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BNSF is a critical link that connects consumers with the global marketplace. For more than 160 years, BNSF has played a vital role in building and sustaining this nation's economy.

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1-888-428-2673Review Needed Please Comment


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6/23/2011 BNSF - What much it cost me to ship an automobile (99
What much it cost me to ship an automobile (99 Chev Blazer) from Minneapolis or St Paul to nearest Phoenix, AZ

GeorgeRead More
5/9/2011 BNSF - Billy Carter Making A Request For Permission Like
Billy Carter Making A Request For Permission Like To Do,
Broadband Radio Station And TV Station DSL Testing. Call Me At 318 741 0707
This Is A Brand New Form Of Radio Broadcasting And DSL TV Broadband Broadcasting Test.
PowerIs Limited Mostly On Remote Broadcast Because TransMitters
Require So Much Power To Run. Locomotives Only Need A Small Amount,
Of Electric Power To Run Both Radio And TV Together With One Locomotive
Requesting Locomotive Number BNSF 6851 That's Being Rebuilt At North Town Yard For The Testing On This Project If It's Ok I'M A Class 2 Radio Commercial Engineer
With 21 Years Of Service. Using A Sattle Light Dish From The Locomotive As A Studio,
To Broadcast To Both Inter Net And Cable Outlets Direct.
Need A SD 40-2 Locomotive To Conduct A Test. The FCC Got A $5000.00 Grant
On This Project. I'M A Class 1 Firemen With SD40-2 Locomotive Operating Experience,
Worked With EMD For 6 Years And Have Lots Of Year With An SD 40-2
Done Test Before With Locomotive Projects. Please Get back With Me Soon.
I Will Explain More Details. Thank You.

Billy CarterRead More
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