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1/9/2013 Cash Advance Network - i applied for a loan and was denied and after
i applied for a loan and was denied and after about three weeks a so called company that says they are working for you has been harrassing me at home and my job every day from 8 to 8 i did not recieve any money and do not even have a checking account they are rude aggressive and threatening they dont care that they are breaking the law and ruining my life and jepordizing my job i never recieved any money from cash advance or anyone else unfortunatley this complaint will only be aa joke to you and the company ibm that is causing so much distress in my life i hope that no one else has to go through what i am going through i contacted my local police department and i hope they can help i intend to follow through with the attorney general and federal trade commission i have come the decision that i will do whatever it takes to end this horrible nightmare

klswhiteRead More
10/26/2011 Cash Advance Network - Please send payoff amount.
Please send payoff amount.

CarolynRead More
12/17/2010 Cash Advance Network - i would like to know how much more i have to pay,
i would like to know how much more i have to pay, please let me know right away or i am going to contact the attorney general of nys. i have tried to call but i have had no luck. this month 80.00 was taken out of my account.

barbaraRead More
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