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eServices: 1-866-545-5405, ext. 3
CARQUEST Locations: 1-800-492-7278
TECH-NET Locations: 1-800-832-4638

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1-866-545-5405Review Needed Please Comment


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9/30/2015 CarQuest - bought an oil pump didn't work,went to return it
bought an oil pump didn't work,went to return it and because Cooper auto supplies was sold the new owner won't honor the receipt. Their address is 2200 East Main St. Bridgeport Ct.06610 (203-333-5594), and it cost me 350.00 to reinstall it.

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5/5/2015 CarQuest - To whom it may concern:For a few years now the
To whom it may concern:
For a few years now the drivers who deliver parts to Car Quest in Amherstburg Ontario Canada have shut off the vehicle while working. This is a commercial/residential neighbourhood & at 3am this is very disturbing to listen to the truck running. I am not sure who can address this, but please forward this problem to the appropriate department. Thank You.

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