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0800 022 33 22Review Needed Please Comment


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7/26/2011 Atrocious! My BT Openzone voucher no longer works,
Atrocious! My BT Openzone voucher no longer works, though I can spend more money and get FON working. I lost my connection and then my username/pass no longer work - with hours of credit left. What's more, the FON access means whenever I visit to get support, I get redirected to their "you're online!" page.

Lee GoddardRead More
7/5/2011 BT Openzone - the voucher that you sent me is not working , i
the voucher that you sent me is not working , i purchased it on thursday 23 june and for the last week i keep being told that the password is incorrect this is not the case , also the connection is very hit and miss please sort this out.

jimRead More
1/10/2011 BT Openzone - I am a tad distressed. I have purchased a voucher
I am a tad distressed. I have purchased a voucher because I needed one and have patiently put up with its foibles when they were happening every couple of days, then they started happening daily and today twice. Today I was offered a refund which is very nice but not what I need as I need the internet. I got cut off as I have spent all the credit on my phone for the stay and am now left with the prospect of little or no links or communication with the outside world for the duration of my stay.

Is there anything you can do to help me. I am very confused because each time I rang the individuals gave me a different reason for the same problem. From the chat I got cut off from today it is a setting on your account and I am wondering if in this instance something can be done for me to be able to use the voucher for the period of time available and promised to me which I purchased in advance and in good faith.

My phone number is + if someone can call me. If not could they send me a smoke signal in response to this.

I would like to comment on how polite your staff are but that the system is very poor and inefficient.

Many Thanks,

Kathy Keane

KathyRead More
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