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Former Senator Blance Lincoln was Chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee, Senator Lincoln provided Arkansas a strong voice on issues important to rural communities. Lincoln played a key role in brokering the compromise that led to passage of the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008. Also known as the ?farm bill,? this legislation provides more resources for nutrition, conservation, rural development, and renewable energy than ever before. The 2008 farm bill also maintains a safety net for our family farmers who produce traditional commodity crops so that they can compete in the global marketplace.

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12/19/2012 Contact Senator Blanche Lincoln - Dear Senator Blanche Lincoln,I am writing you
Dear Senator Blanche Lincoln,

I am writing you with concerns over the tragic events that occured in Conn. I am hoping that this nation can pull together to try and sort out problems of this nature, which seem to only be growing in number. I know that we all are given the right to bear arms. However, I see no reason whatever for anyone to be able to own semi-automatics.........none at all unless they are at war. I would like to ask you to try and begins motions to end the selling of these weapons.

I also believe that sad though it be, we are in deep need of watch dogs at our schools. It hit home with the last shooting in that I know someone who's grandchild of the age of 6 was killed during this horrific episode.

This is going to be a tough job to figure how to make things safer for us all. The break down of the American family is a fact, single mothers are a fact.

The first thing I believe that may begin things is to take away semi automatic weapons. There is much to be done.

Please know that I understand how difficult your job is and appreciate your help.

NancyRead More
2/4/2012 Contact Senator Blanche Lincoln - us seniors in elm springs needs help. the council
us seniors in elm springs needs help. the council has decided to have a trash pickup ?????? we have allways done a complete recycle, we don't need a trash service , cant afford it on soc sec. they say its mandatory, no say ,no vote ?? is this america or mexico ??? i've been threatened today , take it , a citation , or jail . i'm 66 yrs old , a nam -vet disabled. what in the heck is this . we need quick help, i'll not live in jail , very bad health. they may take our home also, cause we wont pay for trash pickup. this seems like germany dictatorship, and we are full true americans , no green cards here. the city is going bankrupt and want us to give our savings to them , 1 way or another. several on the council are very rich from prior years . we have no vote -- no say , this is not the american way , help us .

carl blanchardRead More
11/21/2011 Contact Senator Blanche Lincoln - Dear Blanche Lincoln, I am Brian and I am in dire
Dear Blanche Lincoln, I am Brian and I am in dire need of help! I filed unemployment on Sept. 21 and have not gotten a reply or a return from my numeropus calls. I am out of work for two months, broke, scared, and I am watching my families faith in me fall to the point I can't look my child in the eye. I was being sued for assault. which has been dropped now, but Butterball does not excuse court dates or Dr.s notes. I was away from work and my termination for absence is no doubt legal, but I did not ask to be sued, I did not ask for my wife and child to have illnesses. My electric will be cut off soon I am sure, my wife is losing any faith in my having a future and I am losing everything to no fault of my own. Help me keep this family together!!! PLEASE!!! I need a hand to help pick me up and I swear I will stand and be counted!

BrianRead More
8/22/2011 Contact Senator Blanche Lincoln - Seantor Lincoln, I am writing to you in hopes
Seantor Lincoln,
I am writing to you in hopes for your help on trying to find my father. I know this is a somewhat difficult case, but I believe with assistance I could maybe find some closure. Thirty-five years ago my father went missing and has never been seen again. He went missing when I was three months old and growing up I did not know about his. Now that I am an adult I am in search of finding my father or at least some closure for my situation. Last year I started trying to report him missing with no luck. Nobody wanted to open the case with no evidence to go on. In the past two months he has finally been reported missing, but I am having trouble getting my DNA out there and getting records on him. I need some help or advice on which way to proceed. I have appeared on Channel 11 and had my story written about in the Ay Magazine. I am also working with Todd Matthews with NamUS, Colleen Nick of the Morgan Nick Foundation, Little Rock Police Department and numerous others that have been supportive. I look forward to hearing from you on this matter. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

AmyRead More
6/14/2011 Contact Senator Blanche Lincoln - Dear Senator Lincoln; If you were to run for
Dear Senator Lincoln;
If you were to run for president of the United States I would guarantee a monthly donation of $50.00 a month to be taken out of my account automatically. The people of Arkansas did not vote for John Boozman, instead they voted against President Obama and Nancy Pelosi and you got caught in the middle. Arkansans will regret what they have done. It was an old west type of justice. It doesn't matter if you hang the guilty party as long as you hang someone. I believe it would take someone of your caliber to put the United States back on track.

HaroldRead More
4/17/2011 Contact Senator Blanche Lincoln - Mrs. Lincoln Im so sorry you did not win the
Mrs. Lincoln Im so sorry you did not win the election. I voted faithfully for you. I need your help locating Kathy Bozinski (sp. ?) who worked for you in your office. She helped us with an issue with passport services and we desperately need her statement in writing on our request with her. This could help my husband in court greatly. His court is May 19th so please contact me asap. Or please have Kathy contact me at in Arkansas. My email is also Thank you,

JudiRead More
4/8/2011 Contact Senator Blanche Lincoln - Ms.Lincoln i am a very concerned family member of
Ms.Lincoln i am a very concerned family member of a military officer. it is very unsettling to find out that not only did his pay get cut when he went back to active duty but his wife, my cousin, is still waiting for his pay to arrive so she can pay bills and feed their 3 children. the most disturbing part about the whole situation is that our military men and women are going without pay but government officials are managing to get their pay just fine. you can understand my frustration since my family is very close and we were raised more like siblings than cousins. any help to push the budget through would be greatly appreciated by not only my family but thousands of others that are in the same boat. thank you

katieRead More
3/21/2011 Contact Senator Blanche Lincoln - I have recently lost my husband, James Gillespie
I have recently lost my husband, James Gillespie whom served in the US Army from 1968-1974 and was honorably discharged. He passed on Dec.8,2010 in the Little Rock VA Hospital oa a condition he contracted while in Vietnam War. I immediately file for death and service connected benefits at the NLR location and was told by the worker that if I had not heard anything in 2 weeks to come back to that location. Well, I have since spoken with numerous workers over the telephone and was given different time frames from 6,9 and as long as a year to receive my husbands benefits because of a back log they are dealing with of cases. In the meantime, my children and I are having a difficult time surving. I am currently using the computer at my church at RockCreek. I have also contacted The American Legion, DHS and others in the United States Senate to no avail. If you can please help us speed this process, we would be grateful and blessed.

Thank You for your time, Valerie Gillespie

ValerieRead More
2/28/2011 Contact Senator Blanche Lincoln - I am needing your help to get my daughter placed
I am needing your help to get my daughter placed with my grandmother and please contact me at or at I can really use your help as soon as possible

kimbreleyRead More
12/20/2010 Contact Senator Blanche Lincoln - I just want to say, us older people are realy
I just want to say, us older people are realy having a hard time. We need raises in our SS and congress is going to have to stop giving themselvies raises. We worked all our lives to live on SS and we need it. Between my husband and my SS we some times on;y have $50. left to eat on. When taxes are do we see what we can sell to pay them. We do keep up with our bills, but go without lots. PLEASE give us our raises. thank you Jo and Dale

Jo and DaleRead More
11/3/2010 Contact Senator Blanche Lincoln - ObamaCare = Defeate
ObamaCare = Defeate

VotersRead More
11/3/2010 Contact Senator Blanche Lincoln - ObamaCare = Defeate
ObamaCare = Defeate

VotersRead More
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