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1/21/2016 ClickN Kids Tablet - To: Purchasing Dept / Product manaer Subject :
To: Purchasing Dept / Product manaer
Subject : Our created kid mode ( android apps )for you

Dear sirs ,
We have been experiencing in developing and producing various type of electronic products and also have been experiencing in creating various type of android apps( Kids Mode) for present with kids in mind and help children learning , playing , entertainment and education.

We provide a great platform of education & entertainment for kids , we named it as “iWaWa “ , It is like a kid joy land where brings children happiness , experience and growth .

We are professional in creating the following products for our own products and also for the mobile / tablet brands
1. Kids Home : Kids home is a protective covering for network,games and learning, save the parents from anxiety and prepare the children for their bright future.
2. Kids Games : Kids games contains many customized children games, variety and novelty.
3. Kids Learning : Kids learning includes lots of education Apps, such a variety of knowledge.
4. Please refer to the following link to know more about our development :
We hope to provide you more of our product information for reference. Can we know who we can contact by email ? Your kindly and quick answers would be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards
Shirley Jang / Sales and Marketing
Excellent Media Group
email : [email protected]
skype : shirley_jang1006

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