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Founded in 1917 as a street corner newsstand in Florence, Alabama, Books-A-Million, Inc. has grown to become the premier book retailing chain in the Southeastern United States, and the third largest book retailer in the nation. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, the company currently operates more than 200 stores in 19 states and the District of Columbia. In addition to its primary retail component, the corporation includes a book wholesale and distribution subsidiary, American Wholesale Book Company, an e-commerce division operating as BOOKSAMILLION.COM, and an internet development and services company, NetCentral, in Nashville, Tennessee.

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11/6/2013 Books-A-Million Inc. - I like the store but your 18.00 dollar renewal is too high
I like the store but your 18.00 dollar renewal is to high to pay.and it only goes for 6 months,your myrtle beach store should have a 2 or 3 dollar renewal for 2 or 3 years.the other book stores I belong to renwal 2 or 3 dollar for 2 or 3 year renewal.

kevin brigman Read More
9/23/2013 Books-A-Million Inc. - I want to complement an employee at your Brookwood
I want to complement an employee at your Brookwood village store in Birmingham al. Steve went over and beyond to help me. I was looking for a book on galaxy s4 phone and one employee tried but couldn't find one (the one for dummies) so I went to the magazine section to see Steve (who knows all about magazines.) He found me a magazine on my subject but was not satisified with just that and went to find the book I wanted and after looking in 2 places (the last was the computer section) he found it. He knew that sometimes phone dummy books would be in that section by mistake. He was wonderful. I just wanted someone to know that.

NANCY Read More
8/17/2012 Books-A-Million Inc. - I also went to Books A Million. Same deal. Try
I also went to Books A Million. Same deal. Try this magazine for 90 days, then just cancel before your 90 days are up. Well, I forgot to call and cancel and was charged. I figured one time, what the heck my mom, sister and friends like the magazine so I'll just pass it around. That was last year. This year, they sent no notices my subscription was about to expire, just took $70.00 out of my checking. Called the number on my bank statement but they couldn't help me because I didn't order the magazine from them. I finally found a website to cancel the magazines, which they did. They did not however, give me my money back. Sent e-mail to People demanding my money back and how dare they just take money out of my account without any notice! No other magazine had ever done such a thing. They said I bought it through a third party and they couldn't help me. Same story as before. Then I got a postcard from People(dated 4/22/2012) that said I got the magazine thru a magazine agency and they would cancel the order, which I had already done. Finally, my husband went back to the statement with the 70.00 charge. He called that same phone number I started with(877)856-4531. They tried to give him the same rigamarole they gave me. He replied sternly but politely that THIS was the number listed with the deduction on our statement and they were the ones who got the money and they should be the ones who should help us. After some lame excuses the man agreed to help us get a refund. Problem was when we got the refund it was for $18.95 not $70.00. We called the first number back and had to give our info all over again and told they would call us back in 5 days. They also told us we didn't cancel until August although we have that postcard from April 22,2012 telling us all they would cancel the delivery. So we looked at the statement with the refund on it which had a different telephone number (877)3217. We called that number and were told there was no customer service number we could call, they had to take our info and send to customer service because they were reviewing so many other cases and we'd receive a call in 5 days. Sound familiar? Anyway, if I find out anything else, I'll re-post. Has anyone tried Books-A-Million? I believe I'll put them next on my hit list.

Perri Read More
8/8/2012 Books-A-Million Inc. - I ordered a book on line on July 17th, and have
I ordered a book on line on July 17th, and have not recieved it . My order ID is. Would you please E-Mail me on this order.

Tammy Read More
2/1/2012 Books-A-Million Inc. - You have sold my books previously, and I will have
You have sold my books previously, and I will have two more books off the press in March of this year. Could you inform me how to or where to send the name of the books, the ISBNs, etc. You have had my other books on the Internet, though I haven't checked lately. Feel free to google me on the Internet, Lenny Emmanuel I do have a website: Thanks! The last time I did a book signing at BAM we sold over 50 books, which is rather unusual.

Lenny Emmanuel Read More
9/12/2011 Books-A-Million Inc. - On 9/9/11 I went to the Books A Million in Kokomo,
On 9/9/11 I went to the Books A Million in Kokomo, IN to purchase a gift card and a book. The total of this purchase was about $42. I handed the cashier a $100 bill. She informed me that she couldn't take the bill unless I purchased $50 or more in product. I didn't want to purchase anything else. I left the store without purchasing anything. I'm not so sure I'll ever go back.

Suzi Read More
8/30/2011 Books-A-Million Inc. - I looked online for 2 books at the BAM website. I
I looked online for 2 books at the BAM website. I selected the nearest store (over 20 miles away) and used the online search - and it told me that both books were "In stock". I went to BAM - could not find either book, and asked an employee for help. I had the titles, author names, and ISBN - the works.

When I went to the "customer service" counter - and said to the young woman that the website said both books were in stock - before she even looked at the inventory, she said: "Yeah, at our warehouse in Alabama. You will have to order them online" - I was surprised she did not offer to take my order, or place a prepaid order to have the books sent to the store.

I was a bit disappointed - but I still said: "I appreciate you checking - thanks for your time anyway."

Without one word - she turned her back to me and walked away.

Now, the employee was not able to help me - AND was sullen and rude. I, the customer, who got NOTHING from the employee still said thank you anyway.

I have worked with the public myself and it is generally not a pleasant experience. Knowing this, I went out of my way to be nice to her and she turns her back to me and walks away? I searched "Books a Million Sucks" and it was about all the employees bitching about the customers and the pay. For their shitty attitude - someone else would be glad to have the job - any job at all.

That was it for me - as I did an about face - I went all the way across the street to Barnes and Noble. They had one book in the store, and the other one could be ordered online. The guy said he could get the book sent to the store if I wanted to pick it up there and avoid about $5 or $6 shipping & handling. That is a lot for an $11 book. He said for those orders the customer has to pre-pay. I said great - ordered my book - will get an email when it arrives - and BAM has lost my business forever. I Cannot wait for them to go belly up just like Borders. Word of mouth is your best advertising, or your worst possible public relations. I plan on telling all my reader friends about my experience.

Fred Read More
8/18/2011 Books-A-Million Inc. - 8/18/2011I ordered books for my school students
I ordered books for my school students to read earlier this week, and received the books yesterday. HOwever, I never received an email with the total charge to my personal credit card. I have to submit receipt to get reimbursed by my school system. My order was # .
thank you,

Jeannie Read More
6/9/2011 Books-A-Million Inc. - We have an order summary #5063403450918 purchased
We have an order summary #5063403450918 purchased on may 26th. this order was to be shipped to a michael duffy. we would like to know if and when it was shipped. thank you

bobturgeon Read More
12/11/2010 Books-A-Million Inc. - Bought books at books a million in Branson, Mo and
Bought books at books a million in Branson, Mo and and pressure to get 2 magazines subscription. Was told in that store the books would be free for a year. The magazines have now charged my bank account for yhese free magazines. Books a million gave these magazines my account with out my permission. Lied said these books were free, then told magazines my account number to charge my account. I did not want these magazines in the first place.

Greg Monroe Read More
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