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Chipotle Corporate Office Headquarters
1543 Wazee Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202
Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-595-4000

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12/20/2016 Chipotle Mexican Grill - We haven't been back to Chipolte since the e-coli
We haven't been back to Chipolte since the e-coli scare so its been a while. Went to our local Chipolte for a chicken burrito on Dec 16. We ususally buy the burrito bowl but this time we ordered chicken burritos instead. We took them home and ate them with 15 minutes of purchase. They were so dry that we could not eat them. I got through half of mine and my wife took one bite and tossed it out. The line was long and it took quite a long time to get our food so perhaps the ingredients were not up to usual standard. The worst burrito that I have ever had and I eat a lot of burritos.


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10/31/2016 Chipotle Mexican Grill - I went to the chipotle in the Gardens Mall as I
I went to the chipotle in the Gardens Mall as I work and eat there almost every day. Most of the time I get a bowl and i'm lucky if the food is luke warm. Yesterday i wanted to wait to place my order til the worker doing the dressings was caught up. If i do not, my food will just sit there and get cold!! When i asked to wait the guy taking the orders was hostile and annoyed. I tried to explain to him why i wanted to wait as i would not like to have my food cold!! He said they were busy, which i understand, but piling up bowls and having them sit there isn't helping either. When ive done this in the past the person taking my order would assist the worker on dressings so customers dont eat cold food!! He "waved his hand at me" to step back so the next person could order ahead of me!!! why would i do that??? This makes no sense!! Now i would have even more bowls in front of mine "sitting there" so my food will be even colder!! I will no longer be eating there and take my business elsewhere!!

annoyed Read More
10/13/2016 Chipotle Mexican Grill - Went to Carmel Valley (San Diego) Chipotle on
Went to Carmel Valley (San Diego) Chipotle on October 12 at about 7PM. Ordered two salads. I asked the server for the veggies to go into the salad. She indicated there would be a wait as they were out of veggies. I told her I would wait. She asked me to sit down and said she would call me when the veggies arrived. About 5 minutes later, a man came and threw our salads that she had sat aside into the trash. There was a huge line. I waited about 5 minutes longer and they never called me. I left the restaurant. We normally eat there 2 to 3 times a week. DUE TO THIS VERY POOR SERVICE, I WILL NEVER GO BACK AGAIN. There are too many good restaurants in San Diego to put up with this type of poor service.

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8/23/2016 Chipotle Mexican Grill - My receipt # 699 I went to the : 4851 Main Street
My receipt # 699 I went to the : 4851 Main Street Kansas city, Mo location and had a bad experience. When one of the line people was reaching over to put meat on another customers order, she leaning her dirty black apron right into my order. I pointed it out and she was rude. I didn't dare ask for another order because it was a busy dinner time rush. I feel like they should compensate me by re-doing my same order at no cost because I could not eat this one

Sharon Courtney Read More
5/24/2016 Chipotle Mexican Grill - Rude service by the food server last night at
Rude service by the food server last night at Pinecrest, Fla. Location ??. Order 594. Tabitha solved my problem, but the chick dishing out the rice needs an attitude adjustment! "Gourmet without attitude" at the top of my receipt is so NOT true in this case!

Reg Read More
4/14/2016 Chipotle Mexican Grill - Chipotle 4015 Richmond Rd. Warrensville Heights,
Chipotle 4015 Richmond Rd. Warrensville Heights, OH 44122, the young lady named Amiyna that's cashing out customers tonight April 14, 2016, is one of the nicest professional customer service representatives I have ever encountered, she needs to be commended and applauded for her kind service and professionalism.

Richard Read More
2/24/2016 Chipotle Mexican Grill - How do customers without smartphones get promotional deals
Hello, How do customers without smartphones get promotional deal and offers?

Brian Read More
2/17/2016 Chipotle Mexican Grill - I ordered kids taco,it said pick any two but only gave me rice and beans
I ordered kids taco, Hills Denver said pick any two ingredients. They just picked for me. Rice and beans and said I would have to pay extra for any other ingredients. It stated on the menu pick any two ingredients. I continued to point that out and they acted like they did not understand what I was saying. I reported this and was told someone would get back to me in 24 hours and no one did. This happened atHills-Denver location

Kimberly Read More
1/22/2016 Chipotle Mexican Grill - No pepper anymore at Chipotle
I ordered my usual salad bowl yesterday. As the veggies did not look fresh I asked for some fresh ones to be sautéed. They did so but I don't think the person was too happy with my request. After I got my order I went to get the salt and pepper from the side bar and saw that there was no pepper there. I asked one of the young folks for a pepper container and they told me they were not putting pepper out anymore. WHAT? I asked them why and they could not answer my question. Also no sliced lemons on the sidebar. I don't really care about the lemons but I really missed not have pepper at my disposal. Why in the world would Chipotle not have pepper for their customers? Please let me know. I know it's not a big thing but I was not happy that this condiment was no longer available. This Chipotle is located at12909 Ocean Gateway, Ocean City, Maryland 21842

Kathy Read More
9/25/2015 Chipotle Mexican Grill - NEED to speak to someone about an issue at our
NEED to speak to someone about an issue at our local restaurant. have spoken to the "manager" on two occasions with no solving in sight. Please contact me.

vincent Read More
8/23/2015 Chipotle Mexican Grill - Chipotle on Fredericksburg Virginia is skimpy on portions
The new chipotle on Fredericksburg Virginia is skimpy on food portions I'm not happy with my 1st visit at this restaurant

Mildred Thomas Read More
5/6/2015 Chipotle Mexican Grill - I went to a Chipolte only one time.In accordance
I went to a Chipolte only one time.
In accordance to the State of California, a restaurant does not necessarily need to post the ingredients
or additives they serve. However if a customer requests such information, the restaurant must disclose it.
I suspected their Corn Tortillas were made from Genetically Modified corn and those condiments they
serve contain chemical additives that are unhealthy. Therefore I asked the atendant who surprised me by a callous response: 'It beats me! We do whatever the Corporate Office tells to do and they have never
provided us with such information'. Naturally I turned around and left the restaurant. Chances are I might have ordered something but my exit was confirmed by several dirty tables and the entry door knob was greasy.

Now I see Chipolte annunced that they will phase Genetically Modified foods and they should be lauded for that- however they are replacing their poisonous Soybean Oil with Safflour Oil. However it seems to me they are jumping from the frying pan into the fire because Safflour Oil was actually a chemical fabric dye that is very unhealthy. In fact, a recent Japanese study indicates it damages the kidneys and many scientists believe it should be banned. Other studies indicate that it increases the risks of strokes plus it is interferes with Coumadin and other blood thinners and can cause
internal bleeding. It looks like Chipolte does not have a professional dietician in their quality control department- I presume, of course, that they have such a department to begin with but they probably do not!


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