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1-800-752-6633Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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1/10/2011 Consolidated Edison - i agree with rochelle
i agree with rochelle

sonjaRead More
2/12/2010 Consolidated Edison - My husband has been a loyal Con Ed customer for
My husband has been a loyal Con Ed customer for years. He is disabled, and I am the only bread winner, on a city worker's salary. I cancelled one check book series at the Chase next to me in Forest Hills, as I had misplaced the checkbook series. This has caused me a lot of trouble, as a check I did not ask to be cancelled was cancelled by them. I subsequently found the misplaced checkbook, and wrote some checks. Strangely, some checks were paid in this series, and some were not. I will have to pay the returned check fee, but request that you waive the .50 cent charge. This is a time of great financial hardship for me, as I am paying both my husbands bills, and my bills. I think this should be worked out somehow.

RochelleRead More
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