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7/9/2017 - I tried to change dates for our reservation in
I tried to change dates for our reservation in Naples, Italy, and was told that Booking.Com would make a request to do that. When our request was declined, and we would be charged 99 Euros, we decided to book at another hotel. I sent the hotel an email expressing our dissatisfaction with their lack of customer service. The hotel was unaware of the request for a date change and stated that they would have changed dates without any penalty.

Apparently, wanted to collect fees rather than assist us with any booking issues. I would recommend using VRBO or Airbnb, .

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5/24/2017 - As a retired teacher, I am appalled by your ad
As a retired teacher, I am appalled by your ad showing a kindergarten teacher in front of a class that is completely out of control. One child is in an aquarium. Another is using a broom, etc. Please know that I will be contacting all of my friends and professional organizations urging them to boycott This ad is an insult to members of the teaching profession!!!!!

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3/10/2017 and their affiliates, and and their affiliates, and have the absolute worse customer service. In fact it does not exist. I booked a property over 6 months in advance. specifically states on their website and tv commercials that there are no cancellation fees. Website stated that I could cancel up to July 1, 2017 with no fees. I booked on 2/23/17 and after discussing with my family, it was decided that the property did not work for us. 2 days later, I e-mailed to cancel. Received a phone call to call another # to finalize the cancellation. Called the number numerous times, only to be told that I had to call'S # only to be told to call another number ( I leave messages on all 3 company voice mail plus I have been e-mailing. No response. However, on 2/23 a charge of 50% was placed on my AMX credit card ( over $1000). I called AMX on 2/27/17 to dispute the charges. They are actively investigating and the charge is in Dispute status. Last night, 3/9/17, I received another e-mail from telling me that cancellation has not occurred and to contact which then told me to contact THEY ARE A SCAM. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ANY OF THESE COMPANIES. You will spend much time & aggravation with non existent customer service.

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8/25/2016 - I would hesitate to even give a 1 for customer
I would hesitate to even give a 1 for customer service as clearly there is no customer service for
I stayed in Diani Bay resort and the hotel was a scam and the customer service can do nothing about it.

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7/30/2016 - Customer service is non-exsistent. They drop you
Customer service is non-exsistent. They drop you after holding on for a half hour. My wife drove with our 3 granddaughters for 12 hrs only to find out that even though they took our cc info to confirm and we received a confirmation they must have forgot to inform the hotel. How can we work this out, we can't have to try to find another hotel and hopefully will not have to go through a challenge of they debit our cc. calling doesn't help nor does sending them a text. I guess the BBB will need to look into this. And of course this probably won't get posted, the webmaster probably won't want negative press but a copy of this has already been forwared to others

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6/28/2016 We booked a hotel in Italy on, and
We booked a hotel in Italy on, and they canceled without providing alternative accomodation. suggested another property that had none of the qualities except star level in common with the original booking.

After a lengthy call with customer service, they agreed to partially reimburse us for our alternative hotel. I sent in the reservation info as agreed, but never received the promised partial refund. No response requesting more info. Nothing.

I called customer service several times, and was told that I must send in a credit card statement showing the charge. I did, and the charge line even showed the reservation number. I was then told this wasn't enough. Some other proof of stay would be required. Bottom line, and it's hotels don't honor the contract, and don't care if you have spent tens of thousands on company bookings.

Customers mean nothing to and will not receive support, only empty promises, hassle, and, in my case, fraud.

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5/22/2016 - Following is not my booking. Believe this is a
Following is not my booking. Believe this is a phishing email and that one of our accounts has been hacked!

Subject: Booking Slovakia - Penzion pod Vežou
Date: 5/22/2016 10:42:30 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
Reply To:
To: Send IM to: [email protected]

This is a message regarding your reservation at Penzión Laila pod vežou.
On 2016-05-22, Penzión Laila pod vežou wrote
Good day.
We booked you a room of 103 6.12 - 06.17.2016 5 nights .
The price you have includes breakfast. Served in our facility from 8.30 pm . in the cafe downstairs or delivered to the guest room .
Please pay by transfer to a bank account in Tatra Banka IBAN SK1811000000002616168556
Account name: Bozena Komes ,
Amount : 825.00 EUR ,
VS 0000000103 ,
Note: Booking David Kasse .
Thank you for understanding.

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3/26/2016 I will not be using again.
My name is Dustin. On March the 25, 2016 I was on Flower Ave in Tampa Florida. That day Tampa was having a bad rain storm and the winds were blowing high speed. I was on a 6 lane highway heading to my hotel. My 14-year-old niece was in Riverview with my sister. My niece got online and booked me a room at Days Inn for two nights. Up the road was a bad accident involving three cars. From 11 in the afternoon until almost 6 that evening I was stuck in a traffic jam from the accident on Flower Ave Tampa Florida. I kept calling Days Inn from my car to be hung up on, put on hold and the phone ringing and ringing. I could not get any success from Days Inn to inform them I was in a traffic Jam. I tried to locate a number for and due to overcast and pouring rain plus high winds my data on my IPhone would not work. I proceeded to make more attempts to call Days Inn. The Same experience put on hold, hung up on and phone ringing and ringing . I did not succeed in a contact with a person. After the long day in my car in that storm, I saw a Ramada Inn and pulled in the parking lot. I proceeded inside and booked me a room. I explain to the clerk at the Ramada Inn what I had experienced to stated I needed to get in touch with to explain and cancel the Booking. I called my sister to let her know what happen and where I was. I stated to her I was having problems with my IPhone and my data could she get ahold of still charged my credit card for the and night at the Days Inn. To inform everyone if you book an online Booking with them there is no cancellation nor refunds. If you to not make it to the Booked hotel that you booked on their site. Or something comes up and you do not make it to that hotel you will be charged. I will not be using again.

Dustijna Read More
8/25/2015 Unethical, and the worst customer service -
Unethical, and the worst customer service I ever saw. I have filed complaints with FCC, BBB, VA, Congressman, etc.

Joseph Sipolo Read More
4/24/2015 - I specifically asked for a handicap accessible
I specifically asked for a handicap accessible room for our stay with Best Western. I called the hotel and was assured that they had accomodations that would take care of our needs and also put in the comments what I needed. My husband, myself and our 25 yr old wheelchair bound daughter checked in, only to be told that the room we has requested was already taken, but that when the other guests checked out, we could be moved to that room. That was going to be the last night that we were staying there (we stayed 4 nights). On that final day, we were moved to the 4th floor to what we were told was a handicap accessible room with a roll in shower (on the 4th floor?) (what happens when there is a fire?). Anyway, after taking all our things to this room, we get in there to find that the bathroom is NO DIFFERENT than the room we were already in. I went back down to the desk and asked why they had given me this room when I specifically asked for a room with a roll in shower. They didn't really know--they had never been in the room!!!! Another person at the desk then said that the roll in shower room was two doors down from our original room. But it only had one bed and they didn't do roll away beds at this hotel. After much complaining, I was finally told that the roll in shower room would be made available for my daughter to use for the purposes of taking a shower for that night at no extra charge. All I wanted was honesty. They could have told me they didn't have the kind of room I needed from the start., you need to see what these hotels are doing and stop using them as a part of your business, cause it makes you look bad too.

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9/18/2014 booked my wife and I into gast hof booked my wife and I into gast hof mali, mauthausen, Austria, for the night ofsaturday, august 30, 2014.after receiving our confirmed booking--975223023--and traveling thousands of miles from our home in the USA, we arrived at the gast hof to find that it was closed for vacation! my wife and I had never been warned that the hotel would be closed the night of our arrival. here we were, ages 74 and 72 roomless, burdened with luggage, walking sadly down a street thousands of miles from home. PERFECT! at the last moment we were saved by a local taxi which found us a room for the night. dropped the ball...

william Read More
7/7/2014 is NOT a very nice business to do your is NOT a very nice business to do your booking with! We had reservations in Panama City Beach, Florida since April 28, 2014. Two days before we were to leave, they sent us a notice that where we had previously paid for was over booked, but they were going to put us in a sister location condo just down the beach with a view....this DID NOT HAPPEN!!! The day that my family was to arrive..July 4th...they cancelled the room!!!Over booked at the second condo!!! They were terrible to work with...I called the 800 number to be hung up on...and to add to the problem that they family did not have a place to stay that night!!!Everything was booked and no where to stay!!! My cousin was there, and let my family of 5 sleep on their floor for the night !!!! This is very bad for your business and I will tell everyone that I see to NEVER use you people again!! NEVER!!

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