12/20/2012 Inc. - customer service review: customer service review: Disgusted
hame to hear that. I too am disappointed in their service. I ordered a book Nov 23rd as a Christmas gift. It was supposed to ship within 2 weeks, still plenty of time, right? Well the book IS available in the stores now, I already paid for it online, yet they tell me it wont ship until Jan 8th. They already have my money. How nice of them to keep my money and not send me my purchase in time for holidays, when they are selling it stores right now. I am DISGUSTED.

DisgustedRead More
3/21/2011 Inc. - BARNES & NOBLE:I do not want any more emails
I do not want any more emails thank you.

thomasRead More
1/18/2011 Inc. - I have lost all the books that I had in My Library
I have lost all the books that I had in My Library in the nookbook, how can I recover them? please help me. they desapeared and I do not know how to recover them.
My email is: [email protected] can anybody help me? please...

yolandaRead More
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