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4/8/2017 Chilis Restaurant - I have no issue with the food. My issue is you
I have no issue with the food. My issue is you should pay your employees. When I get an order to go why am I paying a tip for no service. Why is there a tip jar. It so tacky a jar decorated by your staff its like begging for something they did not earn. A server did not serve me you pay your servers a low wage I understand ( Do not agree with it ) but A SERVER is serving me drinks, dinner, refills and making sure I am satisfied with everything THAT IS A SERVER who earns and deserves a good tip. Not someone that I pay the bill and they give me a bag of food they put in a box. Please pay your takeout personal a decent wage. Its not me that needs to supplement them. You are their employer you should pay a decent wage to your cashiers.

julie Read More
3/14/2017 Chilis Restaurant - When we visited the Chili's here in Meridian, Ms
When we visited the Chili's here in Meridian, Ms the services was so "Horrific". When the appetizers came ( 30 minutes later )they were cold. The waitress kept making several excuses as to why the food was late; when brought to her attention, she stated, she was only telling us what she was told. When the food finally came ( 1 1/2 ) hour later, it too was Cold and all was not even there, again the waitress was told of this problem, when she left to go get it, whay was missing, she stayed gone so long, when she returned, she wanted us to clear out the bill, so she could go on a break; because she had to come come back to work that night. This is what we were ask to do, after being served cold food. I have written in about this poblem but , have not heard anything, Please Response. Thank you

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2/28/2017 Chilis Restaurant - I give this Star Award to Kirk Williamson who
I give this Star Award to Kirk Williamson who stepped in and acted responsible and professionally over an Incident that occurred Presidents Day at Chilis in the Galleria Houston around the noon hour. Joey, the Bartender was rude, negligent, and unprofessional to me in every way conceivable.

He made me feel as welcome as a Skunk by growling, sitting people in my chair that I had left my coat on to go the rest room before my meal arrived, and glaring at me when I arrived back with a look as where did you come from. The Manager seemed professional but was being run over by Joey and some of the Waiters.

Kirk left me a voice message after my response to my experience on Presidents Day February 20, 2017 in the Galleria Houston Store, apologizing, and then sent me coupons to use at any Chilis, which I plan on doing.

Bill Read More
11/29/2016 Chilis Restaurant - I already emailed you but want to say where the
I already emailed you but want to say where the horrible service took place or I guess you could say "didn't take place" It was the Chili's in Apopka Fl on St.
Rd. 441. Believe me with that treatment and incompetence in the dinner order my company said they never wanted to go to another Chili's again. On top of that I had to pay for the poor service. If the manager had been smart he would have compted me for this fiasco. I am sure you will not print this but I had to do my job and at least let you know.

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11/29/2016 Chilis Restaurant - had a horrible visit to Chili's near me. Am on
had a horrible visit to Chili's near me. Am on fixed income and don't eat out a lot but Nov 23 I took 3 out of town guest to eat there. Waitress when she came was acting spacy, took our order for drinks and when she returned 15 minutes later she spilled one of the red wines ALL over the table and us. Got that cleaned up and ordered. She literaly never came back. Had to go to the bartender for our spilled wine replacement and an hour later had no food so went to the bartender and he somehow finally brought our food which was cold. Sent some of it back but did not want it replaced We were very upset. In all this mess one guest never did get her mixed drink. Time to pay the bill and we were charged for the drink and the returned meal. Again the bartender came over and corrected that. Gave me 4 $5 coupons. My guests thought he should have compt us for the entire meal. Never did see our spacey waitress again thank goodness.

Ann Read More
11/15/2016 Chilis Restaurant - That coward stupid ignorant fool of a manager that
That coward stupid ignorant fool of a manager that humiliated a veteran of our great arm forces...Whom has risk his life to protect the life of that very coward of a manager whom has not had the courage at any point in his miserable life to serve our country..What an irony....Is it possible for anyone adult to be that STUPID....Really he should be
demoted to bus boy....What an idiot...And as for the foolish old man..He needs to dig a hole deep in the earth
he serves no viable purpose to breath this God given air ion this earth....he is just a useless piece of crap period.

Mack Read More
1/10/2016 Chilis Restaurant - Chillis Rt. 59, SHOREWOOD, IL. TERRIBLE SERVICE

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1/5/2016 Chilis Restaurant - I recently received a gift card for Chilis
I recently received a gift card for Chilis. My co-worker visited Lexington SC location and had a super bad experience with her food being dry. I took the option to try the Harbison location on 01/05 around 11:45 am. WORST MISTAKE EVER!!!!!! I placed a to go order and the place was not busy at all. I should have turned around and left when I stood there for almost 5 minutes and the girl walks up slowly asking if I wanted to place a to go order. No hey, how you doing or anything. I handed her my gift card and she acted like I handed her a disease. I waited for 15 minutes. I observed the other servers and I can honestly say everyone in this location had their face upside down except one black girl. 15 minutes passed by and my food was bagged and I was told have a good afternoon. Not in a customer service friendly manner. I drove all the way back to Lexington only to find my fish to be RAW and HARD. I am disgusted with my decision to try Chilis period. I contacted the manager Bryant I believe his name was, he was very helpful and apologized for my experience and told me I can get a new meal. He was very helpful, although I felt it be absolutely ridiculous that I wasted 20 minutes driving to a location that already put a bad taste in my mouth. It's bad when 2 locations service in the same area is garbage. I need to speak to someone about getting my money back or be compensated for wasting my time and my lunch hour on people that hate their job! Does anyone know who I can contact?

Stephanie S Read More
9/26/2015 Chilis Restaurant - Chilis to go - disappointed again and again.
Chilis to go - disappointed again and again. Chilis take out, doesn't seem to get the order right.

Here is the order I placed last night:

• Pick-up location: South Parker-Chili's
In the Southpark Mall
11481 S. 20 Mile Rd.
Parker, CO 80134
Driving Directions

• Pick-up Date: Friday, September 25, 2015
• Pick-up time: 7:16 PM
• Order Summary: 1 Pepper Pals® Burger Bites $5.19
Homestyle Fries
1 Mango-Chile Chicken (cal. 520) $11.29
Fresco Salad $1.00
Avocado-Ranch Dressing
Loaded Mashed Potatoes
1 Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas $10.59
Fresco Salad $1.00
Bleu Cheese Dressing
Loaded Mashed Potatoes
Subtotal: $27.07
Tax: $2.17
TOTAL: $29.24

The burgers had melted cheese on them and therefore could not be eaten and the Mango-Chile Chicken came with rice. My last three orders had something messed up. I'm not sure I will try again.

Andrea Read More
8/12/2015 Chilis Restaurant - my family a party of eleven people stop at Chilis
my family a party of eleven people stop at your restaurant in stilwater okla. We asked the waiter how long the wait he told us thirty minutes. although the restaurant was almost completely empty it might of had ten customers in it. This happen at about three o'clock 08/11/15. we didn't understand why it would have taken so long to sit eleven people when the restaurant was almost completely empty. So we decided to go to Applebees which was to block away. We ask the waiter there how long the wait was he said five minutes. After our conversation he proceed to an area and started moving chairs and tables to gather to accommodate us. So within five minutes we were seated our order for drinks was taken. Within ten minutes our order was being taken we had our drinks on the table. The customer service was so much friendly and professional than that of chili. Yes by the way the tab for my family was 225.00 dollars also apleebee had more customer than chili. I would say people always go to the best customer service

Edward Read More
7/18/2015 Chilis Restaurant - Chili's on Pine Island Rd in Cape Coral FL.
This evening my wife and I dined at the Chili's on Pine Island Rd in Cape Coral FL. We ordered drinks an a couple of appetizers that were delivered promptly and as requested. As we ordered our entrée of steak both requested to be medium rare and noted that we were well aware of the degree of "red" we would be seeing in our steaks. Mine arrived, just OK, there was no sear on the meat at all, it looked like a pork steak. However, it was medium rare whereas my spouses steak was also without any sear and done, I mean really done, no red, and no pink. We informed our server and he readily took her steak to the kitchen. Meanwhile, there I am with a meal in front of me that I must eat in front of her or let it get cold. Instead of giving my wife the next piece of meat off the grill she waited 18 minutes for her meal. Needless to say, mine was now done. No one in management came by, no offer to give us an appetizer and hold my meal in the meantime. At the end we were offered one free desert item for the screw up, The dining experience was to say the least, a disaster. $63 for a mediocre meal, poorly served and abysmally timed. I could have turned out better in a frying pan, and I am certainly not exaggerating. You would think in this day of social media and immediate circulation of poor experience the mgt. would at least attempt to present at least the appearance of giving a damn.

norainrider Read More
6/6/2015 Chilis Restaurant - I am a very angry customer. Airport chilis in
I am a very angry customer. Airport chilis in Jacksonville fl serves raw and poorly cooked food. My salmon could almost walk off my plate it was so under cook. Staff was not concerned at all about this very dangerous situation. Ive never had a problem of this caliber and don't know why kitchen staff is cooking seafood that's undercooked. I don't appreciate that. Managers need to be held accountable for there staff. I think this location need a wake up call quickly. This location gets no stars service was awful. wont be back here.

shawn Read More
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