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Charter Communications provides cable television service, high speed internet, and telephone service to customers in 29 U.S. states.

Charter Corporate
400 Atlantic Street, 10th Floor
Stamford, CT 06901

M - F 9am - 5pm

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Tech Support: 1-800-314-7195
Corporate Phone: 1-888-438-2427
Business Accounts: 1-800-314-7195
Local Office Locations: 1-888-438-2427
Business Tech Support: 1-800-314-7195

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1-866-472-2200Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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9/9/2016 Charter Communications - Another provider to our area, Athens Al 35613,
Another provider to our area, Athens Al 35613, damaged a cable connection approximately 8 weeks ago. The underground cable was replaced by an above ground cable which remains above ground, Said cable is in the street running from one connection to another. About 150 yards. Since then my phone and internet has been on and off, mostly on but off enough to be a pain. Contact with your help line resulted in a technician installing a new
model. Since then, the same problem. Calling back has been no help.

Customers on the same street have called numerous times for a date when this will be fixed. About 4 or 5 times and have never been given an answer. Poor service and worst communications Help!!!!

MarvinRead More
9/6/2016 Charter Communications - My husband just called to see if what kind of
My husband just called to see if what kind of deals Charter was offering and the guy actually berated him for being knowledgeable on prices. He said, well if you know all the prices why are you calling? Excuse me? My husband told him exactly what we wanted and the man was rude and mad because we wouldn't go with the larger package. When he asked what he could do to get us to buy my husband said, well you could waive the installation fee. The guy said, well it doesn't cost you anything until you get your bill. Seriously?? So when my husband tried to hang up he just kept talking and finally said, uh huh and hung up on my husband. RUDE!! Terrible customer service. We have been without cable for over a year because they jacked us around. The only reason we were going to buy now was to watch the Big Ten Network. We'll stick with HULU and streaming!

StephanieRead More
8/22/2016 Charter Communications - why when you ask them to change a due date they
why when you ask them to change a due date they can not I only wanted 3 day change or from 21's to 25 Th
so I could pay with out $10.00 late fee they say no but what would it hurt oh that's right they would lose the $10.00 fee

franRead More
8/19/2016 Charter Communications - Once you get into the automated hell, it is nearly
Once you get into the automated hell, it is nearly impossible to get out. I think Charter is so looked down upon they need to hire someone in PR to help them out. Maybe a few specials might help!!!!

A wonderful lady ended up on the phone in America and frankly she made up for the automation that I could not get rid of. She was articulate, professional and extremely knowledgeable.Pay more and you just might get pros like this delightful lady.

PhyllisRead More
8/15/2016 Charter Communications - Our cable was cut off on Sunday afternoon due to
Our cable was cut off on Sunday afternoon due to an error on Charters part. Got customer No-Service and the service was not turned back on until the next day. The local provider does even have weekend emergency service. Ridiculous!!!!!! All weekend issues goes to a corporate office where there is no sence of urgency. I'm already looking and other cable options.

DwayneRead More
8/5/2016 Charter Communications - Representative was very knowledgeable, friendly
Representative was very knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. She resolved my issue and answered other questions I had.

FrankRead More
7/28/2016 Charter Communications - Other than satellite we have no other option in
Other than satellite we have no other option in our city as they gave Charter an "exclusive" franchise which is to the detriment of the Charter customers. I worked in telecommunications for just short of 30 years and what I see is unacceptable service. As some have noted, they hook you with a reasonable introductory offer and then the price for us has nearly doubled at the same time they have taken away "free or included" channels. We made a service complaint and they sent a technician to the house and he replace a few connectors on the cable and a splitter which he said had a bad leg but at the time we had not experienced trouble on that leg however it seems as if the frequency of problems has increased since he was here but it may not be fair to blame the technician as the troubles appear to us to be Charter Spectrum system issues. Our set-top box will magically turn off and then back on and if one checks the guide one finds that all of the boxes for program information have been defaulted temporarily to "TO BE ANNOUNCED". I personally believe that they only send the technician to the house to "just find something to ease the customers mind" while they profit from providing poor service. We also have their phone service and until very recently it was reasonably dependable meaning there was usually dial tone and we could call out, but deducing from my telecommunications career experiences and having lived in communities which were sold to another company I am aware that companies sometimes try to "stretch" there services to make them appear to be more than they actually are by "borrowing" facilities needed for good service to one group of customers and putting them to use providing now or additional service for another group of customers. The downside is that when a bad facility (trunk) is in the group available to a customer because availability of trunk/channel services is reduced it is accessed more often. We have experienced having calls not completing and when they fail we almost always hear a faint echoing sound of water or gravel running down a pipe which tells me they are likely not adequately maintaining their facilities properly. What makes it appear to us to be a system problem rather than a residence problem is the fact that these types of problems seem to occur much more frequently when school lets out or when bad weather keeps kids in which leads to more demand on their facilities and problems become more frequent. The problem is that until we get regulations restored and/or new regulations in place and most importantly that they be enforced I really don't see a real improvement in either cable or satellite. This to me is not service but until an emergency situation occurs somewhere and we have "senseless" loss of life I don't see the FCC or Congress getting off their tails and doing something. Why do we have to have a tragedy before we can get real action and service?

CJRead More
7/13/2016 Charter Communications - Horrible, Horrible, Horrible, Company that pays
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible, Company that pays minimum wage to nitwits. Nobody ever knows what the F is up and communication is non existent. They completely Rate rape you and it is impossible to get answers!!! Run away as fast as you can!!! For cable alternatives I suggest some type of Roku or Hulu. get rid of cable!!! put these Money sucking monsters out of business!!!!!
Thank you for your time :)

FedUPRead More
5/7/2016 Charter Communications - I recently cancelled my attu-verse acct. changed
I recently cancelled my attu-verse acct. changed to charter. That was in Feb i think, when I originally order service to be hooked on the 22 I was not informed this is my due date. I did explain to the sales person who took my order that I'm on a fixed income. I get my monies on the 3rd of the month and that's when I pay ALL my bills!! Now I 've called a billing specialist to change due date but they said they cannot!!! The only resolve is that I pay on 1st of each month and hope it does not clear my bank until after 3rd. They also suggested I pay a month in ADVANCE Not going to happen since I'm on a fixed income. They're next solution is disconnect service a reinstall a few days latter!!! Of course I 'd have pay an installation fee how stupid does that sound just to change due date. Why couldn't they prorate the amount in order to change due date to 3rd??? That I would be willing to due!!! I would hate to cancel all services for that reason only but,I will if we can't resolve this issue. I WILL NOT BE ASSESSED LATE FEES BECAUSE I PAY MY BILLS ON 3 of every month!!!!!!!

rogerRead More
3/26/2016 Charter Communications - Shop competitors if possible and drop charter when they boost the rates.
Starting rates seem be promo. It is a program of hook the customer and then jack the rates.

Shop competitors if possible and drop charter when they boost the rates.

OliadamRead More
3/16/2016 Charter Communications - I want to cancel the Charter service to our condo
I want to cancel the Charter service to our condo in the Braxton in Ashland City, TN. My husband died a few weeks ago and I am planning to put the unit on sale.

BarbaraRead More
2/2/2016 Charter Communications - Why is it that the signal is CONSTANTLY
Why is it that the signal is CONSTANTLY digitalizing on the major networks? I watched "The X-files" and the last ten minutes you couldn't see or hear a thing. I have reported this numerous times and Charter won't fix it. If I am going to get digitalizing I might as well get satellite (and it's cheaper). You people can't fix your problems and you don't care.

CherylRead More
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