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Senator Jim DeMint
State: South Carolina
Party: Republican

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1-202-224-6121Review Needed Please Comment


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12/27/2012 Contact Senator Jim DeMint - Jim, you need to run in 2016 for the President of
Jim, you need to run in 2016 for the President of the United States. You know we have driven over the cliff and will be dropping to our knees because of the spending policies that are in place by the Deomocrats and the sold out Republicans who wish to be Democrats. We need men of honor who will defend this country, give businesses and everyone else a reduction in taxes. During John F. Kennedy's time the taxes were reduced to 27%, and we need that kind of leadership today. Unfortunately, some people who are in power have a different attitude. You are a man with an iron backbone and that is exactly the kind of Senator or Representative we lack today in Washington, D.C. We need someone who will stand up for our military and American way of life.

CarolRead More
7/6/2012 Contact Senator Jim DeMint - Dear Senator DeMint:I checked "economy" because
Dear Senator DeMint:

I checked "economy" because that's what this election is all about. I have been a conservative for about my entire life and at the age of 65, my enthusiasm for the Republican party has never waned. However, I am very concerned that Gov. Romney is not firing up conservatives by attacking Obama and his failed policies with more vigor. This concern could lead to doubts which in turn could lead to apathy and that will get Obama another four years. Our country cannot withstand his re-election.

Romney on Obama care: "Repeal and replace." With what? Give us something substantial as to the replacement program. Buying across state lines, pre-existing conditions...things that people like about the current package. (He should have jumped all over that mandate/tax announcement.)

Creating jobs. How? Lowering corporate tax rates? Yes. Getting the Keystone pipeline open? Yes. He needs to lay out specific plans.

Saving medicare. How? Be specific.

I love my country, but I swear I'll move to Costa Rica before I will live under a Socialist "King". And he does run this country like he is a king.

Thank you, sir.

Michael D. McNabb

MikeRead More
9/30/2010 Contact Senator Jim DeMint - Oh that the democrats would win. We could move
Oh that the democrats would win. We could move the deep south from the 1700's to 2010!!! You all are SOOOO behind in pay and benefits with no unions and your right to work (for slave wages or free) laws. Progress and progressive is the only way to fly! Come on, join the west in clean air, clean water and organic food in the 21st century. Reset your watch!!!

julieRead More
4/29/2010 Contact Senator Jim DeMint - you need to stop this new state we are losing
you need to stop this new state we are losing america to the dems and evil

wessie obrianRead More
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