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4/4/2015 Bulova Accutron Serial # Kii365 M6; Wedding Gift
Bulova Accutron Serial # Kii365 M6; Wedding Gift Nov. 26, 1966

My wife (Judy) gave me this Accutron calendar watch on our wedding day.
(as above). It has been the only watch precious to me. When it stopped run0ing, I brought it to my jeweler (Jewely Design, Morehead City, NC 285517). Doug (the owner) sent the watch to ParsecEnterprise Peoria, IL (800-472-2479) for a cleaning and overhaul (Apr. 2014). It ran for a while, then stopped, It was returned to Parsec (Nov.2014) to find the cause.
When it was returned (Mar.2015) I was told that finding parts for my watch was difficult. Again, shortly after I received my watch back, it stopped and I talked with my jeweler and decided to refer my complaint to you.

I feel that Parsec (a certified repair vendor for Bulova) has had enough time to find the cause for the malfunction. I need Bulova to personally inspect/repair my Accutron. This watch is most precious to me and I do not see any advantage to continue working with Parsec. I trust Bulova will understand my frustration and will intercede in this matter.

I will mail my Accutron to you upon your call to me as to how to proceed.

Thank you for your understanding and interest.


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3/9/2015 Bulova - I just wanted to share a new way I accidently
I just wanted to share a new way I accidently found to get my Bulova watch sparkling clean. I had taken my watch off and put in the pocket of my pants while doing yard work. Later, after washing a load of clothes and putting them in the dryer, I kept hearing a clunking sound. I twice pulled everything out of the dryer and shook clothes out but found nothing. When I began folding that load of clothes, out fell my watch. I was so upset because this watch was a gift from my children over 10 years ago, isn't waterproof and I wear it every day. Much to my surprise, the watch hadn't missed a minute!
I won't purposely try this cleaning method again, but so pleased with my Bulova watch! Thank you Bulova for making such a durable yet beautiful watch.

Fairsway Read More
12/27/2014 Bulova - Can I have a customer service agent contact me as
Can I have a customer service agent contact me as soon as possible.

Gleibis Gonzalez Read More
11/16/2012 Bulova stopped Working within 6 months
On March 19, 2012, I bought a new Caravelle by Bulova watch and it quit working within six months. I replaced the battery and it started working again for two months, then quit working again. To get it fixed under warranty I have to send it to New York, which means I will be without a watch for who know how long; instead of taking it to a local authorized vendor. Never had this problem with other brands, so I should probably buy another watch.

Dave Read More
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