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Painting Systems: 1-800-626-4401
Power Washing: 1-800-330-0712
Welding: 1-800-746-5641
Generators: 1-800-803-1436
Air Compressors, Air Tools, Nailers, Staplers, Inflators, Tire Accessories 1-800-543-6400
Power Tools: 1-800-424-8936

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1-800-626-4401Review Needed Please Comment


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2/14/2015 Campbell Hausfeld - Several years ago I bought a Caldwell compressor
Several years ago I bought a Caldwell compressor kit. Recently I tried to use the brad nailer for the first time and it will not shoot the brads. Sounds like it is but nothing comes out. I have had no problems with the compressor and use it for other applications often. The only number I can find on the brad nailer is DK 558900 AV. Any help would be appreciated

ButchRead More
8/12/2013 Campbell Hausfeld - I bought an 1800 psi pressure washer - Need Help
I bought an 1800 psi pressure washer, came with 2 wands, detergent container. Machine works great, 1 problem, I wanted to change the wands from the regular to the turbo and I can't seem to get the first wand off!! I do not want to break the first wand, but I have need to use the Turbo. Cannot find instructions on how to, manual is limited, nothing online either, can someone assist?

BernieRead More
12/27/2011 Campbell Hausfeld - hello i am looking for a generator with this
hello i am looking for a generator with this spect
portable propane and natural gas
50hz for over sea usage
220 volts out put
electric start
as long as us maid it is fine
my first order will be at least 40 and i will be ordering it by volume as long as you make it availble.i can get it from china but i like to spend the money here to boost ecconomy.if you are willing to do bussiness my email add is number is
thanks for any effort in this matter

steveRead More
10/19/2011 Campbell Hausfeld - I restore antique cars for a hobby. I've been
I restore antique cars for a hobby. I've been using Campbell Hausfield paint guns for years with outstanding results. So good that I've reccomended them to numerous people. However I recently purchased a kit with 2 gravity fed spray guns. I used it this morning to paint a couple panels off of a 39 ford coupe. The canisters are plastic. If there are supposed to be any gaskets for the lids I didn't find them. When I begin painting, the paint began leaking and dripping everywhere. I figured I cross threaded the lid and put it on again. Again it ran all over me and my panels. I have fussed about plastic for years, its being used for things that it shouldn't. I can't tell you how disgusted I am. The paint I'm using runs $200. a gallon, the reducer $31.00, the activator $26.00 a qt, reducer to clean up $15.00 a gal,not to mention all the work to fix this mess,the paint lost and to do it over.If they can't make a product with a medal canister that don't leak, I think the marriage is over. Dick

DickRead More
5/23/2011 Campbell Hausfeld - [email protected]
[email protected]

markRead More
3/30/2011 Campbell Hausfeld - Hello to one and all. Can any one foward me the
Hello to one and all. Can any one foward me the Customer Service E mail address for Campbell Hausfeld please .

Many thanks

JasonRead More
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