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8/12/2017 BeachBody - I ordered 1 workout DVD in 2016. They continue to
I ordered 1 workout DVD in 2016. They continue to charge my credit card fraduantly after I told them to stop.

Bonnie Read More
5/14/2017 BeachBody - I ordered the work out DVD's and gave lothem my
I ordered the work out DVD's and gave lothem my credit card so they have been paid. But I still have not received my DVD's. I didn't agree on anything else, Wish I had found this sight before I ordered. I'm frustrated..

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3/9/2017 BeachBody - We ordered an item from Beach Body, just one item.
We ordered an item from Beach Body, just one item. Next day we had three separate orders placed to our charge. It was so annoying. Finding a contact number online was next to impossible. When my husband called they asked for the order number which was difficult to find. They asked for email and name to verify. Then asked for billing zip code. He found the orders with that information. The man then stated that two of the three orders were canceled and only one order was valid. We asked for verification of cancellation of the two items. He gave us a cancellation number. Hopefully, things will go as we were told. From things I have heard about beach body, I believe we will be making several more phone calls to them.

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9/1/2015 BeachBody - i need to cancel my vitamins i do not like them
i need to cancel my vitamins i do not like them

ed Read More
9/1/2015 You sent me, two boxes of Beachbody shakes?
Beach Body sent me, two boxes of Beachbody shakes? I get one and because you sent me 2, my checking account is overdrawn and I am NOT HAPPY I will be sending the extra box back,, Understand,, one box, just 1.
Since you screwed up and sent me 2, I feel you should pay 4 the overdraft, which is 30.00, I live on

8/27/2015 i am very dissatisfied with BeachBody
i am very dissatisfied with this program.. was looking at an advertisement on tv for a special of dvd for 19.00 dollars if i called for the next few minutes.. i did, and the agent on the other side started asking that for so much more you get this and that. well at the end of the conversation . i stated that i just wanted the special on tv, well some how he got me all confused. did not even know what exactly i as going to get. then on my card they charged me 55.00 dollars and 2 more payments of 29.90 . and on the shipment suppose the drinks supplements were for free, and with the amount they charged as far as i am concern the were charged on my bill. i dont understand why we can just order what we asked for, and nothing else, i live on a base income. this is they way you can get ripped off. actually im paying for something i can not afford, and not even going to use the supplements, cause i dont drink that stuff.

gina Read More
10/4/2013 BeachBody - I am having problems cancel vitamins shakes what
I am having problems cancel vitamins shakes what am I to do because I am not going to be able to pay for these because they do not take the place of my other vitamins.r

Kathryn Read More
9/6/2013 BeachBody - Beach Body workout dvd is fantastic, however the supplements are crappy
the workout dvd is fantastic, however the supplements are really crappy and I don't like the shaky feeling I get using them. And on top of that I have cancelled before and you are still sending them and billing me for them. Stop sending me the supplements

Jean Read More
8/6/2013 frustrated I am with BeachBody customer service
I can't begin to explain how frustrated I am with the Beachbody organization. First, I ordered both the p990x and INSANITY workout DVDs and have zero complaints with the program themselves. However, when ordering tthe DVDs I made the mistake of agreeing to try the vitamin suppliments. I agreed to try them under the assuarance that I could cancel at anytime which I did after several months. At the time, I was told that each vitamin bottle would cost approximately $95. Two bottless later I asked them to discontinue sending them (waste of money, I can get the same suppliments at a much better price online or at a local GNC). Anyways, they continued to bill me and didn't send me the vitamins. In the end it took months to satisify this issue, the threat of a colection agency coming after me for a product because I supposedly owed them more money for a a 3rd shipment I never received. In the end, they agreed to remove the 3rd shipment off my record and cancel the collections, but now I have to deal with this on my credit historry (unless I want to go through that hassle of gettig that taken of my history). I'll give them this, they did offer to refund the amount of the 2nd bottle given all the hastle, which I apprreciate. My lesson learned, don't bother with the suppliments and other garbage they''re offering, just buy the suppliments somewhhere else.

Kurt Read More
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