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CNG Delivers natural gas to 155,000 customers in central Connecticut.

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1-860-524-8361 Review Needed Please Comment


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5/29/2015 CNG Connecticut Natural Gas - Connecticut Natural Gas is the worst company I've
Connecticut Natural Gas is the worst company I've ever dealt with when comes to customer service. I've been on the phone waiting to speak with someone since 8:05 am. The recording first said "the hold time would be longer than normal" which is very scary because I've waited longer than one hour to speak with someone when calling before. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, I GUESS YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT WHEN YOUR THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN !!

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3/19/2015 CNG Connecticut Natural Gas - Had to call CNG at 7:30 p.m. as I had no heat when
Had to call CNG at 7:30 p.m. as I had no heat when I came home. I didn't really expect them to come until the next day. It was a very cold and windy day. They said they would be out tonight. Service man called and was here at 10:00 p.m. Fixed the problem (thermo-coupling} in 30 minutes. I was so happy with their service. Good job CNG!!

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12/26/2013 CNG Connecticut Natural Gas - NEVER can get through!!!!!CNG made a HUGE mistake
NEVER can get through!!!!!CNG made a HUGE mistake with a payment plan and because we couldn't get through to them and also could not get an online payment to go through, our gas WAS SHUT OFF!!!!! Then after being reassured by an upper level supervisor that everything was taken care of (gas turned back on and billing corrected) we inadverently discovered that our credit rating had been affected and shortly thereafter received a letter from an attorney handling CNG's claims, that we were in arrears and collection.
Beyond belief and the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE we've ever encountered. Clearly, being a monopoly has its advantages; we poor customers just keep paying for bad service with no recourse or redress for the company's often impactuful mistakes!!! This is so sad because, before the switch in ownership, CNG's CS used to be the absolute best! All of the employees I've spoken too are SO dispirited and have expressed a desire to be able to quit, change jobs orretire, but mostly go back to the wonderful system that the company previously had so they won't have to take abuse from dissatisfied customers, of which there are too many to count. Clearly no one is happy with the changes in CNG's customer service.

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9/10/2013 CNG Connecticut Natural Gas - I'm being generous giving CNG one star
I'm being generous giving this company and their customer operations (notice I didn't call them customer service) department even one star. I'm trying to set up a start service date prior to closing on a residential property purchase. In the past several days I've called multiple customer service numbers, been put on hold every time, and spent a total of almost two hours listening to the worst Musac ever, and I still haven't been able to speak to anyone! If someone who wants to become a customer gets treated like this what's it going to be like when I'm stuck with them as my gas provider and there's a problem?

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9/4/2013 Issues with CNG Connecticut Natural Gas customer service
Same issues as everyone else. Tonight, I finally got through after 3 hours on hold and spoke about 10 words to "Valerie" before my call was promptly disconnected. Of course, no one ever called back. Are these people my only option for natural gas?

Julie Read More
8/30/2013 CNG Connecticut Natural Gas new phone system is horrible
Tried 9 times to call new system not once has it gone through this is the worst cust service I have ever had, min hold time over 20 minutes I have watsted 160 minutes or more off my life trying to talk to a human to talk about a service plan

Suzanne Read More
8/17/2013 CNG Connecticut Natural Gas - CNG has the Worst billing website. I can't pay bill from my phone
Worst billing website. Can't pay bill from my iPhone like I do for 20 other merchants.
Web page says sorry . Temporary issue . That temp notice has been there for years.
They want you to turn on cookies.
This company is so 1964.

Consumer Read More
8/8/2013 CNG Connecticut Natural Gas - Attempting to contact customer service for 3 Hours
Attempting to contact customer service to make appointment to have burner checked and serviced per contract. No contact made for 3 hours while dialing the Greenwich number 203-869-6900. No one picks up this number once you reach your musical arrangements. Music repeated thru 11 songs. Frustrated to say the least. Please call my home number


Glen W. Yantorno Read More
4/3/2013 CNG Connecticut Natural Gas - You sent me a note saying my Gas Meter needed replacement
You sent me a note saying my Gas Meter needed replacement. I have tried to penetrate your telephone system (860-524-8361) but the hold times are over 45 minutes and I hang up in frustration. I have tried for 2 days but have other things in my life. You have the absolute worst Customer Service System I have ever encountered. This was the very first time I have called CNG in the 45 years I have been your customer. If you want to change my meter, I will cooperate but I don't have infinite patience with your lousy system or poor management thereof.
You say my account and call is important to you but obviously it is not. This is an urgent communication from a CUSTOMER and you say it may take 5 businss days to respond...I would hope not. Please call me and I will arrange a date for meter replacement.

Charles F. Reis Read More
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