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7/5/2016 Contact Senator John Cornyn - I live in Harker Heights, Tx., and I want to know
I live in Harker Heights, Tx., and I want to know what you are doing or going to do about Hillary Clinton not having any charges filed against her about her E-Mail scandal. You were voted in office to protect the American people, and you and your compatriots have fallen way short of this endeavor. She has committed treasonous acts on the same scale of Eric Snowden and should be prosecuted. She also should be charged with negligent homicide in the murder of four Americans in Benghazi. You are being paid by the American people a nice salary with extra benefits, but are not earning it. The Republicans have had the majority in the Senate and House for a very long time but cannot get a damn thing done for the American people. Shame on you... Trump is right about the "fix" is in on the E-Mail scandal. Bill Clinton meets with the Attorney General and a day or two later she comes out saying the she will go along with whatever the FBI recommends. Eight days later the FBI said they found no wrongdoing about the E-Mail scandal, and now she's protected by the Attorney Generals comments. She then jumps on Air Force 1 with that idiot in the White House to campaign. The American people are sick and tired of this, and want our "elected" officials to step up to the plate to protect this great nation. If our elected officials cannot cut the mustard, then maybe they should be "unelected". We're mad, damn mad about what is being done to this country, nothing is being done to stop this downhill slide. We want our officials to grow a pair and stand up for our liberties, protect our borders, and fix the VA debacle where thousands of veterans have died because of your (Congress) inaction. If you think I'm alone in my thoughts, think again. I live in an area where there is over a quarter of a million retired veterans, and they are not just concerned, but mad as hell about the ineffectiveness of our elected officials. Do not let Hillary Clinton get away with the crimes she has committed. Stand up and take account...after all, you are from Texas, and we expect no less. If I get a reply from you, it will be a shock !

PeteRead More
10/1/2015 Contact Senator John Cornyn - Please vote against the "DARK Act". HR 1599
Please vote against the "DARK Act". HR 1599. Your constituents want to know what is in their food. HR 1599 will keep foods from being labeled. Your constituents want to know if a food has GMO ingredients. Polls show 90 % of Americans want their food labeled. The "Dark Act" would keep states that have voted for labeling not to proceed. 64 countries do not allow food that are genetically engineered Vote no to the "Dark Act".

RebeccaRead More
9/25/2013 Contact Senator John Cornyn - Senator Cornyn, Where have you been the last 24
Senator Cornyn, Where have you been the last 24 hours? Were you silently supporting Senator Ted Cruz from afar or were you off with McConnell undercutting him?

You have dissappointed me and in my opinion, Senator Cruz has done exactly what he promised us he would do if we gave him this job. In my eyes, he showed courage and stood practically alone. He is MY Senior Senator from Texas and speaks for me. You have lost credibility using strong word and then trying to fool us with trickery and are now the Junior Senator from Texas. You have a lot to learn from Ted Cruz.

RichardRead More
9/25/2013 Contact Senator John Cornyn - Sir why are You standing with Harry Reid instead
Sir why are You standing with Harry Reid instead of backing Senator Cruz, the American Indian tribes in this great state of Texas claim that You are the last of the great Indian fighters, You beat them out putting in Casinos to help support them selves, You beat the rest of Us tax payers out of tax revenues from said Casinos. When You next run for office You should switch parties and run as a Democrat and show Your true political self and agenda, thanks for this vent

MikeRead More
9/24/2013 Contact Senator John Cornyn - SENATOR CORNYN, I URGE YOU TO SUPPORT SENATOR CRUZ

9/24/2013 Contact Senator John Cornyn - Defund obomacare .... Even if it means shut down
Defund obomacare .... Even if it means shut down the government. The last time the government was shut down the RNC won!! The next election
Look it up.. Tea party

PhilRead More
3/7/2013 Contact Senator John Cornyn - Sir: I would like to know, as I can find not
I would like to know, as I can find not one time it being mentioned by you, or seeing it anywhere on your site here, what your position is on your fellow Senator Rand Pauls filibuster this week, concerning drone attacks on American Citizens on American soil.
I would understand all this, if you had been there helping out while it was going on, because you could get a pass on the time it would have taken to put something in writing. But we have seen nor heard anything at all from you on this very important subject.
Since I must now conclude that you support Obama and his "drone ideas" for the American People, I can no longer support YOU in the next election. We Americans dislike being followed, spied on, searched without probable cause, shot at, or "droned" in any way. Just so you know, sir.
The $100 I sent to you about every few years to support your reelections, would seem like not much to most. But as a working man with a family, and taking into account the economy and all, I personally would have been proud to except it.
Further, I would in the next election, vote for Satan hisself before I ever would you sir. Because I know for sure, that the Devil is way too smart to go around ignoring someone blowing up his supporters.
Unlike yourself.
Have a good day sir.

LeeRead More
11/28/2012 Contact Senator John Cornyn - Advice to get past the impasse with Obama 11.28.12
To get past the impasse with Obama agree to the increase in taxes on the wealthy, but submit that middle income workers should pay an LOWER income tax than they do now. At the very least make it equal to the amount equal to the 2% we will have to start paying again come January. Preferably, the amount should be higher.

This way Republicans can still walk away with a win. A very significant win. In fact, everyone walks away with something.

But to be honest, this is all window dressing. The US government owes so much money, we are in a world of hurt regardless of what Congress does.

GaryRead More
7/25/2012 Contact Senator John Cornyn - Mr. Cornyn as of today has came out WITH
Mr. Cornyn as of today has came out WITH AN ARTICLE that Hawaii has just came out and said that their has never been a BIRTH CERTIFICATE FOR BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA ISSUED! I demand that an investigation be done and that the FRAUD of a pres that we have be thrown out of office and TRIED FOR TREASON! It's past time that our elected officials understand how this is a NATIONAL SECURITY INVESTIGATION BE DONE! AND NO I DO NOT TRUST OUR DEPT OF JUSTICE - NAMELY ERIC HOLDER TO DO THIS INVESTIGATION! I KNOW THAT HE WAS NEVER VETTED BY I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHO ISSUED THE 2 FRAUDULENT BIRTH CERTIFICATES! I am also writing you to DEMAND THAT YOU DO NOT VOTE TO PASS HILLARY CLINTONS UNITED NATIONS ARMS TREATY! I bet if the truth be known the Muslims in our country have more guns and ammo than the American PUBLIC! Thank you
Dianna Ware, Galveston, Tx 77554

DiannaRead More
7/12/2012 Contact Senator John Cornyn - This is in response regarding senator john cornyn
This is in response regarding senator john cornyn when he asked mr. holder to resign. Mr. holder is not a very honorable man. he is aliar, a fraud, and a racist.Furthere more. mr. holder is covering up for somebody. and we well never find out abou this because the media is on holder side. so quit depending this scum.

TatianRead More
6/14/2012 Contact Senator John Cornyn - Dishonarable Senator Crornyn, I have'nt
Dishonarable Senator Crornyn,

I have'nt seen any favorable comment about you as to your action as a member of the Senate.
Your attitude seems to be the " gun ho" behavior of the old wild west in Texas.
Senator ,we are living in a civilized country where the laws prevail. Your attitude towards the attorney General , the Respectable Mr Nolder, is disgusting.Shame on you.

The threat to cite Mr Holder of contempt for Congress is a plot to intimidate
the attorney general. You do not have the ethical or moral history to ask a respectable
individual , Mr Holder, to resign.
Who do you think you are? You are a right wing racist.
I must remind you that Jim Crowe is dead.
I am asking you, to withdraw you silly demand of resignation and threat of comtempt citation
of the Attorney General , Honorable Mr Holder

FranckRead More
1/18/2012 Contact Senator John Cornyn - Mr. CornynPlease do the right thing for America
Mr. Cornyn

Please do the right thing for America and the freedom of speech and vote "no" on S.968 or SOPA. Any bill, no matter how good the intentions of it may be, that has the potential to censor free thought is totalitarian in nature and cannot be allowed to be present in the United States of America.

Thank you

Allen CloutierRead More
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