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BWM is a German maker of automobiles and motorcycles.

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1-800-831-1117Say "customer relations" and then press 1 for "vehicle" or 2 for "motorcycle."


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5/2/2016 Chapman BMW Dealership lost a customer over two
Chapman BMW Dealership lost a customer over two tires and compounded the problem by employing an arrogant, self centered, egotistical service manager. I didn't want anything repaired or compensated, just wanted to buy two Pirelli tires.

Ramon GerardoRead More
3/30/2016 BMW - Radio issues in 2016 X-5 e-drive. It has No AM
Radio issues in 2016 X-5 e-drive.
It has No AM radio and the FM radio fades in and out. Even the satellite radio fades in and out at the very same spot it gets good reception . The little Prius is a hybrid like the edrive and does not have any radio issues .

Ahmed Read More
4/20/2013 BMW - Urgente requiero contacto con servicio al cliente
Urgente requiero contacto con servicio al cliente en México ya que su distribuidor en Metepec me esta dando un pésimo servicio con una X5 2010 que les compre el año pasado

Enrique OcegueraRead More
3/19/2013 BMW - I purchased a 2007 335I coupe 4yrs ago at Stevens
I purchased a 2007 335I coupe 4yrs ago at Stevens Creek BMW San Jose and I had a 2006 330I as a trade in. The service was great and I've enjoy my BMW everyday. I'm refinancing my home and they checked my credit,The credit report had me 60 days late on a payment. Thats a big hit on my credit score. when I checked the dates of the late payments it turns out to be the same month I bought my car.When I contacted Steven Creek BMW, They said I should have continued making payments on the car I traded in until the dealership paid it off. Now that sounds a little crazy to me but I don't really know. Is that true? I've been a loyal customer and have always made my payments on time. I purchased my 335i IN jULY09 and the late payments are for JULY/AUGUST09 what can I do to take this away from my credit report. Please help me!!!

LucasRead More
3/14/2013 Its a shame on BMW..First they set a contract and
Its a shame on BMW..First they set a contract and then ask U to return the key and the car......I have purchased the car On Monday,March 11 th,then on Wednesday,March the 13 th,they ask me to return the car and the key becouse the BMW bank did not aproved..So its crazy...First I been waited almost all day long,till 8 Pm to set and sign a contract ,and after 3 days they ask me to return the key ..sayig they did some wrong??.....I supposed to make the first payment by April the 25 th.Now ,I"m extremely disapointed......I would like so much to help me someone to fix the issue and get the car back and start to make the payments...I work as truck driver and my wife as o baker...I wrote to BMW US and BMW Germany...what else should I do.......Its not fare what it happened to me.....

AdrianRead More
6/14/2012 BMW cars are repair monsters, company is
BMW cars are repair monsters, company is unfriendly and heartless.
I have a 2006 BMW, 58K miles. It has a steering column problem and needs replacement. I called BMW and for two days they told me they will do something once I have the diagnosis. I called them with the final diagnosis, the supervisor refused, and threw the book at me.

There are numerous complaints about this safety issue. If you have or had this problem, please file a complaint with NHTSA. Promising to do something and then rejecting is cheating customers, stay away from these cars and people.

KrishnaRead More
6/7/2012 BMW - My Wife was in head on collision with her Mini
My Wife was in head on collision with her Mini Cooper, the other car hit her on the right side of her vehicle and there is not much left of the front end. There is R80k (South African Rands) damage to the vehicle and was a major accident. She at least is fine but my concern is that not one airbag out of the 6 deployed. Obviously the car make is not a safe choice and I will never let anybody by a Mini Cooper. BMW go on about their safety rating but I don't believe a Mini Cooper is a safe vehicle. And all they will say is sorry for the inconvenience caused, so if my wife died in the accident due to the airbags not deploying they would be sorry for the inconvenience caused.NEVER BY A BMW THEY ARE NOT SAFE AT ALL.We reside in South Africa and I expected better safety form BMW

RobertRead More
5/28/2012 I bought a BMW mark 5 from BMW Gallery Calgary
I bought a BMW mark 5 from BMW Gallery Calgary Alberta 2008 Used paid $50.000 waited a week for delivery was told car was ready on
delivery day sand blasted windsheld was not replaced as promested service department advised sales to diclose breaks woud need to be replace very soon . Not disclosed on bill of sale found out later. both sets of wheels had bald tires unsafe to drive on. After complaining replaced bald winter tires but hid bald summer tires in bags in back. When came time to change winter tires to summer garage refuesed to put summer tires on car because tirencords were showing on tires. When sales manager confronted said to fxxxxxg bad and refuesed to replace unsafe tires.
Still waiting for Calgary reg head off to respond. Bought this car on BMW reputation bad mistake all asian woman or asians should not deal with
anything BMW.
Asian new commer

Ping PingRead More
4/9/2012 i purchsed a car from bmw of edison open road
i purchsed a car from bmw of edison open road bmw they lied about the price and when my wife went to pick up car they told her a 100 dollars a month more.. i droped the car back off to them and they dont want to take the back

soumela kotsaboikidisRead More
3/30/2012 BMW - I am aged 16 and i'm lucky to to get this
I am aged 16 and i'm lucky to to get this number.I'm willing to join this company as designer.So please BMW company react to this comment.......

Rakshith.R.GRead More
3/22/2012 I am now onto my 13th BMW.presently a E46.Agreeing
I am now onto my 13th BMW.presently a E46.Agreeing with other comments the quality is not there anymore.Dont think I will be buying another either.Had ABS,traction control problem and recently it blew off the lower radiator hose and split the radiator,from 120kph I stopped as soon as I could and in that time cooked the engine which had to be replaced.Few days earlier I did some 500 plus Km none stop without any problem.It has been the worst and expensive car Ive owned.What bugs me is that I never got a satisfactory answer to why the hose dropped off and the radiator splitting.This is from a franchise dealer.

hapukafinRead More
10/29/2011 10/28/11 I purchased a new BMW X5 (4.0) in the
10/28/11 I purchased a new BMW X5 (4.0) in the fall of 2004. (it was a 2005 model). Within the first year I experienced intermittent problems with the transmission. The car would lock up when you were slowing down to a stop or from a start to accelleration. I took the car in for service and they could not duplicate the problem. Therefore I experienced this problem throughout the next year. I finally took it back in when it had 20K miles and insisted this was in fact a problem and that I wanted it documented on my file since I was still under factory warranty. They finally "upgraded the computer software" and returned it to me. Throughout my ownership I still experienced problems but was told there was nothing they could do (they didn't recognize the problem). I sold this car when the warranty was up (50K miles). The new owner experienced it also and I recommended since it was off warranty to take it to european motor specialist since the dealership I bought it from never fixed the problem. So here I am, I sold the car to a family member who has had it only three years and have been informed that the transmission needs to be replaced at the cost of $7,500! I returned to the dealership who then gave me BMW's customer service phone number. I called and explained my problem and they would not stand behind it since it was now 3 years out of warranty. I stated the problem was detected at 20k miles (under factory warranty) and that it was ongoing since I owned the car. Because BMW could not identify the actual problem at the time when the car was new (and thereafter) and I have all written documents of the past service, they refuse to help with any repair costs. I and my family have been loyal BMW owners throughout the years. We buy a new one every 4 years (I now have a 650 coupe) but will reconsider whether or not I'll buy another BMW. I don't mind "paying for a quality product" but I do expect it to withstand any "warranty" delimas.


IILoriRead More
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