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1/15/2013 Contact Senator Barbara Mikulski - Honorable Mikulski, im a combat veteran of 2 wars
Honorable Mikulski, im a combat veteran of 2 wars on the FRONT LINE!! My name is Dante n. Kimble. Im emailing you because on 1 Jan, 2013, i was in a wreck on the 1800 block of wolfe an biddle st., where the car that hit me in the BACK, than proceeded to back out and run!! About 3 blks away they (the vehicle that hit me) ran a red light and almost hit a police cruiser! The 2 witnesses that stop to help myself and wife was on the phone calln 911. Well, as my wife was chaseing the vehicle that hit us to get the TAG #, she was yelln for the officer to stop so she could let him know that they ran from the seen of a accident, the officer pulled off!!!!! I was hurt, so sum officers pulled up an we (myself, wife, and 2 witnesses), try to tell the police that it was a hit n run! Well, no1 did anything or would listen!!! The guys saw the police with us an decided to come to us. He than told the police he was at fault, but the 2 guy, in front of the police, threatened my an my family life!!! Nothing was said or done!!! Every1 could see that the guys had been DRINKING an the officer they almost collided into, while running the red light, ONLY TOOK THEIR KEYS AN LOCKED THEM OUT THEIR VEHICLE!!!! To our amazement none of the officers did NOTHING but gave us change of information forms for a accident. Im a COMBAT VETERAN with COMBAT PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)! Is this what i fought for for my country? Is this why my child died while i was in combat (i couldnt make the funeral because i was in war) so that people can drink, drive, an cause accidents an so the police dont have to do paperwork they just let CONVICTS go! Who freedom did i FIGHT for? I cant sleep at night because of the threats that was said to me an my family! I have nightmares about the guys doing things to me an my family! Where is the justice? One of the guys even said (in front of the police) F... The police im NOT SCARED of them either! Again nothing was said to them! Protect and Serve, who? Ive tried to get in touch with SOME1 to help me. Where is it? My family live in Baltimore an Vote! Ive tried to get in touch with I.A. an no1 has called me back. I understand officers stick together, but is it with the criminals as well? Can i PLEASE GET SOME HELP in this matter? Thank you in advance!

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