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11/6/2015 Comfort Inn - I would like to say something positive regarding
I would like to say something positive regarding my fabulous stay at your comfort inn at Lawrenceville/swannee Georgia, we stayed 1 nite going to Blue Ridge Mts and one nite returning to Florida, I will say love the rooms, pillows, clean room, nice lobby, but the employee who was so wonderful to us with local info, and where to eat was Nicki , front desk employee, she was great, please give the credit this valuable employee deserves, We really enjoyed her, I will say one of the funny things about this hotel was your indoor pool was not that inviting, I know this hotel is right off highway, but the pool for an indoor pool was not heated, COLD! and not much light, I am from the north and like refreshing cool water but that pool definitely needs some heat, plants , some kind of lighting, thanks for the great stay, and the kindness of front desk clerk, Nicki, sincerely, Ethel Jones

EthelRead More
7/17/2013 Comfort Inn, Forrest City, Arkansas is a great place
Comfort Inn, Forrest City, Arkansas is a great place to stay. The staff was great, the rooms were clean and it is one of the few hotels that actually gave us the room request that we asked for. We will definately stay there again in the future.

LisaRead More
7/21/2011 I want you to know that Comfort Inn in Davison, MI
I want you to know that Comfort Inn in Davison, MI has put me in a financial bind by their absurd actions.
I called to cancel my reservations for June 24th, a couple of months ago, the clerk said she would call me back with the cancellation number, but never did and they charged me $746.00 for rooms I DID NOT USE! I'm retired and can't afford this at all. The wedding was cancelled and I can't help it if they have irresponsible employees that don't follow through. NOW, Comfort Inn wants me to PROVE that I called them back and want a date I did.
The next best thing, is NOW, I HAVE TO SUBPEONA MY OWN PHONE RECORDS FROM AT&T, because they don't keep details phone calls. SO, I HAVE TO NOW GET AN ATTORNEY TO GET MY OWN DAMN PHONE NUMBERS!!!!
Your company is so pissing me off and I'm telling everyone that your not a reputable company and I would NEVER recommend you to anyone. I've reported you to the Consumer's Afairs and I also contaced ABC/Nightline to investigate your tactics.
I'm so damn tired of being taken advantage. Comfort Inn should have canceled the rooms regardless by 6pm if no one showed up. They are trying to tell me they could have rented them out numerous times, but I really doubt that. As Davison is a very small community and they no way would have had that many people wanting rooms in one night. That's B.S.
I would appreciate if you could refund me my money, since it was YOUR employees fault that she didn't call me back with my cancellation number.
So, help me, when and if I don't get my money back or when and if I get the stupid phone numbers from AT&T that my lawyer has to NOW request. I will sue Comfort and Inn and your corporation royally.

Kaye Read More
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