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Charter Communications provides cable television service, high speed internet, and telephone service to customers in 29 U.S. states.

Charter Corporate
400 Atlantic Street, 10th Floor
Stamford, CT 06901

M - F 9am - 5pm

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Tech Support: 1-800-314-7195
Corporate Phone: 1-888-438-2427
Business Accounts: 1-800-314-7195
Local Office Locations: 1-888-438-2427
Business Tech Support: 1-800-314-7195

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1-866-472-2200Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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3/21/2017 Charter Communications - I have had Charter for a couple of years and my
I have had Charter for a couple of years and my monthly bill has DOUBLED! I like the phone, internet, and TV but....What are retired people on a limited income supposed to do when every time you turn around your bill goes up another $20.00 or so????

BettyBoopRead More
1/25/2017 Charter Communications - I have never had a problem with Charter other than
I have never had a problem with Charter other than It's way over priced. I pay 172.82 a month for extended cable, Internet and phone. will be on a limited income soon, and have to go to just basic channels. bummer.. CS has always been great though.

AmmieyRead More
1/16/2017 Charter Communications - Charter is installing new service in our
Charter is installing new service in our neighborhood and what a mess! Piles of dirt, equipment and holes left in the yard. There was no notification to anyone, elect. lines, water lines and TV & internet lines cut everywhere. Their solution? Call the various utility companies and have them repaired yourself. Great customer relations! Wouldn't sign with them for any kind of discount.

DavidRead More
12/23/2016 Charter Communications - I had an issue with internet and called for
I had an issue with internet and called for service. They could not come to look at it for 8 days. They found the underground cable was bad and ran one over ground to restore service. They told me they would come to bury it in about a week. I specifically told them to call before they call so that I can watch where they trinch. That was the good part of this service call.
They did not call me to bury the line. I came home and found my underground fence cut in two places and my driveway had a trench of about 30 yards and several holes dug in the yard nowhere near the trench. Called to register a complaint and was told I would get a call the next day. Three days later, I called and found out that they did not file my complaint. It rained and a delivery truck hit the trench and created a huge hole in my driveway. I called again and found out that not complaint had been filed. I made a second attempt at filing the complaint. The next day a supervisor came out and blamed a third party contractor and told me I had to settle with them. Some way to do business. I called back to tell them I did not want to deal with this third party, I do business with Charter, Charter needs to correct this.

I spent most of Thanksgiving Day and the following 2 weekends fixing the damage to my yard and driveway. 20 worked hours, sand and limestone later, I had still not heard a word from charter on the complaint. 5 weeks after the fact, I get a phone call and they tell me they have been calling me but I did not answer.

It took all of this to learn that it is all my fault. Had I not called to complain about the faulty service, none of this would have taken place.The screwed up yard and driveway was my fault, it had absolutely nothing to do with Charter. Silly Me!

I gave them 1 star because they would not let me score them lower.

JedRead More
12/22/2016 Charter Communications - I called Monday, December 19 to cancel my service
I called Monday, December 19 to cancel my service since I was moving. The rep, Daniel, said it would be cheaper to place the account on hold and to restart when my new house was done. $9 service fee to resume service if I just transferred as opposed to $34.99 if I canceled and started "new" service. He said he would place my account on hold and I was to keep the equipment and he set up a tentative date to resume service of January 2nd. He said the remaining balance would be $49 and asked where I wanted that sent to. I told him my new address and told him to remove the auto pay credit card and no longer use the credit card for payments. This a.m., I received an email saying my credit card had been charged $299!! I called charter/spectrum-they said the charge is because we did not turn in equipment and that we were being charged for the new service(of a house that has no service!) and that they could/wound not credit my credit card even though they could see that I did not have service at the new location yet. They said I would have to dispute the charges with them but that since we did not turn in equipment nor cancel service, that likely we would not get any of the $299 refunded. This is a total and complete scam. They were not authorized to charge my credit card and I was told to keep the equipment since my service was being "transferred" at a later date as opposed to canceled. I am not receiving any service, yet they are charging me triple?? Disgusting, dishonest company.

T.LeeRead More
12/17/2016 Charter Communications - Absolutely no help whatsoever. Stated a signal
Absolutely no help whatsoever. Stated a signal would sent to shut box off never happened. Then told us if it continues we will have to send a technician out. End of our conversation. This is supposed to be customer service?

BobRead More
9/9/2016 Charter Communications - Another provider to our area, Athens Al 35613,
Another provider to our area, Athens Al 35613, damaged a cable connection approximately 8 weeks ago. The underground cable was replaced by an above ground cable which remains above ground, Said cable is in the street running from one connection to another. About 150 yards. Since then my phone and internet has been on and off, mostly on but off enough to be a pain. Contact with your help line resulted in a technician installing a new
model. Since then, the same problem. Calling back has been no help.

Customers on the same street have called numerous times for a date when this will be fixed. About 4 or 5 times and have never been given an answer. Poor service and worst communications Help!!!!

MarvinRead More
9/6/2016 Charter Communications - My husband just called to see if what kind of
My husband just called to see if what kind of deals Charter was offering and the guy actually berated him for being knowledgeable on prices. He said, well if you know all the prices why are you calling? Excuse me? My husband told him exactly what we wanted and the man was rude and mad because we wouldn't go with the larger package. When he asked what he could do to get us to buy my husband said, well you could waive the installation fee. The guy said, well it doesn't cost you anything until you get your bill. Seriously?? So when my husband tried to hang up he just kept talking and finally said, uh huh and hung up on my husband. RUDE!! Terrible customer service. We have been without cable for over a year because they jacked us around. The only reason we were going to buy now was to watch the Big Ten Network. We'll stick with HULU and streaming!

StephanieRead More
8/22/2016 Charter Communications - why when you ask them to change a due date they
why when you ask them to change a due date they can not I only wanted 3 day change or from 21's to 25 Th
so I could pay with out $10.00 late fee they say no but what would it hurt oh that's right they would lose the $10.00 fee

franRead More
8/19/2016 Charter Communications - Once you get into the automated hell, it is nearly
Once you get into the automated hell, it is nearly impossible to get out. I think Charter is so looked down upon they need to hire someone in PR to help them out. Maybe a few specials might help!!!!

A wonderful lady ended up on the phone in America and frankly she made up for the automation that I could not get rid of. She was articulate, professional and extremely knowledgeable.Pay more and you just might get pros like this delightful lady.

PhyllisRead More
8/15/2016 Charter Communications - Our cable was cut off on Sunday afternoon due to
Our cable was cut off on Sunday afternoon due to an error on Charters part. Got customer No-Service and the service was not turned back on until the next day. The local provider does even have weekend emergency service. Ridiculous!!!!!! All weekend issues goes to a corporate office where there is no sence of urgency. I'm already looking and other cable options.

DwayneRead More
8/5/2016 Charter Communications - Representative was very knowledgeable, friendly
Representative was very knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. She resolved my issue and answered other questions I had.

FrankRead More
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