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10/30/2016 Contact Senator Charles Schumer - I am writing to you about the loan modification
I am writing to you about the loan modification process. Took a 1ST &2ND mortgage from Countrywide in12/2006 in 01/2009 with the collapse of the markets I tried to get a loan modification 1st loan went from countrywide to bank of America to SLS after Steve Isreal inquired I believe because my loan was moved 10 days later to Nationstar LLC 2nd mortgage countrywide to BAC to Greentree to SLS servicer. I lost my business in 2009 was doing it for 20 yrs mac(10) and matco(10) tool fanchaise..In 01/2009 I hired a company Manhattan mortgage to seek a loan modification victum of robo signing Loans My property is listed in Meres settlement 26 Billion fine to BAC got nowhere hired a lawyer and then another lawyer have no results as of yet. submmited paperwork over 20 times at least still no result never talked to the assigned person for loan. These were interest only loans predatory from countrywide bait and switch was also involved. This is going on for 7plus yrs. I am a Vietnam combat Veteran 1967-68 light infantry brigade did not know I had PTSD for over 40 years, I am being treated now. I am writing today for 2 reasons today was my sons birthday but he overdosed on pills 2yrs ago there needs be be a way where parents can help there kids after 18 because they just sign themselves out of rahab. unless the police get involved. he was an honor student in high school and college. He gave me a hard time why I could not resolve the loan situation the stress took its toll Nationstar LLC SLS Greentree should before the senate banking committee. I am now faced with a deadline again These loans were interest only. if u can refer a phone number it would be appreciated I am afraid of all the scams Thank you for your service

charlesRead More
7/16/2015 Contact Senator Charles Schumer - urging you to not support Iran accord
urging you to not support Iran accord

Joel AllenRead More
2/9/2014 Contact Senator Charles Schumer - The money being spent on illegals in this country
All the money being spent on illegals in this country and Chuckie wants to streamline them and then the next wave so putz's like him can get their vote!

PatrickRead More
11/9/2012 Contact Senator Charles Schumer - Mr. Schumer I read your comment over immigration
Mr. Schumer I read your comment over immigration and "The whole country demands reform" What planet are you living on sir? For decades this country has demanded a wall be built & never asked for amnesty. Maybe its good for democratic votes but not this country. As New Yorker and a tax payer I DO NOT WANT AMNESTY. How long have tax payers said to shore up welfare and put a term limit on it? Either you work for us or you work for illegals., take your pick. Keep talking about the illegals and the latinos sir an you are as unpatriotic as it gets and do not do the will of the people.

LinRead More
2/10/2012 Contact Senator Charles Schumer - HI, My name is Silvy , I am a community leader on
HI, My name is Silvy , I am a community leader on long Island. My question is, I would like to attend the NYS Association of Black and Puerto Rican legislators Annual Caucus, which will be held on February 18,2012. What kind of transportation or carpull is available in Suffolk County New York to get us that want to get involved, to Albany.Please contact my office if possible.Thanks and keep working for us. God Bless You

silvyRead More
11/4/2011 Contact Senator Charles Schumer - Do not bail out the Bank of America, or any other
Do not bail out the Bank of America, or any other bank that is "too big to fail".

MarianRead More
7/29/2011 Contact Senator Charles Schumer - Dear Senator Schumer, I am a 62 year old male, my
Dear Senator Schumer, I am a 62 year old male, my whole household depends on how this comes out. I am about to receive my first social security check, and you folks are talking about cutting it. Also I gave this country 20 years of my life as I am US Army retired. You folks not only want to cut social security but also my military retirement, if this is done then my family is living on nothing. I have never seen anything such as this before in this country, we are the greatest country in the world and can't even figure out a way to stop from going bankrupt. We still have people living in tents in the south due to hurricane Katrina, this year we have had many floods, droughts and tornados, now hurricanes are just around the corner again. Where is the rest of the world in our time of need, lets bring home some of our foreign aid and our budget could be balanced. Lets make things a little more even as far as the rich and middle class, and poor go. Please do not cut the only programs that we the older generation have to look forward to. As our congressmen and senators lets work on a program to help the AMERICAN people and quit trying to police and take care of the rest of the world. Thank You for your time.

BrianRead More
7/26/2011 Contact Senator Charles Schumer - Dear Senator Schumer: Please balance the budget
Dear Senator Schumer:

Please balance the budget and cut the wasteful spending and do not touch Social Security. The budget is full of cuts that need to be taken without hurting the elderly. We have paid into Social Security this is not a gimmie!!!!! We the American people are looking to Washington for direction and to somehow get us out of the mess congress has put us in. It did not happen overnight so I have no idea why it has to come down to the zero hour before such dire action, before August 2, needs to be taken. We have to restructure our spending habits and work within our means. We have never been through something like this before and I hope we never do again. It is time to work as a united Nation not one party against another!!!!! Such a waste of time and energy with neither party willing to budge.It is time to put politics aside and get on with the business at hand. The Americal People cannot take much more. Perhaps it is time to go back to the basics. With so many citizens out of work and nowhere to turn can't we focus on turning that around. We don't need to make anymore people homeless. I listened intently last night to the president and the speaker and also you. I came away not knowing what any of you intend to do. Do you have a guaranteed list of cuts besides Social Securty? Perhaps it is time to cut senetorial salaries as a lot of you are not working up to your potential. I don't believer a blank check is the answer but cutting our spending is. There are so many programs with such wasteful spending cannot we just look over these and decide which we can really do without. I respectfully submit my comments. You have been a long standing senator of New York your reputation speaks for itself. Please help the Ameican people. Especially the elderly!!!!!

RuthRead More
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