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Cash For Clunkers Contact Number.

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1-888-327-4236Review Needed Please Comment


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10/28/2009 Cash for Clunkers Contact - What a joke, this program cost $24,000 per car and
What a joke, this program cost $24,000 per car and the people that bought the cars only got $4,500 for their cars. The taxpayers paid $24,000 to buy your neighbors Camaro.

Coming to a town near you $1,000 doctor checkups - $70 to the doctor, $70 insurance company, $70 to the billing company, $70 and the rest will go to administering the program.

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8/3/2009 Cash for Clunkers Contact - Useless is right! I called because this "cash for
Useless is right! I called because this "cash for clunkers" is nothing but a windfall for many dealers like Arrigo in Sawgrass Florida and West Palm beach. All they do is advertise one thing and then refuse to give it to you when you arrive. They even add an addendum to the car. They put a pin strip and nitogen to the tires and charge about $1000 for it. At the end, they are taking the Chrsyler rebate and cash for clunker and claiming it is there discount to you but they (the dealer gives you 0 from their pocket. Worse of all they lie to you on the phone and in adds to get you there. I tried to get Chrsyelr to do something about it but no dice. The customer service person was too busy to help, call Arrigo or get this matter escalated to anyone who would. It is fraud to bait and switch and probably illegal to take the gover incentives to make a rich dealer richer.

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