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8/18/2015 I am a former employee of Comfort Suites in Salina, KS
I am a former employee of Comfort Suites in Salina Kansas. I actually am not sure that this is who I need to be in contact with, although I am sure you could direct me on who to contact if need be. I have had a serious matter at work happen, it is a legal matter and if I do not speak with someone who would be of assistance I will continue on in making this the legal matter it has the potential to become. I wanted to take the time and speak to one of the men or women in the corporate office out of respect for the hotel as well as myself. If there is any way you can assist me on trying to figure who I need to speak with or what I need to do I would greatly appreciate it.

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8/13/2015 Where can I make a complaint about Comfort Suites?
Where can I make a complaint about Comfort Suites?

Good Afternoon,
I was looking for some assistance and hoping you can guide me to where I would be able to make a formal complaint about an experience I had at the Comfort Suites Hotel in New Jersey because. When I asked the GM to assist in getting the number or email address for the corporate office he did not respond since the complaint was regarding the way he handled the situation . Please let me know who I can send an email to or put in phone call to. Thank you and have a good evening.

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12/27/2012 Comfort Suites - Comfort Inn Customer Service Review 2012/2013
Comfort Inn Customer Service Review 2012/2013


On December 18, 2012 my fiance and I stayed in the Comfort Suites in Englewood, Colorado off Jefferson ave. Since we had just had a real bad experience at a different hotel, we decided to stay here. the facility was nicer than the other place and things were looking up. but after the first night, we placed the "do not disturb" sign on the door and received a typed letter under the door saying that if we had our sign on the door AFTER 10 am we had to call the front desk, and ask to have our room serviced. We left the room at 11:30 am and took down the sign since it was no longer needed and we didn't need our room serviced. When we returned at 9:30 pm we found a letter on our bed saying, "we serviced your room, but there was stuff all over the bed and room and they were told not to touch personal belongings..." Come to find out some of my personal belongings HAD been touched, and even worse were MISSING!!! When i told the gentleman about what had happened he took down some notes and told me maybe they were just cleaning up trash and so on. If that was the fact then why was there still trash around my room, and cleaning supplies were left on my vanity, like they found something they wanted and ran out. when i talked to the lady at the front desk in the morning they told me that I had misplaced my belongings and they would not do such a thing. When I talked to the manager and she let me get about 3 words out before she started talking over me and telling me to call the police. When the police got there they told me i over stayed my welcome and needed to leave.

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