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12/27/2013 Bed, Bath & Beyond store #116 in Humble, Texas
I went to your store #116 in Humble, Texas just before Christmas. Ellen in your china department helped me find something for my son and his wife. She was gracious and knowledgeable and went out of here way to locate what I needed. She was so pleasant that I felt right at home.
it is hard to find service oriented people today, this lady is a jewel. Don't let her go!

KevinRead More
12/9/2013 Bed, Bath & Beyond BBB overcharged me with Telecheck
I just got home from a trip to my local BBB. I have shopped there for many years. I write checks there and have used my VISA. This time i had a large purchase that came to $704.00. It's the holidays for God's sake! My check was denied. I showed the cashier my balance (7100.00!) and asked to speak with the TELECHEK people. The poor cashier was so sweet and was so apologetic as I was so embarassed. I had to put my purchase on my VISA because the telechek person said that I had "not written a check that large at their store". That's crap!

I don't think I'll go back to BBB, even with their crappy little 20% coupons, they must raise everything in the store by 20% beecause there is not free lunch!!

JayneRead More
11/16/2013 Bed, Bath & Beyond - I have been a long time loyal customer of BBB in
I have been a long time loyal customer of BBB in the Western NY area but was surprisingly disappointed when on 11/15/2013 I tried to return for exchange a candle glass that is cracked at the rim but the store (#1059) manager refused to accept it saying that I should have opened the box before I bought it. I argued that I bought the merchandise in good faith and that I never had to open a sealed box in the store before buying it. Was I wrong in returning the defective merchandise for exchange or was the store manager overbearing and doesn't care about keeping loyal customers? Your email response will be most appreciated.

TEDRead More
MAJOR PROPS~BED BATH & BEYOND IS AS GOOD AS THEIR WORD! Purchased our Nutri bullet 12/12 and it has been leaking and acting up, took it back as per their "no questions refund/exchange" policy-had the original box & receipt-and they just handed over a new one after a glance at the reciept! Had been reading horror stories from people who ordered online through TV -who when trying to return the product, met with resistance and nightmare experiences! I am a now going to be new customer of BB&B! — feeling happy.

Debbie PRead More
11/24/2012 Bed, Bath & Beyond - Bed Bath and Beyond Would not take my check at the Signal Butte Store in Mesa Arizona
I was shopping at your store and when I checked out I wrote a check for the purchase amount $194.00 approx. I gave my telephone number and offered my drivers License. The check was declined. I put the charges on my credit card and immediately went to my bank to see what was wrong with my account. There was not a problem, in fact, I have several thousand dollars in that acct. I called the check approval place that the store mgr gave me and they said it was because this was the first check from me.

How does a person get to be a 2nd time check writer at your stores? I was embarrased and held up the line behind me. I think you need to do something differently with your check approval.

I don't know if I will shop at Bed Bath and Beyond again.

KathrynRead More
7/7/2012 Bed, Bath & Beyond - My wife bought some items at your Winchester, Va
My wife bought some items at your Winchester, Va store today and when checking out, the manager yelled at the cashier. My wife spoke to the manager and told him she did not appreciate the embarrasing moment for the cashier.

MacRead More
5/17/2012 Bed, Bath & Beyond - I am hosting an orientation for students that come
I am hosting an orientation for students that come from overseas Can you please send me coupons so that i can distibute them in there bags I tell them where to shop for thre college needs.

Thank you.

michelleRead More
10/21/2011 Bed, Bath & Beyond - I went to your Turnersville location to purchase a
I went to your Turnersville location to purchase a bridal shower gift from the bridal registry. Laura, the Bridal consultant there, was extremely helpful directing me to the selection I chose, and she had the gift beautifully wrapped in a timely manner. Laura is an asset to your store. She is courteous, efficient, and patient. Thank you for a very positive shopping experience at your Turnersville bb&b location. I will definitely shop there again! Betty Z

BettyRead More
8/31/2011 Bed, Bath & Beyond - I am extremely pleased with my first on-line Bed
I am extremely pleased with my first on-line Bed Bath and Beyond experience. I ordered a few items from Bed Bath and Beyond, both fairly expensive. I received the first item (bedding for my seven year old daughter) and it was great: Beautiful, soft, high-quality. Worth every penny and then some. After waiting a week, the second item (also a bedding product) had not yet arrived, so I re-examined the shipping receipt from the first. The receipt said that the second item had been included in the shipment, even though it was not. Yikes! I called Bed Bath and Beyond, anticipating an argument. To my delight, however, I received none. The gentleman who answered the telephone was polite and considerate and straightened out the problem immediately. I will definitely return to Bed Bath and Beyond on-line for my next bedding purchase!

KathrynRead More
7/27/2011 Bed, Bath & Beyond - I recently bought a set of sheets. I brought them
I recently bought a set of sheets. I brought them home, rinsed them, and hung them outdoors to dry. They smell, what's what up with that? I will give them a complete washing this weekend. Saturday, (the 30th) will be a week since they were on the bed.

7/15/2011 Bed, Bath & Beyond - I've recently visited Bed Bath and Beyond in
I've recently visited Bed Bath and Beyond in Pittsfield , and lets just say i will not but returning. I purchase hundreds of dollars of products from there and can not believe the guest service I given to me today. A few days ago i had gone to the store and found a play pen tent cover that i wanted to purchase, i chose to talk it over with my fiance first before buying. When returning to the store I couldn't find one so i asked my sister to go ask one of the employees about it. They story she received from them was they didn't sell them. So I decided to go ask about it because i had seen it in the store the day before. When talking to the sales associate I said "hi I just had my sister ask about a playpen..." and before I could finish my sentence he rudely cut me off saying "No..No..NO" I then told him there was no need for his rudeness...and he laughed and said" wow i have a spice girl" I then told him he needed to learn to talk to customers ..i too work in a customer service business and this is un-exceptable. I then put down the other things i had decided to purchase and left.

BrittanyRead More
7/9/2011 Bed, Bath & Beyond - I telephoned the BB & in Gurnee, IL, as I wanted
I telephoned the BB & in Gurnee, IL, as I wanted to see some of the items our niece wanted for her bridal shower. Rhonda Timms answered the phone. I asked her if the items I wanted to see were in stock. She checked and determined that the items had to be ordered online. I asked if they gift wrapped. She said that,if I came to the store, someone would order the items and them gift wrap a box with a picture of the items for the shower. I did as Rhonda suggested. I was fortunate to get Rhonda at the Customer Service desk. She made some excellent suggestions and showed me what the items were on line that I was interested in seeing.

I would highly recommend that you seek out Rhonda Timms at the Gurnee store. She was extremely helpful, kind, courteous and her suggestions were excellent! Thanks, Rhonda!!!!

LizRead More
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