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Senator Elect Kelly Ayotte served her home state of New Hampshire for five years as its first female Attorney General.

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10/26/2011 Contact Senator Kelly Ayotte - Senator Ayotte,I support you 100%, and know that
Senator Ayotte,
I support you 100%, and know that you'll do a great job as Senator. When you're ready to run for President, I will campaign for you in NJ! Good Luck, Lori Downs

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9/28/2011 Contact Senator Kelly Ayotte - A man who served his country now being exploited
A man who served his country now being exploited by a court imposed guardian…She’s taking his money and giving him nothing……Guardian abuse at its best in New Hampshire
My 92 year old Dad was appointed a guardian over his Estate on 12/3/2010 by a Probate Court Judge. My Dad was not present or even aware of the hearing. There was no petition before the court and the medical report the court based the need for his guardianship was done 8/2009 almost a year earlier. He had a court appointed Attorney who was present at this hearing and assented to the appointment of the guardian without having any contact with my dad in 10 months; the Attorney admits having no contact with my dad prior within a pleading to the court.
The guardian has not provided my dad any of his money for day to day living expenses since June and prior to June she gave him an allowance of $12.50. My dad receives a decent monthly retirement income and owns Real Estate worth over a million dollars. Guardian continues to collect his monthly income ……Social Security Benefits, Military Pension (DFAS) and his City of Nashua Retirement.
The guardian hasn’t had contact with my dad since June and when my mom passed away July 21, 2011 the guardian denied my dad’s request for money…my dad wanted to purchase flowers for the funeral of his beloved wife of 67 years.
She has depleted his bank accounts of approximately $50,000 or more and has submitted a vague accounting to the court in May 2011.
The guardian has complete control of all my father’s assets and liquid assets. My dad needs legal counsel to represent him concerning these many issues. He has no access to his own money and needs to make arrangements to pay legal counsel. My dad has the financial means to pay for legal counsel but has been denied by this guardian who obviously has something to hide.
Scope of legal Issues:
He now resides in Massachusetts, returned to his primary residence of 40yrs; nothing is pending within Massachusetts;
He was found competent by Dr. Eric Mart a Forensic Psychologist June 2011;
He didn’t have any due process under the requirement of the NH guardianship statutes on 12/3/2010 (guardian is aware he contests the guardianship) He was not notified of the courts appointment of a guardian within the time frame if he wanted to appeal….he lost his appeal rights;
The guardian who has been appointed has breached her fiduciary duties and may have committed fraud (clear evidence available);
Guardian is not providing any financial support to my dad but continues to collect his monthly benefits;
It is very evident this guardian has acted with self-interest and continues to deplete my dad’s assets;
Guardian over my dad’s estate has been appointed since February 1, 2011 and has submitted bills in the amounts of $12,000 and $25,000 plus her attorney fees of $16,000….seems excessive for such a short period of time;
Additionally the guardian, we suspect, paid another attorney from my dad’s estate in the amount of $22,000 that clearly should not have been paid from my dad’s estate …..There is evidence to this belief;
The many issues in this case are very obvious and I cannot believe this has gone on as long as it has; clearly we’re looking at a classic case of guardian abuse being committed by a court certified guardian who is also an Attorney. Can you help? Thank you for taking the time to read our plea for help….Gail Fox

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7/29/2011 Contact Senator Kelly Ayotte - Dear Senator,Can you tell me when Grover Norquist
Dear Senator,Can you tell me when Grover Norquist was ELECTED as anybody's representative? Why does his minority views hold so much power over the GOP representatives who are suppose to be doing what is best for the country, not what Grover wants. In the 60"s people were worried that John F Kennedy's decisions would be governed by the Pope. That scared a lot of prople, because our government is not supposed tobe influenced by someone not elected to speake for the majority. Taking orders from Grover Norquist is much worst than taking orders from the Pope. At least the Pope cares about the underprivilege.
How do you reconcile your mantra of "getting gov. out of our lives" while telling women they have to have a baby she doesn't want for many reasons? Could gov. be any further into a woman's life than that? All of you crying govement is to big and need to get out of Americans lives are living off of a govement pay check, have govenment health insurance and will receiv a govenment pension. So, lets start with cutting your job, your pay, your health insurance, before you mess with the poor and middle class , needed to live off of, Social Securiy and Medical benefits. Can the GOP grown up and start exercising some common sense, compassion, ackownledge that WE THE PEOPLE are govenment. You are taking this country back into the age of the aristocrates and the dispossessed and underprivileged. How long can you continue to take from the poor and give to the rich without completely distroying this country? and you call yourselves AMERICANS. If you are Americans you are very UGLY AMERICANS, without a trace of humanity or sanity.

7/26/2011 Contact Senator Kelly Ayotte - Senator Ayotte: It is just political games in
Senator Ayotte: It is just political games in Washington. The Republicans obviously could care less about our diminishing 401K's or those of us on low fixed incomes and only Medicare for health insurance. The Republicans approved raising the debt ceiling nine times during the eight years of George W. Bush - no questions asked and no conditions. This is just a strategy you are using to try to bring President Obama down. I can only hope and pray it backfires! I will never, ever vote Republican again if you don't stand down immediately!

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7/26/2011 Contact Senator Kelly Ayotte - Senator Ayotte - Obama's balanced approach to the
Senator Ayotte - Obama's balanced approach to the debt crisis is correct PLEASE support him - Patty Osmond

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7/23/2011 Contact Senator Kelly Ayotte - Kally, As a former law enforcement officer I
Kally, As a former law enforcement officer I normally supported the Republican position on most matters. The current trend is making me very angry and will result in tremendous vote loss ad respect for the GOP. The reality is taxes on the wealthy should be raised and promised benefits for people should be maintained. Any other position cannot be supported by me or my family.


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6/11/2011 Contact Senator Kelly Ayotte - Dear Senator Ayotte:In a Dec. 20, 2007 interview
Dear Senator Ayotte:

In a Dec. 20, 2007 interview with the Boston Globe, then presidential candidate Barack Obama is quoted as saying, “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

Now that he’s president however, Obama is directly (and actively) contradicting that. He has unilaterally authorized a military attack against Libya (clearly an act of war) — without consulting with Congress, as is required by the 1973 War Powers Resolution (under the Constitution, only Congress has the power to declare war).

Even President Bush had the decency to consult with Congress before attacking Iraq (although Congress did not declare war . . . which should have been a prerequisite).
So, President Obama has now established that he is worse than President Bush on the matter of “wars of choice.” Is this the type of hope and change the United States wanted?
Yes, Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi is a monster, and most human beings would cheer his ouster; but, Libya has not attacked the United States, nor is it a national security threat.

Now we find out that the President has authorized secret airstrikes in Yemen. Yes, this time he has us attacking the people of that country rather than the dictator (as he did in Libya). The fact still remains that our military is once again being used for something other than “to stop an actual or imminent threat to the nation”.

This is not a ball game Madam Senator. Picking and choosing sides in these various conflicts around the world and then using our military might to enter and affect the outcome of those conflicts puts our men and women in uniform at risk, costs us tax dollars, and gives our country the reputation of a world-class busybody and bully.
The bottom line is that the Constitution should not be trashed by the President and can we can little afford yet another unconstitutional war (or two).

Respectfully yours,

Robert M. Collinsworth

Robert M. CollinsworthRead More
3/3/2011 Contact Senator Kelly Ayotte - I am outraged by the recent US veto of the UN
I am outraged by the recent US veto of the UN resolution that would have condemned illegal Israeli settlements. At this time of street protests in the Middle East fueled by hopes for democracy, I think the US government has failed to uphold democratic ideals of justice and peace. You would not respond to questions regarding Israel in the past election, and I can only regard such weakness of character in an American representative as truly perilous to the lives of many in the Middle East: Arab, Jews, and Christians.

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2/16/2011 Contact Senator Kelly Ayotte - Hi Kelly; I hope this gets to you and you will
Hi Kelly; I hope this gets to you and you will confirm if you do.
I am older and I am on medicare and recieve S S. I am not rich but I could servive without either. If I would become disabled I would need it.
In the begining S S was to help the older people who did not have funds enough to retain a comfortable life. I have friends that are very wealthy and collect S S & Med and I think that if they lose it they would still be very secure financely.
I don't know how much that would save but I am sure it would be a significant amount.

Please keep up the good work and fight as hard as you can to get our country back to the country I remember.
7/1/40 Dave Farley

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2/3/2011 Contact Senator Kelly Ayotte - I JUST FOUND OUT THE OBAMACARE HAS A PROPERTY TAX

1/6/2011 Contact Senator Kelly Ayotte - Please do not start your term in office by wasting
Please do not start your term in office by wasting time and money on issues that you can not change, at least for now. Obamacare as it is termed. The seniors in the state will not thank you for it and past Sen. Gregg did enough damage to them.I seriously hope that you do not choose to fall under the STUPID, Tea Party element of the GOP. Thank You C Bagley

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