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In 1818, Henry Sands Brooks founded Brooks Brothers, the first ready-to-wear fashion emporium in America. Since then, we are proud to have become an institution that has shaped the American style of dress through fashion innovation, fine quality, personal service, and exceptional value in our products.

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12/19/2012 Brooks Brothers in Short Hills Mall Complaint 12/19/12
Today is December the 12th 2012. I was just In a Brook Brothers in Short Hills Mall and I was just denied the right to purchase a shirt there because of my skin color. The manager JORGE FONT got me mistaken for another person and said we are not allowed to sell you anything. I said why not, he said there was a black man here before and caused a problem in my store and as the manager here in this store I have the right to sell my products to who ever I feel like deserves them. I said sir Im not sure what you are talking about but Im with my daughter and I haven't caused any problems in your store. Im just here to purchase some items, but you are telling me because of who I am I cant purchase a shirt. He said yes.
At this point I called the local authorities I was so embarrassed that I really wasn't sure what to do or say. I looked at my daughter and wife and said I thought once you had the money to purchase something in america they didn't care what your skin color was.
A few minutes went by and the local mall security came and the police came and asked the manager why cant this gentleman purchase these items. He said he was here three months ago and we didn't like the way he looked at me so he is not allowed to purchase anything from this store. The police man said too Jorge are you sure, he said Im pretty sure that was him. Thats when my wife said I cant believe that you are not sure, but you are denying my husband a right to purchase items in this store because of his background or skin color. Thats when my wife said what about me he said we are not interested in your families business. Thats when the officer said Jorge we need to talk because this isn't right. He took Jorge to the side and talked to him. When the officer came back he said you really need to call the corporate office because I DONT CARE WHAT HAPPEN IN THE PASS IT DIDNT HAPPEN TODAY.
Brook brothers have violated the code of good customer service today I was embarrassed in front of my family just because I wanted to purchase something. This company has many complaints of treating people unfair but today I beat all complaints I will be in contact with my attorney because discrimination and denied the right to purchase cant be fair.

Lee Read More
1/10/2012 Brooks Brothers - I placed an order on January 2 with next day
I placed an order on January 2 with next day delivery. Its now January 10 and not one item has arrived. My order said that all items were available. I have called customer service everyday and have been lied to repeatedly. Brooks Brothers customer service is the worst!

robert Read More
7/5/2011 Brooks Brothers - I've recently bought a pair of trousers from the
I've recently bought a pair of trousers from the U.S. from the on line shop.

I've been charged $49 to have them delivered to London and after 15 days I still have to receive them.

I've tried to call the customer service but apparently they ask you to leave a message because there is nobody in the office and this during business hours.

I'm going to ask my money back.

The worst customer service I've ever had.


Tullio Innocenti

TullioInnocenti Read More
12/22/2010 Brooks Brothers - Without question, the worst customer and personal
Without question, the worst customer and personal service I have ever had with any establishment I've done business.

I opened a BB charge account and due to the way I was treated by several staff people at the Chestnut Hill Store (Mall at Chestnut Hill) in MA, I closed the account in four days and returned the items I purchased.

I attempted to call customer service(during regular business hours), however no one was available to speak to me, thus, I was forced to leave a message, which I did, explaining in detail what had occurred. I was never contacted by phone or e-mail with regards to my complaint.

Ronald Marsh Read More
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