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Senator Elect Dan Coats pledges to cut taxes and limit spending, stop new energy taxes and to reduce the deficit through spending cuts and entitlement reforms.

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2/12/2013 Contact Senator Dan Coats - Dr. Sen. Dan Coats Im a regestered voter im total
Dr. Sen. Dan Coats Im a regestered voter im total against any new gun and ammo bans this is all very wrong, it is just more control on all law abyding people. sincerley Donald Lamb

DonaldRead More
6/4/2012 Contact Senator Dan Coats - I am very concerned with the reported support by
I am very concerned with the reported support by Hillary for a treaty driven by the UN to limit or deny our Second Amendment rights. The Democrats are fighting gun rights. The President is opposed to guns. The only Constitutional defenders are the Republicans in the Senate, so we hope for and request your support. The president has walked all over a flacid Congress. It is time for the Congress to defend their perogratives while they still can.

bobRead More
5/26/2012 Contact Senator Dan Coats - I have a negative comment regarding the Republican
I have a negative comment regarding the Republican handling of the budget and trying to balance the budget on the backs of the middle class and while continuing to give away billions to foreign countries. I hesitate to add it due to censorship by the webmaster.

jtaRead More
4/18/2012 Contact Senator Dan Coats - I was so upset when I watched the video of the
I was so upset when I watched the video of the people getting arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial - if you haven't seen it, watch it. It's appalling.
I wrote Senator Lugar and Coats:

I am not political in any fashion but when I see our freedoms taken away one at a time, I am VERY ALARMED. Being able to dance, sing, talk are all covered under our First amendment! Please watch the video PROTECT OUR FREEDOM Mr. Coats!

TeresaRead More
12/13/2011 Contact Senator Dan Coats - Dan Coats is a great man
Dan Coats is a great man

LyynnRead More
10/3/2011 Contact Senator Dan Coats - I am very opposed to the stand you have taken
I am very opposed to the stand you have taken concerning muni bonds. when i bought a muni bond i may have received 4%. I could have received 5.5% taxable. to change the status of tax free bonds retroactively is what obama did when he put union workers ahead of secured bond holders in the chrysler bankrupsey. who will ever want to buy bonds again? if you remove the tax exempt status from these bonds. how much extra will it cost all tax payers to fund these projects----if they will trust the terms of the bond at all? i have lived in ind. for 50 yrs. and have supported you in the past. i would like to continue to do so.
bob beach

bobRead More
8/2/2011 Contact Senator Dan Coats - I just heard you speak on Roe and Roeper about the
I just heard you speak on Roe and Roeper about the cost of a medical test. I have BC/BS. They have contracted prices with providers. THE PATIENT CANNOT FIND OUT THE PRICE IN ADVANCE!! Even when she screams bloody murder over the phone. I could not find out the most economical provider when I was anticipating treatment. I do not usually give up, but after 2 hours on the phone with BS, hearing a lady repeat irrelevant info over and over, I finally did give up. It is not possible to try to be economical. Because the contracted price was made on my behalf (by people who are being paid with my premiums), I insisted I was entitled to the information, but they did not agree. What could their motivation possibly be?

SusanRead More
7/22/2011 Contact Senator Dan Coats - Dear Senator Coats, I thank you for your support
Dear Senator Coats,

I thank you for your support of the American veteran. If there were only a way to get Hoosier veterans from the bottom of the pile - typically the lowest average benefit is paid to Hoosier veterans compared with all the states. I contend that the Indianapolis Regional Office's personnel are not properly trained and do not understand their legal obligations. The people, procedures, and records of the office need to be scrutinzed. The veterans who are dishonored by the deplorable treatment received at the office should be interviewed to get an idea of why Indiana is ranked dead last.

Henry W. SchnittkerRead More
5/19/2011 Contact Senator Dan Coats - I'd like to know what your rational was when you
I'd like to know what your rational was when you voted against stoping subsides for Big and very profitable oil in a time of National economic stress.

EdwardRead More
5/10/2011 Contact Senator Dan Coats - Dear Senator Coats, I have not yet received a
Dear Senator Coats, I have not yet received a response to my inquiry, dated 28 February 2011. Will you be kind enough to forward my message to the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs with your recommendation that they investigate the VA's defiance of statutory law and contempt of binding opinion? Sincerely, Henry W. Schnittker, Greenfield, IN

BillRead More
4/7/2011 Contact Senator Dan Coats - The Republicans obviously view Americans as
The Republicans obviously view Americans as deadbeats. The Republican budget not only hurts the people of America but has numbers which are laughable. The American people do not support Republican policies. My answer to everything that Republicans say about the deficit is "What about the Bush tax cuts?" Your agenda is immoral and unacceptable.

SallyRead More
2/28/2011 Contact Senator Dan Coats - Dear Senator Coats,Although VA adjudicators have
Dear Senator Coats,
Although VA adjudicators have repeatedly implied in adjudicative decisions for my claim that all issues of contention have been satisfactorily resolved, those adjudicators unanimously failed to address my corroborated reports of the VA’s violations of the rule-making procedure as established by the Agent Orange Act of 1991, {"If the Secretary determines that a presumption of service connection is not warranted, the Secretary, not later than 60 days after making the determination, shall publish in the Federal Register a notice of that determination. The notice shall include an explanation of the scientific basis for that determination.”}
, as clarified in an authoritative opinion of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Lefevre v DVA, 15 September 1995, {“Until the Secretary had acted, there was no existing law regarding presumptions for the Department to follow.”},
and as reinforced by 5USC §552, {“Except to the extent that a person has actual and timely notice of the terms thereof, a person may not in any manner be required to resort to, or be adversely affected by, a matter required to be published in the Federal Register and not so published.”}
Additional issues, unfairly adverse to my claim and created by the VA’s administrative negligence, have not been acknowledged in adjudication. The VA’s numerous failures to reply to legally regulated requests for records, information, and amendments to record have been compounded by the VA’s refusal to acknowledge corroborated reports of their negligence, their misconduct and their other legal improprieties.
The VA’s General Counsel, after receiving my FOIA/PA appeal, dated 30 June 2010, has not complied with statutory law established under 5USC §552a which requires a timely reply to the appellant. Instead of reviewing my appeal and determining a solution within 30 days of the date of my appeal, the General Counsel chose to allow the RO another opportunity to provide me with a deceitful reply. The RO’s reply, dated 19 August 2010, was another misrepresentative communication from the very office that had directed me to the General Counsel. My follow-up letter, dated 30 August 2010, requesting the General Counsel’s attention to this matter has not been acknowledged by that office.
For unstated reasons the RO, the BVA, and the General Counsel have not replied to my requests initially submitted to the RO on 25 November 2005 and to the BVA on 31 August 2007: Is there an acceptable reason for a veteran’s corroborated report of the VA’s unlawful handling of evidence to remain unacknowledged for 5 years? Is there a compelling reason that the BVA ignored my corroborated reports of a judge’s violation of a Board rule, instead ruling unfairly on two non-existent motions for reconsideration? With reference to the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and to the misconduct of a Public Contact Coach at the Indianapolis Regional Office: Have you received from the VA a reasonable explanation that my attempt to provide corroborating evidence implicating the coach and others in misconduct detrimental to my claim was cut short by the coach’s order for my removal from the VA’s property? I have not.
Recognizing the VA’s refusal to adjudicate my claim fairly, I simply ask that my record be amended to include long-suppressed truths:

• That the adjudicators did not consider all the evidence.
• That the adjudicators did not address and resolve all the issues of contention.
• That the RO had implemented a procedure to falsely justify the destruction of physical evidence that had been challenged by me, a procedure that was not supported by statutory authority.
• That legally challenged evidence was not identified in subsequent legal decisions.
• That evidence of record had been withheld by the VA and had been misidentified and falsified in legal documents.

As the VA cannot justify their actions within 10 days or 90 days or 5 years, please ask Secretary Shinseki how the VA’s claim to be the veteran’s principal advocate can be believed by the veterans being bullied by his subordinates.
Henry W. Schnittker

Henry W. SchnittkerRead More
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