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6/16/2011 Callaway Golf UK - I purchased a set of Callaway Irons X18 four years
I purchased a set of Callaway Irons X18 four years ago from Nevada Bobs Seafield Road, Edinburgh. Two years ago the shafts on my pitching wedge and nine iron broke at the point of entry of the shaft into the blade. I had them repaired, £35 each and yesterday the shaft of my 6 iron broke in exactly the same place. I have been playing golf for at least 50 years, do not change my clubs often, do not abuse them and have played in British and Scottish Championships at junior, adult and now senior level. None of my previous sets have ever had broken shafts.I must say I like Calloway clubs but could this be a manfacturing fault with my particular set. It is going to cost another £45 for repair and I would be grateful for your comments. I have in my files my receipt of purchase from Nevada Bobs. Yours faithfully, Bill Dempster,

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