BP Gulf Oil Spill Claims Phone Number



This is the phone number to BP to file a claim for damages from the gulf oil spill.

Phone Number

1-800-440-0858Review Needed Please Comment


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5/4/2015 BP Gulf Oil Spill Claims - need phone number to talk to representative
need phone number to talk to representative

stephanRead More
2/25/2011 BP Gulf Oil Spill Claims - Unless you actually live where it happened and how
Unless you actually live where it happened and how much the Incredible strain it was on us. Every day, day after day for (( Months )) watching your work dwindle to a trickle. Money isn't everything because when 'one' loves clean water ocean and the incredible life it sustains, it is indeed emotionally draining. While many people heard bits daily in the news, we were here and no matter what you did, reality of what is and will happen. While many cheared "including me" when the "end" finally happen, we had endured incredible hardship. I'm here, on the beach. Worked hard in 4 years to have it crumble. So here we are. "Forced" to go to the bp ‘whipped up offices’ with way to many people sitting around idle. ( Been there many many times researching before I hand over a years lost in my life.) Speaking with people most all of which are from another state shipped here, housed and paid nicely. The say things like, "Just submit and we'll see what we can do" and " I don't know and I can't say " A Lot - and “ that will be up to the auditor, I’m not sure”. So, we have to submit our claim to people that are not from here and they’ll give it to auditors who live someplace else and “we’ll see what happens”. So, you give them everything and they say no. Hmmm why. Well, lets see. Can this person hire a lawyer? There are hundreds and hundreds of documents for “me” to hand over to them. Yet there is not one statement that indicates they can’t take what I gave them and attempt to use that information against me of all or a portion of the claim. No particular documentation which states I’m protected. Hmm, then one wonders... Why did their lawyers forget that part. My well being depends on this outcome. It’s no hand out..... It devastated my life and you know what-- still is. Ironically, my life is in the hands of a corporation. No kidding. Dealing with this is stressful and that’s hard on people. Un-due, shouldn’t of happen and confirmed as such. But the bottom line, all it is to them is, who is the least able to win in court and thank you for helping us sort through and minimize “our” damages. Oh, and thanks for giving us all we need because you missed this or forgot that and so sorry, but thanks for the free package we can uses for a strategy. Statements say, Your claim was denied ( Period ). No reasoning except failed to show loss. That’s what they give you. You give them all they need to “pick” through ....... I have lost over $30,000.00 potential earnings. With “at this point” 24,000.00 actual

MitRead More
6/24/2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill Claims - drive a pipe into theleaking oil pipe as far as
drive a pipe into theleaking oil pipe as far as you can go and inject liquid nitrogen until the flow stops or slows enough to recap leak

kevinRead More
6/17/2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill Claims - I AM AN OUT OF WORK CLAIMS EXAMINER . I AM

RUTH Read More
6/8/2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill Claims - 6/7/10 (I have the fix it is simple and very cost
(I have the fix it is simple and very cost effective )

It is a expanstion plug ? Here is how it works not knowing what diameter of the leaking pipe is or pressure coming out of the exsiting pipe is , This is the trick i use to use it in plumbing and cars.Here it is if the pipe is let say 20" in diameter take a heavyduty fully threaded rod let say 3" round with threads all the way down and 5' LONG you thread a nut on one end of the threded rod slide down a thick heavy washer over the rod until it sets on the nut at the one end then take a super heavyduty hose that is hollow in the middle must be strong maybe with steel strains in the rubber it self like the side wall of a steel belted car tire it must be at least 4' long slide it over the threaded rod then take a seconded washer on top with with another nut on top of the top washer and again this can be made any length this is an exsample,now slide it in the pipe ,but make sure you dont go to fare down then tighten the top nut this will expand the rubber hose against the side of oil supply pipe it will stop .Now if the pressure is to great to get the rod down in the hole drill relief holes in both top and buttom of washers this may make it easyer to get the rod in if that works then maybe you can cap it from there .This is just an idea with your people you can figure out maybe a better way to get in the rod yourself you have the robotics and the brains to turn the nut.Another way is drill a round hole on the side of pipe and use a heavy duty blatter fill it up with hydrolic fluid. Thanks for listening let me know what you think i do care about our seas and our animals.

Don & LauraRead More
6/4/2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill Claims - I have the solution to the oil leaking problems
I have the solution to the oil leaking problems

Dr Derrick Norbert MorrisRead More
5/31/2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill Claims - I thought of a solution that might stop the oil
I thought of a solution that might stop the oil leak.

Alfred DeBoseRead More
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