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7/23/2012 Contact Senator Bob Corker - Please have Mr. Corker watch this video about the
Please have Mr. Corker watch this video about the DTCC an arm of the Federal Reserve Bank. Marvin Harris ]
The above link will provide a very interesting explanation of the CMKM fraud situation explained by Dr. Susanne Trimbath on a Phoenix radio program. Â The discussion picks up at the six minute mark and is quite detailed and worth a listen. Â I don't particularly espouse the views of the interviewer, however Dr.Trimbath's analysis of this crime is startling.
About Dr. Trimbath:
Susanne Trimbath, Ph.D. is CEO and Chief Economist of STP Advisory Services. Dr. Trimbath’s credits include appearances on national television and radio programs and the Emmy® Award nominated Bloomberg report Phantom Shares. Dr. Trimbath served as a Technical Advisor to the California Economic Strategy Panel and Associate Professor of Finance and Business Economics at University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. Dr. Trimbath was formerly Senior Research Economist at the Milken Institute and Senior Advisor on the Russian capital markets project for KPMG.

MarvinRead More
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