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6/28/2013 Chowking UAE - Hi..i am a regular diner at your chowking. i
Hi..i am a regular diner at your chowking. i always dine at your branch in Al Ghurair Deira, Dubai. i would like to inform you that your crew/ staff are not customer service oriented. they do not smile when you enter the premise. they do not ask your order, they just put the menu on the table and leave just like that. no words at all. also one of your supervisor was so rude when we ask if they havesweet & low sugar. he just said, we do not have without checking the other staff. All i know is that as a supervisor, you must know the stuffs in your restaurant cause it's one of your responsibilities. May i suggest that you train well your staff before letting them face others. Not just stand there and watch the customers to wave their hands.

alleneRead More
11/19/2012 Chowking UAE - buy 10000 dollar
hi dear.
i want buy 10000 dollar

bahman mohammadiRead More
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