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With Choice Privileges by Choice Hotels you can earn points toward free hotel room nights, airline miles and gifts.

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11/28/2016 I reserved a room with choice privileges for
I reserved a room with choice privileges for Thanksgiving out of town, they submit me a statement for $64.02 after tax. When I arrived at Quality Inn in Magnolia they were rude and charged me 98.63. I had drove 2 hours to get their and had budget out the amount choice had stated my pay will be. I had my Grandkids to join me at the end so Quality Inn personnel stated because of the double bed non smoking the charge went higher and the people in the room. But I showed her what choice said my price would be with the double bedroom she still would not accept it. So I called Choice with my confirmation number and they said they could not do anything about it. I did not even get my AARP discount. The next day we went down for breakfast the coffee was cold no waffle mix was inside the container we had to wait on both. I will never trust choice privileges they give you one price and you will have to pay another and when I called about the entire situation they did not try to correct anything.

TraceyRead More
8/27/2016 Choice Privileges - Very disappointed in our stay @ Rodeway Inn
Very disappointed in our stay @ Rodeway Inn (WA290) Auburn, Wa. for the period scheduled for 8/20-8/24/16. We booked room thru Expedia for 5 nights as we were searching for a new home in the Kitsap county area.

We had two problems one with the facility and the second real estate issues. When we arrived the facility was extremely dirty, the bathroom floors looked like they had not been washed for several days - dirt - hair, the carpets were extremely soiled. the room did not have a hair dryer and they gave us a small bar of hand soap.

In addition the bed sheets did not fit the bed and you slept on a mattress covered with a plastic cover - like sleeping in a bed that has had a bed wetter sleeping there before you.

I contacted Expedia(same night) and explained the problems to them and we agreed to spend the night. They arranged for us to check out the next morning but to my surprise we were charged for the day of checkout?

Since we were having issues with our real estate transaction and needed to drive about 2 hours to get to the real estate office we decided to bite the bullet and to pay the fee and move up the road.

I was further frustrated by the fact that we had to call the Rodeway Inn to see when they were going to process our credit ($209.40) - got a long sad story about how it could take up to 3-4 days for the credit to be approved?

Hoping that you will give us some type of allowance to compensate us for our horrible experience with the Roadway Inn @ Auburn?

The account number is:478041090

Thank you as I am sure this is an isolated case and we just drew the short straw during this stay?

Move2SeattleRead More
8/25/2016 Choice Privileges - I'm very Disappointed with choice rewards went on
I'm very Disappointed with choice rewards went on a 19 day vacation and could only stay in one of your hotels because you weren't able to accommodate our family we covered 8 states and slept in 5 hotels and found cheaper rates then what you offered online yet when trying to contact anybody you can't reach anyone to complain that all the stays you had in other hotels would have gotten you 1 or more free stays but that didn't happen either being an elite member its really disappointing and can't even get a reimbursement cause you don't care about your customers just the bottom line which is $$$$$ there you have it DISAPPOINTED FAMILY!!!!!

Troy MatzRead More
7/2/2016 Choice Privileges - We had great vacation (6-15-16 to 6-28-16) stays
We had great vacation (6-15-16 to 6-28-16) stays at Choice family Inns. Ashland, Ore. (1) night. North Bend, Ore. (3) nights. Crescent City, Cal. (1) night. Lakeport, Cal. (2) nights. Woodland, Cal. (1) night. All rooms & service was very adequate. Employees were great.
The problem I have is your computer generated pages for help "SUCKS".... No other way to put it. It is not user friendly. It's hard to navigate & I still can not log in to check if I have POINTS. Yes, the desk clerks tell me it will be on the card. Each location has trouble locating my acct. that I have had for approximately 7 years.
Leaving again (8-16) for 2 weeks. I can't get anything online to see if I have points for free stays on this trip without having to play phone tag with the 888 #. Surely you have some computer GEEKS that can help you out with this problem or use the Grandkids.

John Stutzman

JohnRead More
6/27/2016 Choice Privileges - Can not use my Choice Privilege number due to
Can not use my Choice Privilege number due to numbers is unreadable on my card from age please send a new card or number so I can use it on next trip. Also due I qualify for a free night if I stay 2 different times this year.
Thank You

Charles HendricksonRead More
4/27/2016 Choice Privileges - I don't know if I want to be a member, read only
I don't know if I want to be a member, read only negative report about you. I don't like dirty hotel room because I stay in hotels all the time. I read people haven't even got there free hotels stay or been staying in dirt rooms.

GabrielleRead More
1/5/2016 Choice Privileges - Thank you for caring.Your website made me smile
Thank you for caring.
Your website made me smile .

dawnRead More
12/24/2015 Choice Privileges - Quality Inn Cromwell and Middletown CT - The worst!
Hi--I'm a Platinum member and overall you do a good job--I get my free nights when I want them, and your service is OK ---I do want to report on the Quality Inn Cromwell/ Middletown, CT.--It was without exception, the WORST place I ever stayed !!! Needless to say, I will not give you the details unless you want --way too many problems !! Thanks, Norm ( Stay was 8/6/15 )

NormRead More
12/3/2015 Choice Privileges - Help with my email, username and email
my member number in JXA2203, Jimmy, I cannot enter my account on the email. the name and password are lost. I have been a member since 2008, Can you send me instructions on how to enter and see my points and the expiration date of them. we might be able to travel over the holidays did not have a phone # for your office

jimmy austinRead More
10/27/2015 Choice Privileges - Have only been a member for a short period of time
Have only been a member for a short period of time but so far have not found it worth the time. The Comfort Inn in Brooklyn was adequate but the Comfort Inn in Queens was the worse place I have ever stayed. The only redeeming quality was the bilingual lady that checked us in. She was great and helpful.
The web sight is impossible - I am trying to check on my points earned. Still can't find the right spot

EmilyRead More
10/15/2015 Choice Privileges - This is a scam I was told i would be sent a card
This is a scam I was told i would be sent a card after joining which I was not, I used the card number witch yhey gave me over the phone, in June 2015. I used the account number again and booked a reservation for 2 nights in October 2015. I called again and was told a card would be sent to me. Again it was not or anything else. I went online and could not go onto my account . Now I can not even get a hold of anyone. I was on hold for over an hour with no results. Time to contact Better Business.

LoriRead More
10/8/2015 Choice Privileges - My husband and I recently stayed at the Comfort
My husband and I recently stayed at the Comfort Inn in Huron, Ohio and as soon as we arrived we should have turned around and left. The front desk clerk was complaining about people not having their reservation numbers saying it was not her problem. I could not get onto the wifi and when I called the front desk I was simply told no one else has had problems. No help was offered. Our window would not close completely leaving a one inch gap into our room from the outside. There were dead spiders behind the bed and the bathtub did not have caulking around the tub and shower unit-showing black mildew around the tube. The bathtub was installed incorrectly-the drain of the tub was opposite of the faucet and shower head leaving one to stand in water. All in all the place felt dirty and was poorly kept. Upon leaving the hotel in the morning the front desk clerk did not say anything but just kept looking down at something and smacking her gum. If all the hotels were like this I would not want to be a Choice Privileges Member-which I have been since 2007.

SusanRead More
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