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8/18/2015 Churchs Chicken - Churches Chicken Brainerd Rd Chattanooga TN store
Churches Chicken Brainerd Rd Chattanooga TN store #4236223501

I was being nice by calling and informing the manager at the churches chicken on Brainerd rd in Chattanooga TN about my food. I live 15mins away and I was heading home to feed my daughter. I ordered a #2 3piece mixed, with a side of mashed potatoes, and okra. Plus an apple pie. I received my food and drove home. I got home and my okra was cold and greasy like it been sitting for awhile, the mashed potatoes was cold also, my biscuit was burnt on top, but it WA also cold and soggy as if it also has been sitting!!! My dark meat was hot, but the spicy breast was cold and hard! I called and told them and the lady said if I drive back out there I could get my order cooked over fresh, I told her if I was to drive out there I would like my money back and the food. She said no and I would have to bring all the food back! Oops, I let my 2-year-old eat the leg, mashed potatoes and half the biscuit because she was hungry! So I am very upset about the fact that she will not refund my money for the chicken that was not eaten, and the pie. She didn't even try to take my name just in case I was to come back I could have my order replaced! I will not be eating there again in my life and I will inform everyone I know that eats there to double check their food to make sure it's the right temp and served as it should be.

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10/12/2012 Churchs Chicken - Earier this month SEPTEMBER 2012 I call to comment
Earier this month SEPTEMBER 2012 I call to comment about service which I received which in my opinion was good, the customer service representative on the telephone was very helpful. Upon October 11, 2012 to receive my food was told by night manager I would need to come back because the promotion was no longer valid, My question is wHY advertise if you are not going to honor. I waited for someone to explain to me the details and I just left and went to a competitor and I must admit they treated me better, and maybe I miss understood about the coupon., but maybe it was late and they wanted to go home. Daytime manager name is KATHY MOORE, GREENVILLE SOUTH CAROLINA, AUGUSTA ROAD. THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE My name was given to the front to check to see if anyone had send my name in (congratulating the server wrong thing to do) Arthea Richardson 864-484-2330, Greenville, south carolina more training is needed in customer service when it involve dealing with the public.

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