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Senator Jerry Moran has spent his life working for commonsense Kansas principles, like reducing the size of government, reducing Washington?s out-of-control spending, lowering your taxes, and preserving Kansas values.

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2/18/2013 Contact Senator Jerry Moran - Please do not approve the nomination of Charles
Please do not approve the nomination of Charles Hagel as we feel he is greatly underqualified to be Secretary of Defense.

Harold and Patsy SiemsenRead More
12/4/2012 Contact Senator Jerry Moran - Senator Moran, Please do not let Obama bring in
Senator Moran, Please do not let Obama bring in the united nations to interfear with our laws in the USA. Pleasae vote no on the CPRD bill. Thank tyou.

Donald Du BoisRead More
5/24/2011 Contact Senator Jerry Moran - Senator; We are giving up our rights one by one
Senator; We are giving up our rights one by one and in such a subtle manner that many don't even recognize the reality. A 6 year old child in trouble for offering candy canes to friends because it had religious overtones? Come on! America is supposed to have freedom OF religion, not FROM religion. We must get back to our core values andquite allowing liberal judges, like the 9th circuit, to make these outlandish decisions. Another item of grave concern is Mr. Obama's "request" that Israel return to the 1967 borders. That is so far off the radar of true knowledge of Israels role in world affairs that it was totally stunning and jaw dropping. Please, Senator, defend Israel as well as you would America. The Bible says clearly that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed.Please be a voice for Israel and challenge those who want to see her demise. Giving back the blood soaked land won in 1967 would be a crime and a sin God will not tolerate. Thank you for reading this.

KarenRead More
11/13/2010 Contact Senator Jerry Moran - Meriden Ks 66512Senator Jerry

Meriden Ks 66512

Senator Jerry Moran:

Congratulations on your election.
As your first action on your new job PLEASE
REPEAL ALL Obama health care.
also include Peloci's Ketchup factory in Somolia.

Thank You

G E Davis

GeneRead More
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