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1 Penn Plz Fl 5 New York, NY, 10119

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Tech Support: 1-212-596-2000
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4/12/2016 Columbia House DVD - Just like the customer since 2013 was trying to
Just like the customer since 2013 was trying to purchase something found out Columbia house DVD club billing against me I never know them from nowhere. Jean Claude From massachusett

Jean Claude Read More
1/31/2016 Columbia House DVD - Wheres is the phone number for Columbia House?
Wheres is the phone number for Columbia House?

miles Read More
8/29/2014 Columbia House DVD - I received a letter from ATG Credit saying I owed
I received a letter from ATG Credit saying I owed $55.91 for a Columbia House order from back in 2008. I moved in my present home about then and have never ordered anything from them at that time. Have never received a bill from Columbia House and now in 2014 I get a bill from this Credit agency. They where willing to settle the account for $31.00 if I would like to pay today. I told them I was not paying for something I did not order. I too asked them what it was that I ordered and they could not tell me. I them asked for a number to Columbia House and was told that they could not give out client information. Really? BBB should investigate this Credit Company because they are trying to scam a lot of people.

Tanya Read More
7/19/2014 Columbia House DVD - I look o n my credit report it said I order movies
I look o n my credit report it said I order movies from Columbia house I never order any at all so ilike themclear it on my credit report itmessing up things

william Read More
5/28/2014 Columbia House DVD - Columbia House is not to be trusted
I ordered two movies. I paid in full using my credit card. (4/2/8/14). never received the movies. I have written twice, yet NO answer. I want my fu.... money back! Columbia House is not to be trusted. They take your money and don't deliver what is promised. I am so done with them!

Renier Read More
2/10/2014 Columbia House DVD - Called the Columbia House 800-number provided
Called the 800-number provided earlier to get a Customer Service address since it is otherwise nowhere to be found. The agent that answered gave me to following: Member Service Ctr, PO Box 916400, Rantoul, IL 61866-6400. Mailing a credit dispute letter ASAP!!

JC Read More
1/3/2014 Columbia House DVD - I am being billed $27.56 a month for DVD's I didn't order
I am being billed $27.56 a month for DVD's I do not order or accept from the directors selection, I do return them if I forget to decline the directors selection...I call the 800 number and it is always busy...WHY? I have returned 3 DVD's that I did not order, and my account was only credited that amount of $27.56 once... WHY?

Tommy Read More
9/9/2013 Columbia House DVD - Columbia House mistake - sending me 2 of the same movie
I have 2 of the same movies"Black Rock". I already paid for the first one that was billed to me in August of 2013. Now I get the same movie in the mail on September 6th 2013.. So I am returning the same movie in the box it came in. I believe I should have a credit in my account because of the billing. Columbia House has made a mistake . This movie was intended to be my free movie.

David Read More
9/6/2013 Columbia House DVD - Fed up with Columbia House customer service
I am a new member, 3 months, and am very fed up with Columbia House. I have emailed customer service a numerous amount of times and only get a reply email that they got my email and will get back to me. I placed a $60 order over a month and a half ago and have heard or seen nothing. My account page says the order is still processing.. It is ridiqulous. I have charges on my check account and I am getting nor response to my emails about them. pat

Pat Read More
8/24/2013 Columbia House DVD - I want to pay and reopen my Columbia House account
I was an active member until 2006, due to job demotion. I stopped paying my bill and now I would my account reopened. I want to make arrangements to pay my past to continue membership. Please response to this message.

allison Read More
8/7/2013 I have been a customer of Columbia House DVD Club
I have been a customer of Columbia House DVD Club for years and have had pretty good service in the past but now I am receiving dvds that I DID NOT ORDER, HAVE BEEN CHARGED FOR and cannot get anyone to respond to my inquires as to what is happening. I now cannot find my account on their site. I have called, e mailed and written and no reply of help. THIS IS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. What is a customer to do ?

Scarlet Read More
12/28/2012 Columbia House DVD - I have sent 6 e-mails to the columbia house
I have sent 6 e-mails to the columbia house customer service, in regards to return a DVD. It was poorly produced and poor quality. They have blatantly ignored my e-mails. How is that for customer satisfaction? Or is their new moto, ignore and disrespect our customers. Two of the monkeys I have contacted were, Stephen and Sam. They have come up with lame excuses and stalls. They, I would believe do not understand the AMERICAN language or are totally ignorant. I explained very clearly the reason for the return of the DVD in question. This was done in 6 different e-mails. This also included having credited to my account. I would also believe, drawing a picture of this situation would more and likely confuse their PEA BRAINS. What kind of monkeys does columbia house hire?
I had explained to these clowns, that the feed back for columbia house would be negative and not positive. This was also totally ignored, as if they were thinking, who cares. You are just one person, making a threat, the columbia house will back us up,not you.

Michele[Micki] Read More
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