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1/6/2014 Disappointed with quality of Body by Jake Ab Machine
I purchased a Ab Machine, which I am very disappointed in the workmanship. The seat was made from press fiber board which did not support the back of the seat which broke off, I had it replaced with a solid piece of plywood which took care of the problem, now I have noticed for sometime when doing the exercise the handle was hitting my left knee, it kept getting worse until the two metal supports at the base of the handle broke. the supports are not heavy enough. I have used this machine twice a day, seven days a week for close to three years and paid $250.00. I now see it is selling for $119.99 thru Sportsman's Guide and some improvements have been made to the machine including the seat. I feel due to the poor workmanship of the first machine produced that you should stand behind it and replace it with the new version at no cost.

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