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1-800-755-4333 Dont press or say anything; when offered customer service say "Yes."


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7/18/2015 CheapTickets - Don't book through Cheap Tickets
Don't book through Cheap Tickets. Cancelling the flight will not get you a refund. I should have read the reviews before using Cheap Tickets. And the flight WASN'T cheap!

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9/7/2014 [email protected], IATA

[email protected], IATA Customer Service, [email protected]

Sep 6 at 11:23 AM

Gholamreza Vazin

Dear IATAN Customer Care

May you Please ,Let me Know? Why US travel agency similar Cheaptickets Just learned the wrong way and stealing from passengers and Only purpose is extortion and looting passengers.

Aug.15th I bought ticket for my family and as the same as (below)on them fee change ticket show only $50 but unfortunately yesterday I would change our ticket as the same fare ticket customer service Cheaptickets asked $175 for any passenger child included also.

would appreciate if someone from your office can reply to my concerns either via email or by phone at +

Sincerely, Dr. Gholamreza Vazin

Airfare service fee

Itinerary Changes/Cancellations/Refunds: Itinerary changes, if permitted for the fare, will have a $50.00 USD service fee charged by CheapTickets and may have an additional change fee charged by the airline(I called1 called 18883581582 and chin air told they have not charge by the change) that will vary by market, carrier and specific fare rule.


Thank you for your email and interest in IATA and IATA Products and Services. This email confirms that ourCustomer Service Team has received your email. Please allow 24 to 48 hours during business days for your request to be processed.If your request is of an urgent nature, please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-800-716-6326(0) or 514-390-6726.
Please note that our hours of operation are from Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 17:00 pm Eastern Standard Time in North America.
Thank you for trusting IATA,
IATA Customer Service Team

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6/10/2014 CheapTickets - You are so right! We had to call our credit card
You are so right! We had to call our credit card company to get Cheap Ticket's direct phone number. What a nightmare! Here is the number to ALL. This may help. (1-888-922-8849) We got back the airline fee and Cheap Ticket fee. We did not know in the beginning that they are even charging us a fee. We saw it on our credit card log. Good Luck!

DeLoise Brown Read More
2/22/2014 CheapTickets - What a rip off!!!!!!!! Bunch of theifs!!!!
What a rip off!!!!!!!! Bunch of theifs!!!!

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1/19/2014 CheapTickets - The name is wrong on the ticket that I purchased
The name is wrong on the ticket & when I called customer service I get a recording saying I can't call from my area code & then disconnected. So Now I will try calling the airlines

Judy Read More
12/9/2013 CheapTickets - Cheap Tickets and Trontier airlines: double trouble
cheap tickets and frontier airlines: double trouble

cheap tickets booked me with frontier without informing me in advance frontier will charge $50 for carry on bag if booking was through third party. i never check my bag in as i travel light. this time i was forced to give up my bag and pay additional $25. upon arrival, i noticed the zipper of my bag was not in its proper position but i did not give it much thought. today, i was reminded to register my samsung tab and just found out it was gone. it was in a cosmetic flat bag that i had in my checked bag. it was still zipped when i opened it. when i called frontier, all i get was "sorry but i will file a report and send you email if we find something in the lost and found." i did not leave my tablet lying around. it was in my luggage, zipped in my cosmetic case. so please be warned in using cheap tickets which does not even provide any phone number to call and frontier airlines which does not secure luggage.

grace Read More
11/26/2013 CheapTickets - WARNING: DO NOT USE CHEAP TICKETS.COM!
I booked a flight to NYC, but when I tried to print out the details; was different flight information. I tried calling the (800) 987-6543, but has a voice mail that says go to Who are they??!!?? Well, I called them and they sent me to voice mail, too. I made reservations based on the flight that I had signed up for and those reservations can not be changed. I will try calling the airline directly and see what I can work out, but this should not be the case. Never again!!!!!

Debra Read More
8/15/2013 CheapTickets - Never use Cheap Tickets they are a third party scam
Never use this third party scam. Lacks complete customer support. They simply want your money. Never again, the worst.

Pantaleon Read More
6/28/2013 CheapTickets - I am warning people NOT to use CHEAP TICKETS!!!!
I am warning people NOT to use CHEAP TICKETS!!!! It has been a nightmare trying to get help. Oh it was easy to book a motel online. There is NO way to talk to a customer service rep when you need to talk to them personally. Trust me,I have tried it. They have a BBB membership according to their ad online. That is my next call!!! We had the worst motel room in 72 years of using motels!!! All I wanted to do was tell them not to use this motel again. It was the Econ o Lodge in Homewood, Al. It was about to fall down!
I wil NEVER EVER use Cheap Tickets again!!!!!

lona Read More
3/19/2013 CheapTickets - My mom is suppose depart from san juan pr, to jfk
My mom is suppose depart from san juan pr, to jfk new york on march 20th 2013 and that's the way I made my reservation and there is a mistake the reservation says from New York to San Juan the same mistake is made with her returning day to San Juan she's suppose to depart from JFK to SJU on April 3 2013 I need this fixed right away my mom is 70 years old and I don't need her to get worried about this mistake made by you I've been on the hold for half an hour already when the expecting waiting time was 16 minutes today is Tuesday march 19 th I really need this problem fixed right away. This is the locator # my mothers name is Antonia Concepcion

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11/28/2012 Cheaptickets - they don't seem to care, never
Cheaptickets - they don't seem to care, never again
Booked flights but had some questions on them, but had to send emails as there was no telephone response. Finally managed to get hold of someone (because emails weren't responded to) but that person told me that I had to call a different number. Every minute holding the line was charged extra. My advice: never again cheap tickets...

sankorbin Read More
8/20/2012 CheapTickets - My air ticket was cancelled, no seats but my money
My air ticket was cancelled, no seats but my money haven't give it back to me
i want to know about my money informations

jindi Read More
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