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12/27/2012 Bath and Body Works Complaint 2012/2013I was
Bath and Body Works Complaint 2012/2013
I was recently hired as a seasonal sales associate. I love the customers and my co-workers. Most of my managers are really nice, that is, except for one. I'm guessing she's one of the main ones seeing as she's always there. Since my first day she has given me attitude and has talked to me as if I'm incompetent. She is always trying to catch me doing something wrong and likes to find anything to pick at me about. Today she subtly accused me of stealing coupons and using them for my own transactions. I know it's wrong the way she treats me but I don't know what to do about it. Who can I talk to about this issue?

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12/27/2012 Bath and Body Works Customer Service Review
Bath and Body Works Customer Service Review 2012/2013

The manager at Bath & Body Works, The Shoppe, 63 RHL Blvd., Charleston, WV needs to be spoken to by corporate. My daughter was just there today December 26th to catch the after Christmas sales. Obviously the manager on duty was catching the sales as well. My daughter was able to purchase one bottle of Sleep Body Lotion Aromatherapy for $5.00 and the manager was able to take them off the shelf and keep for herself. My daughter asked if they were going off sale and being put up. She was told the manager was taking them the rest of them for herself. Now is that good service service or what?

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