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ClosetMaid is a leading manufacturer of home storage and organization products. ClosetMaid's products are at home improvement stores and installation companies.

Closet Maid Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:
650 SW 27th Ave
Ocala, FL 34471-2034

Phone Number

1-800-874-0008Review Needed Please Comment


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3/30/2017 ClosetMaid - I just bought the 6-cube organizer at Target
I just bought the 6-cube organizer at Target yesterday. I was eager to put it together last night. NO DIRECTIONS INCLUDED!! The only thing besides the pieces and parts was a notice saying "Please do not return this product to the store." I tried the toll free number, but it was too late and not open. I am hesitant to attempt to put it together because it's made of particle board that can easily tear if the holes don't line up. I've read comments about this product, but thought what could possibly go wrong? I can always return it --- NOT!

Called now, waited too long, ended call and went on [email protected] site. At bottom of site says it is closed now!


CJRead More
11/13/2014 ClosetMaid - I bought a dark cherry, 6 cube organizer. When I
I bought a dark cherry, 6 cube organizer. When I started to put it together, I noticed none of the screw holes were present. I could do them myself but I'm afraid I'd split the particle board. Ideas? I don't know what the return policy is at Target but I've had these shelves since Summer & just now got to a place where I can use the organizer. Ideas?

TinaRead More
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