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Brookstone is a nationwide specialty retailer offering an assortment of consumer products that are functional in purpose, distinctive in quality and design and not widely available from other retailers. Brookstone first introduced itself to the world in a small classified ad selling "hard-to-find tools" in Popular Mechanics.

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1-800-846-3000Hint Needed - Please Comment


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2/12/2014 Brookstone Inc. - Brookstone customer service review 02.12.2014
I had a iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Pro. The keyboard died after 6 months. I phoned the customer support number on the box and in the user manual (1-800-846-3000). The phone was answered by a friendly person in about 30 seconds. He was able to use the information from my original receipt and sent me a new item at no charge. All I have to do is send the broken one back after the new one arrives. There was no charge. The process took about 10 minutes. I am very satisfied.

I buy product from Brookstone all the time and quality is always excellent from their luggage to audio products to iPad and iPhone stuff. I am surprised this keyboard quit working so soon but I used to fix electronics and understand how that can happen.

JohnRead More
11/21/2013 Brookstone Inc. - I need your telephone number to check on an item.
I need your telephone number to check on an item.

JoeRead More
9/4/2013 Brookstone Inc. - Thank you to Dawn at Brookstone Customer Service
I want to thank Dawn in Mexico, Missouri Customer Service for being so pleasant and helping me so quickly to resolve my problem with a non-working evaporative air cooler. I bought it two days ago, and I have not taken it back to the store yet; but she has smoothed the way with the Manager so it will be a simple return transaction. I had been told by an assistant manager at the store that it would have to be mailed back, and since it didn't work from the start I felt it should be returnable directly to the store.

Thank you, Dawn!

ElisabethRead More
5/8/2013 Brookstone Inc. - company is great,but they ars assiocated with
company is great,but they ars assiocated with NAKED WINES A complete sham co. i received a gift card from BROOKSTONE ,after a $100.00 purchase. i received 6 bottles of wine for 10.00 FROM NAKED WINES GREAT .but to my surprise 40..00 = 40.00= 80.00 was taken out of my charge card. without my permission , hows that . that is in case you want to buy more WINE. KEN ODONNELL

KenRead More
12/26/2012 Brookstone Inc. - will the scanner mouse work on macpro laptop? i
will the scanner mouse work on macpro laptop? i do have the parallel software loaded. can get the screen showing the mouse and settings but when i click the scan button nothing happes

gator73Read More
11/8/2012 Brookstone Inc. - Got candles on sale that were to turn on and off
Got candles on sale that were to turn on and off with daylight received by unit.
had to manually turn on and off, which defeats the purpose.
had a very difficult time trying to find a UPS drop box to return
STILL WAITING for refund to post to c card...

Sage Read More
8/31/2012 Brookstone Inc. - Please sir/madam brook stone digital pitcher frame
Please sir/madam brook stone digital pitcher frame is a problems so please reset in digital frame.
Please my problems solved as soon as pls.

Aman DwivediRead More
8/17/2012 Brookstone Inc. - The Brookstone store in Mayfair Mall in Wisconsin
The Brookstone store in Mayfair Mall in Wisconsin consistently opens 15 mins. late and I have noticed it is the same manager everytime that is openeing late. This makes the surrounding stores around it look bad that are always open on time. I have also seen customers waiting outside the gates to get in.

AnneRead More
8/6/2012 Brookstone Inc. - I saw the comment left on 5/27, so I must
I saw the comment left on 5/27, so I must add...The reason I found this site was in search of Brookstone's company information. I am a part of a mixed family, and when we went into our local Brookstone, the employees (all white) would not leave us alone. I thought it was just overzealous salespeople working hard until a black teenager entered the store. He picked up an item to test it, as was everyone else (including white teenage kids) in the store. The (presumably) manager walked over to him, snatched the item out of the kid's hand and told him that people like him who are not there to make a purchase do not need to handle the merchandise, and physically prompted that he leave the store by holding up his hand. I am still FUMING!!!

AARead More
5/27/2012 Brookstone Inc. - I am an african female and , On Wednesday
I am an african female and , On Wednesday 5/23/2012,I went to Brookstone in Buckhead Georgia. The salesman never asked if I needed help finding anything, whereas, two white men entered and I was standing right next to them and the Salesman asked them "DO YOU GUYS NEED ASSISTANCE?". I was floored to say the least. My husband says to him, "We needed help also but you never asked us so we are taking our money else where". He says PROUDLY, "OK, thats fine". I felt like in was in the 1800's instead of 2012. I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN THAT PREJUDICE STORE AGAIN!!!!!!

ReneeRead More
1/31/2012 Brookstone Inc. - I called today about an offer that I was told
I called today about an offer that I was told wasn't going to be 'honored' by tempurpedic when I had bought two pillows through Brookstone and you get the third for free. I was Livid. But, to my surprise, everyone was really helpful and walked me through it and I am getting my third pillow free, after purchasing two. I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised by their cooperation with me to make sure I got this done. My phone call was answered quickly, was never on hold longer than 30 seconds, and was given customer service reps direct numbers if I had any further questions.

KylaRead More
1/11/2012 Brookstone Inc. - Well I placed an order with Brookstone back on
Well I placed an order with Brookstone back on 12/15/11. For 3 items. Only 1 of those items ever shipped. So after several failed calls and emails that never got responded to. I thought I would try one more time to get a person on the phone. The tirck that I figured out. Is you need to act like you are going to place another order. After about 3 mins waiting on the phone I got to speak to a live person. I told her that the items that I ordered where supposed to be guranteed Christmas delivery items that clearly did not make that date. She said she would refund the Shipping Cost of $19.99. She then went on to say that the items where be shipped out from another dealer. I informed her that an item could have been shipped from the moon and been here in a months time. I hope they reslove this issue. Because if they don't I will file Fraud against them and contact the BBB. What they are doing is stealing.

When I told her that when I called about my purchases never be shipped and asked to speak with an operator that I was told that there was not one available. I then went on to say that it is bad customer service to have the only way to get in touch with a person is by acting like you wanted to purchase more items from them.

My issues better be resolved or I will be the biggest thorn in thier side!

KateRead More
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