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1-888-266-7848Dial 88


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3/22/2017 I have a iphone 6 and boost said that I would have
I have a iphone 6 and boost said that I would have unlimited data but I don't my phone runs slower then ever and I call and asked if they could unlock my phone since its mines and I paid cash money for it I should be able to do what ever I want with the phone it belongs to me but the have a block on the phone and they told me that it was going to take 3 months in order for me to get my phone unlocked I talked to one person they said they could do it but wen I called back again they for some reason couldn't do it so if I can not get my phone unlocked I will be doing it my self so I can go to another company because boost mobile is bs and I hate this company

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3/22/2017 Boost - After being a loyal customer for 4-5 years I have
After being a loyal customer for 4-5 years I have been cheated out of great customer services. Previously, I had, had the same phone and insurance for 3.5 years before I ever had to get a "new" phone. I went thru insurance company, which just as of today (5/16/15) learned that is paid for a pre-owned phone that was too discontinued. Which I then removed my insurance because I refuse to pay for a discontinued device, which is only fair seemly I had been paying years prior. Now with this discontinued device I'm not nor was I able to put a screen protector nor a phone case on the phone that now has been cracked and month after been cracked now not able to get into my touchscreen phone. The customer service rep has rebooted my phone and step me thru and deleted ALL my data which I had valid information for court purposes and still unable to use the device. If the insurance would not have ever sent 1. used phone and 2. a discontinued device I honestly believe I would not be having these issues today. It saddens me that after all the years I have invested into this company that I'm getting the shitty end of the stick. And like I told one lady, PLEASE STOP TELLING CUSTOMERS YOU'LL UNDERSTAND OUR SITUATION, because you don't. You all probably sitting somewhere with iPhones or apples. I do not like that appreciated the service and disloyalty I have received in return. I would say please feel to call/contact me but again HOW can you? think about.... Oh, maybe because my phone was everything (phone, phone book, massager, email etc.)

Cherri BRead More
3/22/2017 Boost mobile insist of selling its service in
Boost mobile insist of selling its service in Ontario Ca but you cant get service. I have boost and i moved 3 months ago and are unable to get service. Ive called to resolve the situation and keep getting run around. Ever time i talk to a representative i continue to get excuses and no results. How many times are you going to take me through the steps and nothing gets resolved. I can only do it so many times 3 months of this has got me no where. I will be taking my service else where. And every time i see a customer looking at boost i make them aware of issues and they go to another service. And will continue to do so. Why should they be allowed to con people into buying phones and service and turn around and basically say sorry we cant refund your money. But where working on issue and never hear from them again!!!!!!!!!! I feel bad for representatives that are forced to sell bullshit to people and lie to customers instead of boost company taking responsibility and refund the customers so they can get a service that works

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3/22/2017 i visited Boost mobile on Clearacre here in reno
I visited Boost mobile on Clearacre here in reno NV today and received the worst service I have ever in my life. I purchased a new phone about 2months ago and was advised to purchase the insurance too. since I am very clumsy I thought yes this would be a good idea. I was advised by an employee that I wouldn't have to go through the hassle going through the manufacture instead I could come In the store and Get it replaced by the store all I had to do is pay the deductible. so I went to the store to get a phone. the employees were out side hanging out, not even in the store. They came in after me, I told them what my needs were and said my request was not something they can do, I was disappointed, the guy helping me asked me who told me that getting a new phone in the store was something they could do. I let him know it was his coworker next to him. aggressively the coworker raised his voice and said I didn't tell you. keep in mind I have my 1-year-old son in my hands. told him yes he did advise me that I could. He got enraged I'm thinking because he knows he told me the wrong information and now he is getting embarrassed by his other coworkers. He yelled I didn't tell you any thing. He continued to yell and said you STUPID, GET YOUR KID AND GET THE OUT THE STORE. I told him I'm not going anywhere, He slammed on the cell phone cabinet case and Yelled again you get your kid and get the out the store and proceeded to walk up to me and my son aggressively. The other coworkers could tell things were about to get worse and pushed him out side of the store and made him get in the car. I called the local police and they refused to come out because he had left the store. the Employee that was first helping refused to give me his name, his other coworker's name or the manger name or number. I was Shocked, I was not disrespectful to any of them, nor did I yell and raise my voice I kept my composer the whole time.

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1/24/2013 That is too bad. It seems that Boost is also doing
That is too bad. It seems that Boost is also doing away with customer service (if they ever had any). They are terrible. I've been with them for one month and their customer service has me pulling my hair out. Just reaching then is a bit**!

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10/17/2012 boost is doing away with their walkie talkie
boost is doing away with their walkie talkie service which essentially turned my 300 dollar phone into a paperweight. they refuse to give me an equitable replacement. I am disabled and cannot afford a new Phone similar to the one I had. So...boost sucks

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