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9/19/2014 Bojangles Chicken n Biscuits - Omg the Bojangles in Cherrydale, S.C. . is aweful!
Omg the Bojangles in Cherrydale, S.C. . is aweful! This girl name Samantha is a manager there and is the rudest one I have ever faced !I went through drive thru one day last week and got 2 supreme combos and came home ! I realized after getting home that I had home style chicken so I called her back and told Samantha that I was wanting supreme ! She said I had to bring it back and show her I said ok ! Then I called her back and asked if she would drop some fresh supreme she said no ... not till she can prove that was home style I had gotten ! I was so upset she made me feel so dumb she fussed at me over the phone stating that I wanted free food last time I was in there and made her employee feel bad and I was just joking around with her trying to make her laugh . I then showed up with the home style and asked if she believed me now she said the words " I guess " I asked for the 1 800 number she said we don't have one and gave me the store number ! She was yelling at me in front of other customers when my wife tried to talk she said I"M not talking to you ! She also called me rude ! I told her I was gonna have her job she said "Please Do " !!!! I have never been treated this way in my whole life at a business !!! SAMANTHA should not be an employee at Bojangles !!!!

Carmen Kelly Read More
8/6/2013 Bojangles Chicken n Biscuits - Bojangles store in Piedmont, SC staff acts like children
This is concerning your store in Piedmont Sc !The help in this store was very inmature and acted like small kids the hole time we were in the store trying to eat . after our meal we orded some cinnom twist we had to wait 15 min and then had to ask about them . as my wife left the counter one of the girls started making faces behind her back . when the food was brought out to us I ask to speak to the Manager when he came out he tried to tell me that the help was not playing !!! This kid should not have been a Manager anyway he was playing just as much as the rest of them were . You know I have always liked Bojangles food but if this is the kind of help you hire I Will HEVER BE BACK IN ONE OF YOUR STORES

Phillip Batson Read More
6/15/2013 Bojangles Chicken n Biscuits - Bojangles in Chatsworth GA - ticket #3602 on June
Bojangles in Chatsworth GA - ticket #3602 on June 15, 2013. I ordered 4 biscuits and 1 coffee. I received 1 biscuit and 4 creamers. I didn't check the order until I was in my driveway. I had to go all the way back, sit in line again to get the rest of my order. By the time I got back home my coffee was cold. I'm 80 years old and just don't really need this aggravation. And where are the gloves?

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3/6/2011 Bojangles Chicken n Biscuits - In Jonesborough, TN the dinning room shuts down
In Jonesborough, TN the dinning room shuts down around 8pm, even though the store closses at 10pm. When asked if I could get refills the employees stated that it takes time to shut down the restaurant. The customers in the dinning room were unable to refill their drinks. Called customer service to see if this was the standard and if clossing the restaurant down while customers were in the building plus 2 hours ahead of time. The customer service women were cluelesss and blamed me for not understanding. KFC is a better buisness model,

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