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3/17/2017 I am having major problems with charging
I am having major problems with charging a credit card that isn't even mine. for a Premium Account for which I did not request. For the last 3 days, I have called the 800 number and only get an automated menu. There is no where on this site that tells you to push the option to get in contact with a real person. You have to email and when you email you have to wait 24 hours to get any answer and when you do you get no answer.
Finally today, I found a way to talk to a real person and it is Option 3(for businesses) and then press 1. The real person was sweet but could not go above issuing the only ONE refund out of 5. I will now go to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint and will also go to YELP.

LInda Read More
6/7/2016 - Horrible, I just came here and identified myself
Horrible, I just came here and identified myself trying to reach this company. It is a scam, and I am contacting TV ANNOUNCER TO BLAME them, so they will stop ANOUNCING this service. I've tried to find every information on their website and cannot talkt to a real person or get an email neither. SCAMMERS.

valeria Read More
12/23/2015 How crazy is this! How the heck do you get a phone number?
How crazy is this website! How the heck do you get a phone number for the company? The help links go nowhere. I'm still not sure this is just a scam site. Just weird.

Bob Read More
11/23/2015 Was bought out by a multi-national company?
Even with my daughter's help I was unable to update the info on my profile. We couldn't find it. I'm living in Washington state now, not Nevada. I need a job ASAP! I agree with the above statements. Crappy website. The phone number I tried was full of worthless automated voices. Was bought out by a multi-national company? That's one explanation for the mess. Best of luck and good fortune to all, p.s. maybe the robots are taking over. ; )

Sofia Read More
10/31/2015 DO NOT USE

This website and the people that RUN IT are CROOKS and will TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN WITH IT WHILE CANCELLING YOUR ACCOUNT FOR NO GOOD F*****G reason.

My Husband and I just signed up for a account because we are looking for a sitter who can watch our precious 3.5-year-old son. We are honestly needing a sitter because I'm in the process of looking for a part time job and although DH is working Part time right now, he needs a FULL-TIME job which he is trying to find right now but..............WE obviously can't both work at the same time as we DO NOT have a SITTER FOR OUR SON!

So my husband just gets an email from these IDIOTS stating that they CANCELLED our account, but they (meaning CARE.COM) would NOT give a reason why they cancelled our account. They stated in the email that They (meaning CARE.COM) at their discretion can cancel with or without cause at any time. OH REALLY!!!!!!! Now we do NOT know how we are going to find a sitter for our son.

So Yea, DO NOT deal with this company. They are NO GOOD unless you want your money stolen!

I guess they don't realise that taking someones money CONSTITUTES FRAUD!

Annie Read More
10/11/2015 - Not a good company. I've tried numerous times to
Not a good company. I've tried numerous times to close my account. They've charged over $90 and I have not used their services! Someone please help me get through to a Live Agent! I've tried thre consecutive days by calling 877-227-3115 but it's automated and no live person is available. I've emailed support and you guessed it, No Response! I'm starting to think this sight is a SCAM!

Charlotte Read More
10/3/2015 - your website is frustrating ! I spend a minimum of
your website is frustrating ! I spend a minimum of 20 minutes applying for a job and then you will not allow it to be submitted. Not only will it not go thru but there is no way to save my application to send it at a later time. At the very least allow us to save out applications. Now I have to go thru the whole process again and again. It doesn't just happen one time but numerous times. A company your size should have these things ironed out. Just look at your comments. They all pretty much say the same thing. $20 a month is a lot for practically no job offers and then not being able to apply to the few you do have posted. In all fairness, when it is working right I did receive
interviews and several job offerings. Please just correct the submission controls.

ann Read More
10/1/2015 - I emailed to this company and called two times and
I emailed to this company and called two times and left a message, but no response at all. They have been overcharging us for almost a year. We purchased 30 month access, but they continued to charge us since last november.

Kristina Read More
9/7/2015 - I am an experienced Nanny/Childcare Provider with great references
I am an experienced Nanny/Childcare Provider with great references. I have applied for ten jobs in the past 2-3 weeks and have not heard back from a single one. Something is wrong Has my profile been inactivated? Can you please check it out and get back to me? I also paid to upgrade but cannot see that any of my applications is getting through to potential clients.

Debra Read More
9/2/2015 site and company is a joke
This site and company is a joke. I tried to post a job on this site and messaged a few caregivers to help me take care of my 3 children. The next day I received an email that stated I was being removed from the " community" for no reason whatsoever.

After looking for over a half hour for a customer service number and not finding one on their site, I found a contact number her. When I called them and asked whats up and why my account was removed... they literally hung up on me.

This company is crap and someone needs to put in place a better option.

John Read More
8/24/2015 Be aware of people using to scam you out money
Be aware of people using this site to scam you out of money. If you get a weird text, followed by an email with a sad story about how her husband died etc do not engage and never give your personal information! It's a SCAM!

sandrs Read More
8/5/2015 1-877-227-3115, option 3, then option 1 for a live person
Call 877-227-3115, option 3, then option 1. Processed a refund and closed my account, and the rep was very friendly. Didn't have any bad experiences, just didn't use the service.

Tucker Read More
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