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2/21/2011 Bridgestone Golf - When you go on Bridgestone's website, it states
When you go on Bridgestone's website, it states that the Turenza EL400 goes for 50,000 miles (pg.38 of Bridgestone's warranty manual). When you call the customer relations line, the operators state that there is no warranty on the tire because it came with the car (stock tires). This is beyond illogical to me. They also state that the tire is soft to maximize mileage, and waste quickly but should last 25k miles. After spending $25,000 on a car no consumer wants to hear that within a year, the tires of your brand new vehicle will have to be replaced without warranty, even though they have a standardized warranty if it was not a stock tire.
I contacted Toyota, and they quickly stated to me a phone number to call Bridgestone (reference number 1008090493). I also tried to contact the dealer who quickly told me that it is Toyota's responsibility who handles customer complaints. I have searched online, and recognize I am not the only consumer that is complaining about the tires not lasting more than 20,000 miles.
Today I went to a Bridgestone authorized dealer who generated my quote (quote number 1912176) for new Turenza tires. On the quote has a prorated price because according to the remaining tread depth of my original tires of 3/32 calculates, out of pocket expense totals $397.18 (of course this is with a 75.60 charge of roadside assistance package). Thirty-seven percent of the tires "usage" was used in the formula for calculating the new Turenza tires from Bridgestone which are warranting 50,000 miles. The amount of miles on my vehicle is 18,606. This is outrageous and once again illogical to me. Bridgestone acknowledges that more than 50 percent of the usage of the tire were not used and they are stating the tires need to be changed, but at the cost of nearly $400.00. I do not see how a company whose consumer's lives are in jeopardy with a faulty product can get away with selling products not up to par. Also, be allowed to pick and choose warranties on the same product.
This is not the first time this has come across, like I stated before, my previous 2008 Camry's tires were replaced at 21,000 miles, but I am not going to pay another $400.00 for the same tires. I paid 600.00 dollars towards the brand new set of tires because I did not do any research on expectation of the tires on my 2008 Toyota Camry. An investigation should be prompted; I am not the only consumer that is complaining about the wearing down of these tires in less than 20,000 miles. Tires need to be replaced ASAP, hazardous to drive under the conditions.
Del of Keasbey, NJ Aug. 10, 2010

i bought mitsubishi lancer on mai 2007 and it was perfect until it run around 50 000 km. then i changed the four tiers. buy new tiers from bridgstone (costed 2220 le.) as per car standard tire type. then i suddenly found that the stability for my car becomes very dangerous so i am asking what i have to do
mohamed of giza, Other July 22, 2010

I bought a new car from Beaman Automotive Group in May of 2009 with zero miles. It is a 2009 Camry LE. I now have 5600 miles on the car. When I got 5000 miles on the car I took it in for a balance and rotation. The front tires were worn out and I was not able to get the rotation on the car. The tires are Bridgestone tires. I called the warranty department and they told me if what I am saying is true, they would honor the tires, but then they turned around and told me I needed to pay $184.34 for the worn out tires. They also told me that I needed an alignment on the car which Beaman honored and gave me the alignment. Once Beaman gave me the alignment they then told me I should make Beaman pay for the tires and they could not believe they honored the alignment and did not have to pay.
It is very hard to drive the car when it is raining. They seem to want to slip and slide constantly, especially when going around curves. Bridgestone was dishonest and seemed to have wanted to past the buck and not be true about anything. All they kept talking about was me spending money and more concern about what was going on at Beaman Automotive Group.
Marilyn of Nashville , TN July 19, 2010

I purchased 4 Bridgestone Insignia SE200 tires on 10-21-08 at 89,635 miles. At that time, Firestone also performed a 4 wheel alignment. On 3/12/09, at 95,004, we had another 4 wheel alignment performed. On 10/29/09, at 101,334 miles, we again had an alignment performed. On Friday, 6/26/10, at 108,000, a flat tire occurred. We took it into the shop and was told that the tire was damaged on the inside as well as a second back tire. With less than 2 years and only 18,365 miles on these 4 tires, we are well below our manufacture warranty. The online warranty on page 34 states, "The free tire replacement period extends up to (a) 3 years from the date of purchase- proof of purchase date required,....". With this Platinum Pact Limited Warranty, I am needing to have these 2 tires replaced. I returned this information to the local Bridgestone store and they only want to sell me more tires.
Rhonda of Sioux City, IA June 26, 2010

I own a 328i BMW 2008 and facing the 2nd replacement of my tires in less than one year. Last year they were replacement under the insurance I had because of defects in the tires that was detected with Passport BMW...less than one year later and less than 10,0000 miles on the current tires, I am again facing expensive replacement. I very unhappy with the fact the dealer will charge me over $500 per tire and retail price of the tires average $340 per tire. Either way I will face an expense I truly can not afford and on top of that very dissatisifed with the life and performance of the Bridgestone Run Flats for my BMW 328i. I can not believe that I only got less than 10,000 miles on these tires. I am very dissatified with the life of these tires. I have never replace tires twice in a span of 10 months to one year. This is ridicious and the expectation for high quality and excellence in Bridgestone products as a woman is not a safe investment for me nor my family. To this end, I would like recommendations and suggestions on further pursuit of action that I can take with the manufacture to resolve this issue. I have no other choice but to buy new tires because I am facing a hazard for my family and me. Thank you for allowing me to post concerns of Bridgestone products and follow-up as to what my rights are to pursue this further. This is a very dishearten and financial burdensome issue that should not occur in the lifespan of less than one year. Please advise
Delphine of Springdale, MD June 20, 2010

I have a 2007 toyota camry about two year after purchase I was told that my tires needed replacing. My tires had approximately 25,000 miles after complaining extensively to Toyota the tires were replaced at no charge. Although I am grateful for the replacement, I am back in the same situation again. The new set of tires have approximately 25,0000 miles and I am being told again they need to be replaced. The tires are Bridgestone Turanza. My next step is to take on Bridgestone.
Chiffon of Wilmington, DE April 8, 2010

purchased Bridgestone Dueler tires for my HDchevy after 39,000 miles there are at 2/32nds .What a joke of a tire will never believe a sears auto tech and will never buy aFirestone brand tire!Stick with what you know and now you know.
benjamin of woodland park, CO April 6, 2010

I bought 4 tires plus the tire insurance. One of the back tires went bad and I returned it for another tire. It has been six weeks now and troy says the tire is on order. I have began to think that this company does not want to honor their tire warrenty program
Eric of athens, GA Feb. 18, 2010

My 2008 Toyota Camry has just under 20,000, mostly highway miles. The Bridgestone Turanza tires are not wearing well, and there is not much tire tread left. The car is very difficult to drive this winter, as there is not much traction. According to the Bridgestone website, the tire has a 70,000 mile warranty. I am not close to 70,000 miles, but for my family's safety, I feel it is necessary to replace the tires. I have contacted Sunnyside Toyota, the dealer where I purchased the new car from, but I do not expect any assistance with the above. I did notice that there are many similar claims being posted on various internet sites, so I am wondering if this is another issue that Toyota is not addressing. You would not think that you need new tires after before you hit 20,000 miles! The approximate cost of new tires is $650.
Beth of Rocky River, OH Feb. 6, 2010

I have a 2008 Toyota Camry LE which was purchased in Oct 2007. The car currently has 22241 miles. It has had mainly highway miles (about 20miles) a day and already in two years, the tires (Bridgestone Turanza EL400-02) size 215/60/16 have almost no tire tread left. The usual warranty on these tires should be 50k miles. Contacted both Toyota and Bridgestone and nobody is willing to help out. Several complaints on all forums regarding this tire can be found online, but still both companies are playing the blame game, Bridgestone and Toyota know that they have been using these sub-standard parts. I will have to now replace the tires and pay out of my pocket for something which a new car owner should not (so early in the cars life), else it is a safety hazard on the road. I hope this complaint is looked into (several other complaints on forums) and not ignored. Both Toyota and Bridgestone need to stop cheating and putting customers in danger.
Vishal of Portland, OR Jan. 25, 2010

On Jan 16th 2010, I went to Holler Honda to get an oil. To my surprise the clerk that took care of my paper wk tells me the mechanic did a check on my car which is a 2007 civic has only 25,000 miles on it. She stated, it needed new tires. I questioned to see the manager as I brought this car new and supposly new tires... Manager, proceed to tell me that sometimes that happens with tires. I told him that tires suppose to run more than that. He said I should write to bridgestone tires....Which Iam going to do. I got home and read the booklet that came with my car and it states it has warranty on the tires 6 yrs... My tire threads read 3 and 4 on back.
Millie of Orlando, FL Jan. 16, 2010

I purchased two new tires for my 98 Mercury Mystique. The correct size is 205/60/15 and Martin recommended the Bridgestone Potenza GO19. They were installed on the rear axle on 09/30/2009. On 12/10/2009, I tried to rotate the tires to the front axle for winter and found an interference problem due to the wide profile of the tire. I contacted the tire dealer who inspected the probem and verified the interference issue. He said he would require authorization from his boss before he can switch the tire to one with a narrow profile that will not hit the bolts on the front leaf springs. Martin called me this morning, 12/15/2009 to tell me that his boss would not authorize the corrective action. The tires have 2000 miles on them and are rated for 50,000 miles. Will Bridgestone help me resolve this issue? What can I do? I cannot rotate the tires every 5000 miles that Bridgestone recommends.
William of Lima, OH Dec. 15, 2009

October 2008, I purchased 4 tires for my 2005 Toyota Corolla, P19565H15. After driving a short time, I noticed a roaring sound that was so loud that it was hard to hold a conversation. I took the car to an automotive shop on two different ocassions and they couldn't find anything wrong but told me that they thought it was coming from the tires. Having just bought brand new tires I was sceptical about their diagnosis so I tolerated the noise as long as I could. Today, October 5, 2009, my dad decided that something had to be done so he brought me back to Sears to buy a different set of tires although the tires I have are nearly new looking. We decided on a different brand of the same passenger tire. My car now drives like a totally new car without any noise whatsoever. I would like to receive some credit for wasting the $494.19 on the first set of tires. They are in great shape if you would like to have them back, I am very disappointed with my Bridgestone purchase.
Peggy of Groves, TX Oct. 6, 2009

I took my car in for overheating and they kept my car for almost 2 weeks. The day after I got my car back my daughter and I went to a fast food place to eat. While we were trying to leave the bumper came off of my car. I took it back and they fixed it. The next day on my way to work my car overheated on me again. I was upset considering I had just spent 1300 dollars for this problem. They took my car back and said they fixed it again. The very next day after I got it back it overheated again. They took it back and said they fixed it again.
When I got it back the last time it came out of their shop and my AC didn't work. It worked just fine when I gave them my car, which I have witnesses to. I called them and they told me to bring my car back again so I did and they gave me an 1100 dollar quote to fix the air conditioner they broke saying my air compressor and some type of dryer fan were out. I had had enough and took my car to an honest shop. They said my high right hose was punctured and it it would cost my about 400 to fix with tax. I fixed my own AC and Firestone refused to pay for the damages. PLEASE HELP!
Courtney of Mesquite, TX Sept. 30, 2009

this is a very sad note i have to write regarding service and quality of tyre. i drive a tyota inova vehicle and this is my first tyre change after i brought my vehicle. i changed my tyre at 64,546kms at satara that is my home town in maharashtra. after driving about 1200km i find air bubbles coming out of my tyre. i have been regularly using bridgstone tyres for my erlier toyota inova and i was really happy with the tyre, the only reason to buy tyre was the reputation but i am very sorry company has totally failed to stand to the name and brand vaule it carries. threr is absolutelly no supporting response from your delear nor company. NOW SEEING THE CONDITION OF MY TYRE I DONT FEEL SAFE TO TRAVEL. I AM TAKING THE RISK OF MY LIFE. [Bridgestone] TYRES ARE MORE COSTLY THAN THE OTHERS BUT UR SERVICE IS ZERO. IF THERE IS ANY AUTHORITY WHO CAN HEAR MY PROBLEM TAKE BACK YOUR TYRE AND RETURN MY MONEY BACK OR I HAVE TO REPORT TO CONSUMER COURT.....THERE IS NO VALID JUSTIFICATION FROM PUNE OFFICE OR FROM DELEAR M/S VASUDEV TYRES, JAGTAP TOWER, OPP.GODOLI NAKA,SATARA-415001 SEEING THE CONDITION OF MY TYRE I DONT FEEL SAFE TO TRAVEL I AM TAKING THE RISK OF MY LIFE.I REALLY DONT KNOW WHEN THE TYRE IS GOING TO BUST
praveen of SATARA, Other Sept. 10, 2009

Plaintiff went into Firestone for a standard maintenance service check-up. Defendant gave Plaintiff a itemized check off list of what was checked and signed by one of the mechanics who worked there he gave our 1999 Camry a satisfactory, i.e. oils both basic oil and transmission oil was okay. It was not. The next day while traveling on 210 fwy. the car just froze. We that we were getting on the freeway and still in the first lane. We were able to coast off the freeway. We immediately called A.J.'s Automotive, where we purchased the car. There tow trucks picked the car up and their mechanic told us that there was no oil in this car. One day after inspection August 14,2009. We called the Firestone store we had the inspection done, they referred us to the Firestone Corporate office. We were given the wrong information. We called Firestone back and Jim Flint who said that he represented the Firestone and gave us the claim number 73935. But it turns out, their supervisors reviewed our case and said it had no merit. We checked further and came across the information that Firestone was bought out by Bridgestone Tire Comany, their agent P. Gee, heard our story and give us a new claim number. No transportation. We are forced to use the local buses, then rental of car. It has put on tremendous stress and monetary defects.
Koweta of San Bernardino, CA Sept. 5, 2009

I have a 2008 Mazda cx-7 with 22,000 miles on it. I noticed mt tires looked bald in the center of all 4 tires about 2 weeks ago. I called Mazda and then Bridgestone to ask about the balding tires which had so few miles on them.They both told me that the tires(P23560-18) were not meant to last to long since they are soft rubber.I was appalled and so upset since I have had 5 other Mazdas and never have I had to replace any tires after 22, 000 miles. No other car ever had a similar problem. Since then I had to spend $900.00 for 4 new tires. I now see so many other Mazda owners and make them aware of this horrible tread wear.I had my tires rotated and did all the right things. Can I take some legal action since it is unheard of to have tires so poorly made and most of all not safe.
stephanie of Atlantic Highlands, NJ Sept. 2, 2009

I am seeking assistance with a racial discrimination case regarding myself vs. Bridgestone/Firestone. I was employed with Bridgestone/Firestone for 17 years as a Auto Technician. In September 2003 I became aware of discrimation acts regarding time worked and job assignments. My time worked was altered (reduced) by management and jobs that were assigned to me previously were no longer being assigned to me. I have filed a compliant with EEOC where I was issued a right to sue letter under Title VII. I've seek assistance from an attorney that agreed with Bridgestone / Firestone to proceed with a dispute resolution without my knowledge. I have experienced stress, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, loss wages which has brought financial strain to my family.
John of Carencro, LA July 16, 2009
I have a 328i hard top convertible with Run Flat tires from Bridgestone. In the past 6 months, I have had to replace 3 tires which cost me over $1000. The dealership explained that these tires are particularly sensitive to potholes and the side wall bubbles up causing a flat. This is not considered a defect in the rubber so it is not under warranty. I am a 62 year old woman and not an aggressive driver. There is no way I am confident driving on these tires. In NY, we have many potholes due to our winters. I feel frustrated knowing that there is no compensation from the tire manufacturer. Does BMW stand behind this company? I am certain that I am not alone with this complaint. Question is what is my alternative to this problem?
Lorraine of Farmingville, NY June 29, 2009
I bought a 2008 Toyota Camary LE in January of same year. I never expected for the bridgestone tire that came with the new car to be worned out so soon. Only after a year the tires were already worned out at least 65%. I did not know weather they were still under the warranty so I went and bought a set of new tires of a different brand. This is a rip off... you would think by buying a brand new car tires would at least last you through 60,000 miles. I am definitely not happy about this.
Maria of Buena Park, CA June 27, 2009
September 22, 2007 I was on my way to Los Angeles traveling south on insterstate 5 at the posted speed limit (70 mph). In an instance and without warning my left rear tire (Bridgestone Dueler 684, P245/70R16) blew out and my 2003 Isuzu Rodeo started was out of control fish tailing violently. I tried desparately to slow the vehicle down and regain control, but the Rodeo went off the roadway and as soon as it hit the gravel and grass on the side of the highway it flipped the rear of the vehicle south and catapulted the SUV in the air, over a fence, and then landed on the driver's side and rolled 1 1/2 times. Fortunately my passenger and I sustained just minor injuries, but the nightmare of this accident lives with you. Thank goodness my passenger and I were wearing our seatbelts! The following day we went back to where the accident occured and I found pieces of my tire on the side of the road. I picked up the tire fragments and then went to the tow yard to retrieve my personal items that were in my Rodeo. That is when I first inspected the tire that blew out. It looked like it was peeled apart like a banana. The damage to my Rodeo was extensive and was totalled. I investigated the reason for the recall of the Dueler AT 693 recall and found that its internal failure is the same as what occured with my tire, therefore I have filed a legal complaint against Bridgestone.
Barbara of Yuba City, CA May 12, 2009
Lisa of Fredonia NY (02/21/09)Have Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684 II tires 26,600 miles and I am all over the road in wet and snowy conditions. I do not feel I should have to purchase new tires so soon after purchasing the vehicle (8/07) and with the mileage I have. I have slid through a stop sign and when turning corners I fish tail. I have difficulty on hills when starting in a stationary position.
I have personally used bridgestone tires on my own vehicles for over 20 years. I have yet to have problem of an kind with one of them.
people need to understand that proper inflation and maintenance is required on all tires.
Bridgestone tires are the only tires my wife allow on her vehicle
Curly of Calgary, AB Feb. 4, 2009
Jim of Greensburg PA (11/20/08)I purchased a new 2009 Toyota Corolla S six months ago and after only six months and 6000 miles my tires were completely worn out, even though driving conditions were normal with mostly local driving under 50 mph. The Toyota dealer noted that the tires were properly inflated and wear was even. I was told that the rubber used on these OEM tires (Bridgestone Turanza) was very soft. I have never had a new car that required a tire replacement so soon so I believe that the buying public is being sold an inferior and potentially dangerous product by Toyota and Bridgestone. Even after a 50% rebate for new tires, I had to pay $359 for the replacements. Multiply that number by the thousands of other cars that have these and similar tires and the economic loss to the buyers (and profit for Toyota and Bridgestone Firestone) has to be tremendous. Using substandard OEM tires on new cars should be investigated not only for its ripoff to the customers but also as a serious safety issue.
Sarah of Presque Isle WI (11/18/08)I purchaed a new 2007 Mazda CX-7 this past April, just 7 months ago. It has 11,000 miles on it and I took it in to the dealer recently. Tires were very badly worn (it was snowing and they told me not to drive without getting them replaced - 5/32 on front and 3/32 on back tires). Even wear so it wasn't alignment. The dealer said Mazda doesn't deal with tire warranty so was sent to local Bridgestone dealer. They were swamped, but gave me a # to call to regional service center. I told my story and without verifying anything (mileage, wear, etc.), she offered 50% off cost of new tires (Bridgestone, but they are Duelers or something). These tires come with 60,000 mile warranty. Touranzas had NONE... definately have learned a lesson to check out tire reports. These tires are obviously not good. Ended up having to pay $250 (half the cost) for new tires after purchasing brand new car just 11,000 miles new and 7 months old.
Sarah of Presque Isle, WI Nov. 18, 2008
John of Santa Monica CA (11/16/08)I ordered 4 Bridgestone Potenza tires from a tire store in Santa Monica on 4/11/08. The tires were delivered, installed and paid for on 4/17, which is clearly shown on my receipt. The tires were eligible for a $75 rebate that began on 4/13. Ms. Robbins maintains that I bought the tires before the rebate period and am not eligible but out of the goodness of her heart, sent me $35 credit for gasoline purchases. I wrote her back in early September, shortly after receiving her letter, pointing out the purchase date on the invoice. It's now two months later and I haven't had a response. Anything you can do would be appreciated. thanksI should have received an additional $40 rebate.
I bought a 2009 Scion xD. At 150 miles the Bridgestone tire blew out on the internal driver side rear wheel @ 42 mph. Very scary. I did NOT drive over anything. Sales guy and service guy both said this happens, I must have driven over something and it punched out the sidewall. So it is my responsibility.
It will cost me an additional $186.00 for a new tire that is not in stock so I am driving a new car around with an ugly yellow spare tire on it. I am afraid the other tires may be just as problematic and I have young children with me most of the time. This is a custom size for this car so no other manufacturers for it right now.
Geri of Schaumburg, IL Oct. 28, 2008
Christy of Sylacauga AL (09/10/08)I purchased my Mazda CX-7 in 2007. At about 16,000 miles, I noticed that the tread on my tires was in pretty poor shape. I had to replace them. Replacement of tires is expensive. I was not expecting to have to replace my new vehicles tires 6 months after I bought it.
I purchased a Nissan Maxima 2003, back in Sept of 2003. Purchased as a used car, previously used a rental, one of the main selling points was that they maintained the car with all original/genuine Nissan parts or manufactured recommended parts, which included tires by Bridgestone, I do not recall the style/specifics. What I do remember was the first time I drove on a rainy day, it was frightening, from that day on I referred to my car as the spider, it felt as if the car sprung up and the tires were on their tippie toes.
I read on a website, multiple reports of people that had totaled their vehicles, specifically the Maxima, due to loss of traction and attributing the loss of control due to the tires the 'OEM's that I believe are still being used by Nissan. I purchased 4 new tires at Big-O tires that matched the rating and specifications recommended and I have not had any problems with feeling as if the back end is going to get away/out of control.
I just wonder if Nissan owns/or is affiliated with Bridgestone tires, and that being the reason they ignore the multiple complaints, I will add my cynical view and state, that it is definitely a way to continue to sell more vehicles. I did not contact the manufacturer, but I did inquire with the dealership and the general response was indifference and disbelief, "we've had no one else complain" Thank you for allowing me to air my thoughts on what I see as a potential danger for consumers and liability for Nissan Corporation.
C. of San Diego, CA July 2, 2008 Larry of Dante VA (05/10/08)I bought a 2007 Camry and the tires are gone at 22000 miles, they had bad wear at 16000 miles. The tires are Bridgestone Turanza P215 60R 16. What can I doSpencer of Tiburon CA (07/21/06)On June 7, 2006 my left rear Bridgestone Ultra High Performance tire suddenly blew out. I was driving about 55 mph.It had about 5000 miles on it. The entire tread seperated leaving only two bands around the wheel. As requested I sent the carcass to Bridgestone. Without objective analysis Bridgestone decided the blowout was a result of insufficient air and did not result from a defect in either materials or workmanship. As a result of Bridgestone's refusal to adequately or fairly address my claim I have filed a complaint with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Office of Defects Investigation.
Damages: $2000 in tire, wheel and body damage.

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